December 23, 2021


Valentus Reviews - Are They Scams

Review by Valentus: Summary

Review and Summary of Valentus Coffee: Valentus is a company that sells weight-loss coffees.

MLM programs can help you make more money.

To avoid monthly losses, Independent Representatives (IRs or distributors) must recruit more people. Valentus is a "pyramid scheme" disguised. "

No Recommended

You probably came here after doing some research on Valentus. You want to know what kind of company it is and if it is worth your time.

That's it...

We are going to be looking at Valentus in order to see if it's the best MLM company.

Let's talk about whether MLM is right and suitable for you.

Next, I'll answer some of your most frequent questions about Valentus or MLM.

However, the most important thing is that I will share my exact process to grow my internet marketing business to over $40,000 per month mostly passively.

MLM uses the same skills but is more powerful and profitable.

Let's not get too detailed, but let's first review the things I dislike about Valentus. These are notable ...

Expensive Products

Beware: High-priced products could indicate that an MLM is a pyramid scheme.

Hidden Monthly Expenses

Distributors (or IRs), must meet a monthly sales target. Their account will be deactivated if they fail to sell certain products every month.

Valentus Negative Review and No Income Disclosure

It is not easy to manage and make money with a business you have started.

This is how successful businessmen operate.

This "black-hat" sales tactic makes it seem simpler than it is.

The Downward Trend

The brand's popularity has declined in terms of the number of people searching it each month. It is much easier to sell something to more people.

Do you want to find out if Valentus MLM is Worthwhile?

Are you interested in Valentus?

Should I join Valentus or another MLM?

Let me repeat that...

You can create a profitable, successful internet business. However, MLM is not the best option.

This is my #1 Choice!

This is a different model than MLM, as it shows real proof of success from people who have been there for a while.

MLM Review - What is Valentus MLM?

Valentus, a multi-level marketing firm that sells coffee for weight reduction, is

It was established in 2014 by Dave Jordan who previously worked for other MLM businesses.

Valentus allows everyday people to work remotely selling products and recruiting others.

This Valentus Review will help you understand what Valentus really is and decide if it's right to you.

Is Valentus a MLM?

Valentus is a legitimate MLM.

What should you look for in an MLM company?

  • Low Maintenance and Start-up Fees
  • High quality products at an affordable price
  • A system that is similar to an affiliate program
  • No inventory
  • Considerable compensation
  • The company's early startup phase is still ongoing.
  • Good product lines

What's the Valentus MLM Product Line?

Valentus is Latin for "PREVAIL" and was used to name many of the company's products. In 2018, they added a few more items.

These are the Valentus product groups:

  • SlimROAST Coffee - Weight loss coffee
  • Instant Youth- Anti-aging cream
  • Energy sachets
  • Immune sachets (antioxidants etc)
  • Trim sachets (supress hunger)
  • eMulin is a vitamin that gives energy.
  • Prevail drinks (helps blood flow)
  • 24/7 Weight Loss with Car Burner-Capsules
  • What makes Valentus different?

    SlimROAST Coffee, their flagship product. Does it help with weight loss?

    These are weight-loss claims and the benefits of Valentus coffee.

    • To lose weight, feed your body with nutrients.
    • Relieves hunger and satisfy cravings
    • Weight management solutions

    It is wise to seek impartial opinions from others when making bold claims.

    Are Valentus MLM Products Worth it?

    Valentus Review - Does SlimROAST really make a big difference in coffee?

    Have a look at this...

    The most common Valentus complaints include:

    • Very expensive
    • I haven't lost any weight
    • Bad taste

    The most positive Valentus reviews are:

    • Appetite decrease
    • Tastes nice
    • It does exactly what it claims, but it's a bit expensive

    Quick Report Valentus MLM

    Name: Valentus

    2014: Dave Jordan is the founder

    Industries: Health and Wellness. (Coffee to aid weight loss).

    Type: Multilevel Marketing / Network Marketing

    Success Stories 5 out of 100

    Price To Join: $20 + $59.95-$1199.95 product pack



    Two ways you can Make Money with Valentus MLM

    IRs can earn money with Valentus in the same way as other MLMs.

    • Commissions to sell products
    • Recruit customers to earn sales incentives

    What's the Work of Valentus?

    Valentus has a wide range of health and wellness products.

    Valentus doesn't spend money on advertising every month. Valentus instead encourages people to spread the word about the company.

    Earn money from your home with the "IR's".

    How much does it cost to join Valentus?

    A $20 registration fee is required.

    Get Started With Valentus MLM.

    Your "rank" will determine how many Valentus products you sell each month.

    Your account will be suspended if you fail to sell the "BV" required amount.

    Annual total cost = $799.95 - $1,939.95

    This price is the minimum and does not include training or marketing materials.

    Check out the compensation plan to see if it is worth the investment.

    Valentus Compensation Program

    Here are 7 ways you can make money with the Valentus Compensation Plan

    • Retail Commissions - 25 %
    • Fast Start Bonus up to $100
    • Legacy Coding Bonus - $100
    • Dual Team Commissions-Up to $100,000 per Week
    • Dual Team Matching bonus - 7 levels starting at 20%
    • 1% Global Volume Shared Entrance Pool
    • Vehicle Bonus - $400 - $3000 Monthly

    #1 Retail Commissions

    It is possible to make 25% more by selling a product that you have "purchased" wholesale, and then reselling it at retail.

    #2 Fast Start Bonus

    The Valentus Compensation plan offers the Fast Start Bonus, which is the first way to get paid.

    Four fast start bonuses are offered by Valentus based on the package that the customer has purchased or the new member they have joined.

    #3 Legacy Coding Bonus

    The Legacy Coded Bonus activates when you sponsor 3 people to purchase the 16-piece box within a month.

