December 22, 2021

Wintrust Mortgage [Reviews 2021]: Is It A Legit Option For A Home Loan?

What's Wintrust Mortgage?

Wintrust Mortgage was founded in Denver, Colorado, in 1978. They offer a variety of loans including

  • Conventional loans
  • Loans backed By the Government
  • Mortgages with adjustable rates
  • Fixed-rate Mortgages

Wintrust is one of few mortgage houses in America that originates loans worth over $4 billion each year. Wintrust provides individual banking services at more than 175 branches across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

Contact a Wintrust Mortgage Loan Officer at any of the 65 offices located in each state. Wintrust Mortgage can also be reached at any of the 65 offices throughout the 50 states.

Who is Wintrust Mortgage's owner?

Wintrust Mortgage is a subsidiary bank of Barrington Bank & Trust Company. It is affiliated with Wintrust Financial Corporation & Wintrust Community Bank. They specialize in:

  • Banking for the Community and Business
  • Wealth Management Services
  • Insurance Premium Financing
  • Resources for Business Loans
  • Personal Loans Resources
  • Credit Cards Resources

Full Wintrust Mortgage Review 2021

What Types of Wintrust Mortgage Loan Products are There?

Home loans:
Conventional loan:

Conventional loan is available to finance mortgages not insured by the Federal Housing Administration.


Buyers who are moderate to high-risk buyers can apply for loan support from the Federal Housing Administration.

Home Equity Line Of Credit

A HELOC (Home Equity Loan) is another name for an excellent way to borrow money from your home equity.

Wintrust Mortgage Rates & Fees

It is crucial to know the cost of a loan before you choose a mortgage lender. eMoney Kings uses the following guidelines to score potential mortgage lenders:

  • They charge a lower origination fee than most lenders.
  • Compare loans with different lenders to find the best mortgage rates

eMoney Kings can't verify the mortgage rates offered by Wintrust as they don't report to the HMDA (the nation's database). Barrington Bank & Trust Company could report them since Wintrust is managed and owned by Barrington Bank & Trust Company.

It's a smart decision to weigh the mortgage rates and fees. While it is possible to lower the interest rate of your mortgage loan by paying an upfront fee, lenders will often increase interest rates to cover their costs. To lower your mortgage rate, you could consider buying points.

It will depend on how long your plan to stay in your home and how much loan you apply for.

How to Lower Your Mortgage Rates and Fees?

It is smart to research what factors could help you get a low rate on a loan. While credit score is the most important, there are many other factors you need to consider when searching for lower rates.

7 Strategies To Lower Your Mortgage Rates

1. Many Mortgage Lenders Are Available In The Ocean.

Fixed-rate mortgages are very popular with potential borrowers. However, you have other options. You will pay higher rates than adjustable rates mortgages. Market conditions can cause adjustable rates to rise over time.

2. Your Credit Score is The King.

Despite it seeming unfair, those with the highest credit scores get the best mortgage rates. Lenders will often knock on your door and offer mortgage rates so impressive that Warren Buffet would be jealous.

3. What's the Point?

A mortgage "point" is a fee you pay upfront to lower your mortgage interest rates. A $300,000.00 mortgage loan.

Determine how long you plan to stay at your house.

4. What Programs Are Available To Help?

Many programs can be used to help borrowers make homeownership more affordable.

  • FHA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • First-time home buyer loans

5. Low Down Payments Offer Many Benefits

If interest rates are keeping you awake at night, consider a large downpayment. Lenders will lower your interest rate if you have a lower chance of defaulting.

Large down payments can help you avoid Private Mortgage Insurance. If you make a 20% down payment, you can save up to 1% on your loan amount.

6. Shop

Don't play favorites with your mortgage lenders. Your top priority should always be to find the best mortgage rates.

You shouldn't contact them first to start the process. Check with your local mortgage lender to see if they have better rates.

7. The Mortgage Can Be Shortened

A 30-year mortgage is the industry norm for most people. What about a 15-year loan?

A shorter-term mortgage allows you to pay off your home sooner, get the best interest rate and save a lot over the life of your loan.

While a short-term mortgage may have the drawback of a higher monthly repayment, it is worth it if the interest rates are lower.

Wintrust: Pros and Cons


  • You can get special loans for fixer-uppers or new constructions.
  • There are First-time homebuyer programs.
  • You have many options for mortgages
  • You can apply for a mortgage online
  • They offer mortgages in all 50 states
  • First-time homebuyers can get down payment assistance


  • Contact a loan officer to get mortgage rates estimates
  • You will need to provide personal information in order to get the most up-to-date interest rate data.
  • Home equity loans with fixed rates are not an option

Tips for getting other loans

Wintrust currently does not offer products in these areas. You can view some of our recommendations...

Auto loans:

PenFed Credit Union has great rates for auto loans starting at 2.14%. Similar loan rates start at 2.99 %.

Student Loans and Business Loans

BlueVine was established in 2013. It has provided loans and credit to more than 125,000 small and local businesses, totaling more than $6.5 billion. Over 125,000 companies have received credit lines of up to $5 Million.

SoFi, a student loan lender, has refinanced student loans for more than 370,000 people, at a total of $30 billion. This includes graduate and parent loans. They offer their own financing products.

Personal loans:

LightStream personal loans are great for people with good credit. There is no origination fee.

Who are America's Worst Mortgage Lenders?

It can be difficult enough to purchase a home. The worst problems start before you even enter the front door.

These are the top three mortgage lenders according to complaints.


  • Bank of America: 9,930 Complaints
  • Wells Fargo: 5,051 Complaints
  • J.P. Morgan Chase - No. of Complaints: 3 714

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