December 1, 2021

USAA Secured Credit Card Reviews

Are You a military veteran or retired and looking for credit cards?

Are you looking for a company to improve your credit score and offer secured credit cards?

It is not surprising that USAA was listed in your search results.

They're well-known for their financial support for servicemen!

What's the USAA?

USAA is a private inter-insurance exchange that offers financial services to individuals and families of veterans who served in the US Armed Forces.

Who is the owner of USAA?

USAA was established in 1922 by 25 US Army officers who wanted to create a system of mutual self-insurance.

This was due to high-risk military personnel not being able to get auto insurance.

Now they offer banking and financial services such as secured credit cards.

Wayne Peacock is the CEO. Stuart Parker retired on February 1, 2020. He was succeeded by Wayne Peacock.

USAA Secured credit card review in-depth

This comprehensive review of USAA Secured credit cards will provide all the information you need about USAA credit cards, interest rates, and security deposits, transaction fees, as well as their top products.

Does USAA offer a secured credit card?

They offer secured credit cards.

They offer rates that are lower than most of their competition, which is a competitive advantage. They also offer benefits for military personnel and their families.

They have many choices...

Some people prefer regular credit lines, while others prefer the USAA Secured Platinum Visa Card

This card requires an annual $35 fee.

It isn't too expensive...but you can find some other competitors that charge 0$ per annum.

USAA Secured Platinum Visa Card requires a minimum deposit of $250 and a maximum deposit of $5,000

This was a great price for a credit card. They need protection in the event of your default.

Your credit limit will match your cash deposit to the USAA Secured Visa Platinum Visa

Variable APR rates for APR are 11.9-21.9%. This is a huge discount compared to other options.

APR and foreign transaction fees are not always pleasant experiences. It can be even more frustrating to get penalized for APR.

Below is a list of fees.

  • Returned payment fee up to $35
  • Penalty APR: 0.
  • Late Payment Fees: Up to $35
  • Cash advances fees of either 3% or $200 depending on the lower.
  • Cash advance APR 11.9-21.9% (lower rate).
  • Very low foreign transaction fees (0%)

Are you a graduate eligible for a USAA Secured credit card?

You can graduate from your secured card once your CD matures.

The USAA Secured Credit Card Card Cards don't graduate with the maturity date of your CD.

Based on the feedback of many customers, it's clear that they are unhappy with USAA keeping their deposit indefinitely.

USAA Secured Credit Cards are a great way to practice credit. Your CD won't allow you to graduate.

How do I get the USAA credit card that is easiest?

USAA Rate Advantage Platinum Card is the easiest USAA card. It has the best chance of approval and offers a low APR.

Can I Mobile Deposit My Stimulus Check USAA?

USAA states you can deposit your stimulus check as long as they do not exceed your deposit limits.

Can USAA approve bad credit?

USAA will approve your loan even if you have poor credit. You must, however, get a loan. This can only be done if you are an active-duty military member or a relative of one.

Their rate is 17.65%. This is lower than the average for most of their competitors.

If your credit score is high, you may be able to find lower interest rates elsewhere. Their lowest rate is 7.24%

What credit score do you need to get a USAA Credit Card?

You must have at least 670 credit points to be eligible for the majority of their unsecured credit cards.

Can I get a personal loan through USAA?

Not at all!

To become a USAA Member, takes only a few moments online. After you have been approved, you will be notified instantly of your rate.

Your funds can be received within 24 hours from Monday through Friday

Does the USAA increase credit limits automatically?

They offer automatic increases every twelve months to those who are eligible.

They will pull your credit if you require one sooner than that.

Are You a military member to apply for a USAA credit card?

You don't need to be on active duty, but you can have someone close to you who is. Grandparents or parents could also be serving in the military.

Can Military Families get one?

Relatives can apply for a USSA secured or unsecured membership.

USAA Secured Visa Platinum Card: Good or Bad?

USAA may be the best choice if you want to build credit but don't mind paying small fees each year.

Are there any transaction fees for USAA members?

A 3% cash advance fee is charged and a balance transfer fee of 3% is charged.

Why is Credit History Important for USAA?

Your goals will determine yours.

It is important to know your score if you are applying for an unsecured card.

If you are applying for USSA secured credit cards, your credit history and credit score will not be as important.

Are there Unsecured Cards USAA offers?

USAA offers seven unsecured credit cards. The American Express Card, however, is their best.

The American Express Card has become an industry standard.

Another great option for unsecured credit cards is the Cash Back Rewards Plus American Express Card.

Get 5% cash back for every dollar spent at a military base or gas station, up to $3,000

USAA Membership and Military Members Benefits

USAA offers more than insurance and banking. They have some of the best products in the industry.

These are the top products and benefits:

  • USAA Banking
  • USAA Insurance
  • Advice from USAA
  • Shop and Get Discounts

What advice would you give?

Let's say you need to permanently change your station. USAA would offer advice.

Insurance? Military personnel love insurance...

They can help you with any questions about travel accident insurance!

Find their top products calculators to see how they shop and save.

Final Verdict - Is USAA Secured credit card a scam?

Although some might be disappointed that these cards don't allow you to graduate, USAA can help you build credit the way they intend.

Impress credit bureaus with

Loans with low-interest rates are also available.


Can Secured Credit Cards Help You Build Credit?


There is no better way than this to do it.

Which secured credit card is best to rebuild your credit score?

OpenSky can be one of many companies that you have the option to choose from. Every company has its own pros and cons.

FICO Credit Score Factors

The FICO credit score can be calculated using many factors including

  • Summaries owed
  • History and payments
  • Credit mix
  • Credit history length
  • Credit new

Note: A credit mix is a combination of multiple credit card payments.

What are the different credit score ranges?

300-579 = Poor

580-669 = fair

670-739 = Good

740-799 = Very Good

800-850 = Excellent

How can you build credit as a young adult?

Young people can build credit by maintaining a small amount. If you don't use the card, it will affect your credit score.

Although it sounds ridiculous, this is how the game works.

While you are young and in the military, the USAA secured card can be considered. This card will let you purchase simple, small items such as gas or food to improve your credit score.

This will allow you to borrow more money for bigger purchases, such as cars and homes.

No need for a credit card!

It would be wonderful, but it is not something you can do if you are really in need. There is always enough money to cover everything you need.

It might sound extreme but we think they are not a bad idea. While they serve a strategic purpose and can be very useful, it is nice to not have to pay high interest once again.

This card offer is better than any other.

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