    #4 Dual Team Commissions

    To qualify for residual binary compensations, you must have both an active affiliate member (both legs) and one that you referred to your left.

    #5 Dual Team Matching Bonus

    Qualified employees receive a match percentage for team members they refer. This can be up to seven levels.

    #6 Global Volume Shared Entry Pool

    You can have a portion of Valentus' total BVB. First, you must be on a 3-box auto-ship (100BBV), and then refer 3 business builders to your account within a month.

    #7 Vehicle Bonus: $400 to $3000 Monthly

    You will be eligible to receive the vehicle bonus once you reach the Diamond rank. This residual commission is an additional one.

    Can you make money from the Valentus Product Line?

    My Valentus review states that it is difficult to make money using Valentus.

    You must maintain a minimum sales quota to remain active. You must make at least $100 each month to "remain active."

    Many people struggle to understand the many complexities involved in MLM.

    View our Top 5 Reasons Network Marketers Fail.

    Many IR's fail to realize this until it is too late. If your goal is selling the products, you should use them.

    Valentus Review: Is Valentus Illegal?

    Despite not being sued, Valentus was implicated in a scandal in Britain. Distributors in Britain were selling the product even though it was illegal.

    Trading Standards approached Charlotte Thomson (a former Miss England finalist) to help her close her Valentus business. Valentus didn't comment.

    MedSafe was accused of delivering class C drugs (according to New Zealand), phenylethylamine, and prescription DMAA products in 2019.

    Singapore and New Zealand warned about Valentus products containing these amphetamines.

    Is Valentus A Pyramid Scheme?

    No, it's not. There is no pyramid scheme.

    Valentus is, however, more of a "pyramid scheme disguised." "

    Why is Valentus a Pyramid Scheme?

    This is not a pyramid scheme. You don't make any money from recruiting people. The only products that you sell or buy earn you "bonuses".

    What's a pyramid scheme?

    Members will be paid if they recruit employees and do not sell products or services.

    It is very difficult to make money with such a structure.

    This multi-level marketing firm does sell genuine products.

    It is possible to save money by hiring more people To be "active", many people need to continue buying products each month.

    This is why IRs have been known to recruit many people as "downline", thus a "pyramid scheme disguised." "

    I believe MLM is not the best way to build an online business.

    This is my #1 Choice!

    This is true proof of success, and not like Valentus.

    Valentus Reviews - Does this MLM Company Work Well?

    FACT: 73% to 99.9% of MLM reps lose their money

    Valentus has not been publicly traded and has not disclosed income disclaimers.

    It's impossible to know how many people earn a living from this network marketing company.

    Making a living as an Ir Valentus Ir will not be easy, like with other MLMs.

    Valentus Reviews: Are Valentus Scams?

    Is Valentus really an omission?

    Technically, NO.

    They are legitimate sellers and pay their IR according to the claims.

    Many people think it's a scam after hearing about the hidden fees and the difficulty of recruiting into the pyramid scheme.

    It is possible to also find people online who claim it is fraud.

    Is Valentus MLM Still In Business?

    Yes, Valentus remains in business.

    Please enter your text here

    Valentus Reviews - Are Valentus MLMs Right for You?

    I think Valentus is an excellent company. There are products that can help with weight loss.

    However, their products are quite expensive compared to other options.

    Take a second look. These points are crucial.

    There are many choices when it comes to building your business.

    There are better alternatives than Valentus if you want to be an MLM marketer.

    I don't get paid to review programs. I think Valentus has an excellent business model.

    eMoney Kings are the #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2021

    The program was a top-notch choice in the real estate market!

    It is digital, but it's not real estate.

    Yup, Digital Real Estate!

    Scalability is the only thing that Valentus MLM lacks.

    Time is limited and there are only so many people you can reach.

    MLM companies get this. MLM companies will encourage you to recruit other people for your downline. It's not possible to make it big if you are a one-man/woman business.

    Imagine making more money with your local websites. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on high-end products or spend a lot of time finding people who will work under your brand.

    You can make a regular monthly income with this digital real estate program, even if your friends and recruits don't buy as often.

    Is it too good to be true

    Yes, it does!

    It's not, however. Many business owners wish they could have this skill.

    It is easy to build and rank your local website and then forward the jobs on to business owners.

    This applies to any service-based business like tree service, plumbing, or towing.

    How can you get paid the most?

    The concept is simple: once you send the jobs to a business owner and he makes money, you can ask for mutual benefits.

    A fair price per lead, depending on the industry is between 10-20 %... Let's use the tree service industry to illustrate the worst-case scenario.

    Let's say you rank the site and receive only 10 jobs per year. Tree service jobs range from $500 to $2000.

    You should have at most $500 in assets per month!

    It is digital real estate. This refers to a rent payment.

    Scaling is simple. No worries:

    • Your upline getting paid before you
    • Encourage family and friends to buy from you
    • Every day, recruiting people

    Remember Valentus. You can only get the entire pie if you meet a monthly quota.

    Take the course we recommend to get massive FLAT RATE DEALS. This passive income is really amazing!

    This program will help you make money online.

    Find out the importance of keywords, website names, backlinking, and how to send emails notifications about calls.

    Once the training program has been completed, you will be able to access a Facebook Group we believe is better than Valentus Multilevel Marketing.

    Contrary to Valentus, where you get only $10 per sale, you could be making 10-20X as much

    Businesses will always require more leads and jobs. They see it as it really is, expanding their digital property.

    Many people can leave their 9-5 jobs, contrary to Valentus's.

    While passive income can be earned from digital reality, most of your time will be spent connecting with friends and not selling.

    There are likely many questions.

    This is a great place to start.

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