December 27, 2021

Why Dropshipping Sucks

Dropshipping is a Scam in 2022.

What's Dropshipping?

Another online model that makes money selling low-quality products.

Don't risk your life savings by investing in a business that was destroyed by Chinese Wholesalers.

We won't stop you from trying to ruin your parents yet again.

This is supposed to make you a 6-figure dropshipping king but it's not realistic for many people who have tight budgets or student loans.

It is false. It's not possible to make a fortune by chasing the next product for three months.

Do you want to be a big online success? (Average $1,500 per Month) Read our #1 recommendation.

This is what we have to be honest about...

Dropshipping is a great way to make a lot of money online.

It's outdated!

Here are some answers to common questions regarding Dropshipping and how you can sell cheap Chinese products.

But most importantly, I'll show you how I built an internet marketing business that earned me more than $40,000 per month.

Dropshipping uses the same skills but is much more lucrative and powerful!

This is a longer article.

Now let's get to the bottom of why dropshipping is so bad!

Drop Shipping: The Different Types of Drop Shipping and Why They Failed!

Dropshipping has become a rare practice.

Dropshipping businesses can be bad no matter what they are called.

Shopify Drop Shipping

Shopify is a leader within eCommerce. Shopify allows you to create your own clothing brand or drop-ship your products.

Dropshipping has been a popular option for many online store owners who use Shopify's high-converting templates.

How much does it cost to start a Dropshipping Shopify Business?

Taken at face value...not much.

You can build a website for very little. Your domain name and hosting fees are additional costs. Domain names cost $12 per year.

Dropshipping can be a great way for your business to grow. To start, you don't have to buy products in bulk.

Shopify charges only 2.9% plus 30cs per sale. This does not include profit margins.

What's the catch?

Are you familiar with the feeling when someone says something is too good to be true?

Similar to

Dropshipping allows you to sell products directly from your website. Advertising is required, however, this is something most people don’t know.

SEO, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads are all part of this discussion.


However, just because you have a site does not mean everyone will see it. Dropshipping can be very competitive.

SEO is an option if you want to be in business long-term. You will compete for national keywords rankings.

This is a costly proposition.

An SEO company that is reliable can offer services for your eCommerce website. The monthly cost can be anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000

It is important to remember that you are looking for a quick buck. This business is already running on a tight budget. Only buy what you really need.

Advertisements can be run on Facebook and Google.

These aren't cheap, pal!

Drop shippers spend often thousands of dollars each month on ads.

This model is $1500 per sale and can help you drive free traffic to your site.


They are aware that clicks will not come if they don’t. Sales won't happen if clicks don't come.

You may be wondering, " my money will go towards Facebook ads which may not even bring me any sales?" "

Yes, exactly.

Is there any benefit to Shopify dropshipping

They look amazing. They have high sales figures.

What options do you have for dropshipping?

eBay Drop Shipping Store

eBay is the OG eCommerce site for products that can sell online.

Gary Vee can help set up listings on eBay for your products. It has been a huge success for many people.

We think that the business model is not viable.

Profit margin is the key issue.

eBay charges 10% for all orders that are sent through them.

Can you see the potential problem?

Dropshippers make a profit from margins

They'll buy something from a supplier and then sell it to them for $10.


Dropshippers like you have been forced to dropship by the CHINESE WHOLESALERS who have lowered the prices of their products.

Do you hate being forced to lower prices in order for your business to stay competitive? If so, you should consider this model.

Think about it this way.

You are losing margins. You still have to spend thousands on social media advertising every month.

To attract the right customers, you must also create quality content.

Dropshipping on eBay is dead. But newbies won’t know this. Because they want to make as much money as possible to convince you to purchase their courses, the "gurus" will tell to you.

Amazon doesn't seem as bad as eBay. But it doesn't have to be.

Dropshipping Services at Amazon

Dropshipping from Amazon has all the benefits.

This advantage is also available to eBay, but not as much. This is why many people sell products on Amazon.

Amazon hosts 49% of all online e-commerce transactions.

That sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Your odds of success are high. People trust the name. But there's a catch.

Amazon charges 15% to its services.

You have a remarkable profit margin and can make 30% profit margins

Once you start selling on Amazon, this automatically drops to half. Be prepared.

Do you want to be able to give Jeff Bezos a middle-man and make your own profit? Let's find out how to do it!

It is secondarily hard to get your product noticed.

Similar to Google SEO, we believe it is simpler, there are some things you can do to get your product at the top of search results.

These are difficult to fake. You can't fake star ratings, product descriptions, or reviews.

Amazon is constantly changing its rules for sellers to make it worse.

What does all this mean?

You could be in a shop that has closed, and your source of income is gone.

This is not a common occurrence and it happens every single day.

Amazon support is substandard when it comes to dealing with such issues. They are just trying to make a quick buck off the pandemic, and their slow response times can be argued as a reason for not responding sooner.

Dropshipping with Amazon can be a great way for you to make some extra cash if all the stars align.

Is it worth all the stress?

Dropshipping Pros And Cons


  • Dropshipping can be a great way to get started with an online business.
  • Working from home: It's possible to work remotely without a boss.
  • Multiple Suppliers
  • Automation: Save your time and automate almost every step of dropshipping


  • Low-Profit Margin: China has been reducing profit margins alarmingly, as you will see in the article.
  • High competition
  • High advertising expenses: SEO and Paid Ads can cost thousands of dollars per month. It is more likely that you will spend more advertising on your products than you actually purchase products.
  • Shipping costs can be high, and delivery times may be delayed by pandemics. You will be charged more because of the new protocols.
  • Profitability is dependent on volume. Affiliate marketing (sarcasm) might be an option.

The cons outweigh all the benefits. Let's take a closer look at some commonly asked questions regarding dropshipping.

Dropshipping FAQ

What happens to a supplier or shipping company if they lose or fail to fulfill an order?

While you may not want it to happen, you can take action. Shopify, Amazon, and eBay have the power to close down your store.

How much does a dropshipping website cost?

The truth is that a website can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. SEO costs can be as high as $1,000 per month.

How much does dropshipping advertising cost?

Ask the gurus how they spent thousands upfront on advertising to get customers.

What are the industry's average profit margins for dropshipping?

Dropshippers usually make between 10-30% with close to zero profit margins. Amazon and eBay cut this in half quickly and Chinese wholesalers now squeeze just 0.

You might be attracted to a business that has 90% profit margins and can't possibly be touched by China.

eMoney Kings are the #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2022

The program was rated as the best in the real estate industry by our review team!

It is digital, but it's not real estate.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

Dropshipping is lacking in scalability.

You can't expect passive income if your shop is constantly managed and ads are being placed.

How would you like to leverage it?

This digital estate program lets you walk away from your computer completely. There is no need to manage ads.

Does this sound too good to be true Yes, it does! Many business owners wish they could do this skill.

It is easy to build and rank your site, then send the jobs to local business owners. You can also email it

This applies to any service-based business like tree service, plumbing, or towing.

How can you get paid the most?

The concept is simple: once you send the jobs to a business owner and he makes money, you can ask for mutual benefits.

A fair price per lead, depending on the industry is between 10-20 %... Let's use the tree service industry to illustrate the worst-case scenario.

Let's say you rank the site and receive only 10 jobs per year. Tree service jobs range from $500 to $2000.

You should have at most $500 in assets per month!

It is digital real estate. This refers to a rent payment.

It's easy to scale. You just need to make the phone ring.

Dropshipping can be a great way for small profits.

This passive income is possible!

This program will help you make money online.

This will allow you to assess the importance of keywords and website names, as well as how to send notifications via email to callers.

You will be able to access a Facebook Group after completing the training program. The group is more active than any Dropshipping group.

Dropshipping is a different business model than dropshipping. Dropshipping is different than dropshipping. They see it for what it is...expanding the digital estate.

People can leave their 9-5 jobs more often.

You can earn passive income by investing in digital real estate. The majority of your time is spent away from the computer.

You likely have many questions. Here's the link to learn more.

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