December 23, 2021

10 Top MLM Companies – Discover which one is the best!

Are you tired of your job?

Yes, we feel you.

It can be hard to find multi-level marketing companies you are able to get involved with. This is what we understand.

This list contains 100 of the best MLM's that you can join before 2021.

We went through the list and decided to take the top MLM companies and explain more if you are interested.

We will also answer your questions about the top MLM companies and an alternative model that may be more profitable to participate in multiple network marketing organizations.

Which MLM Company is Best to Join in 2022?

This is subjective, as we all know. Although we cannot pinpoint one MLM, there are multi-level marketing companies which stand out.

There are many outstanding ones that have earned a good reputation over time.

We're sure that you've heard of Amway or Optavia.

These companies have a remarkable reputation and are well-known for their quality products and long time in business.

There is an MLM company for almost every niche. Top-tier companies exist in all niches, including cosmetics and skin care products.

What would you answer? Let's take a look at 100 top MLM companies to join in 2021.

List Of Top MLM Companies In 2021

Which are the Top 10 MLM Businesses in America?

This list contains information about the 100 most popular MLM companies. What about the top 10 MLM companies?

Well, here ya go!

We have added some information about these companies and the main product for which they are well-known.

It would be foolish to jump in at the top of a network marketing company without knowing anything about it.


OPTAVIA is a well-known MLM company in the health and wellness sector. They can also teach the 5-meal Keto diet.

Fun fact! OPTAVIA products were offered by doctors to patients long before referral marketing and direct selling became part of the MLM.

These meals and health products are great for people who are constantly on the move and often busy.

These companies have been around for some time and are highly sought-after. According to Google, they get around 165,000 searches per month.

Your performance will determine your pay and you might need to recruit people to help you make six figures per annum.


Modere is an MLM company that was first introduced to the market in 2015. Since 2015, they have been a top-ranking MLM company in fitness 2015.

These products are also based on collagen science.

Do not be deceived by the new name. Some of these products have existed for over 25 years.

They offer solid compensation, which is better than other multi-level marketing companies. You can earn 3-5% commission from sales through 8 levels of your downline.

What is their most loved product?

This would be Biocell. It comes from their collagen, weight-loss line, and other properties.

CellProof Serum is our favorite anti-aging serum. It has attracted the most people to this MLM business. Don't expect too many.

They've seen significant growth since 2015 when they rebranded and are now one of the most popular MLM companies.

Google claims that it receives around 135,000 searches each month.


Your Membership includes the following legal services at $20 per month

  • Representation
  • Document Preparation
  • Automotive
  • Family Issues & IRS

Identity theft protection can be purchased for $14.95 per month (a great deal). If you refer people, you do get a commission.

You really want to make money (which is what we all do) LegalShield associates can help you make real money.

LegalShield can help you get more leads and make you more money.

But, with more associates joining every day, the outlook isn't as bright. There will be less consistency in leads and spread.

It's a top-ranked MLM firm in the law sector.

You can't be a bad company while still getting a rating by Forbes.

When we searched Google, we found that LegalShield received an average of 22,000 search queries per month.


In 1994, the network marketing company was founded. Customers can clean their homes with a microfiber fabric, which is their flagship product.

Everyone knows that MLM companies have a slogan. Norwex's motto is "improve the quality of life by radical reductions in chemicals within our homes".

Pretty neat huh?

It gets even better!

They offer a superior compensation plan with 35% commissions! It is hard to find another MLM company offering a higher commission.

You can purchase these products for as low as $5-122. If you sell enough, you could make a lot.

They are one of the most popular MLM companies and have been steadily rising in popularity since 1994.

We are convinced that their products warranties have helped.

They have the best-rated reviews for multilevel marketing businesses.

They receive 165,000 Google searches each month. This is not surprising considering their power!


This MLM company was founded in 2009. It focuses primarily on Korean skincare products.

These guys don't do one trick.

They have been making odd products like dish detergent and even health supplements.

Their headquarters are located in Washington.

It's a top MLM company due to its high Commission rate. That includes all bonuses and sales volume.

This MLM is right for you if your passion lies in the industry of skincare.

Atomy is very popular, receiving approximately 135,000 searches per month on Google.


NeoLife is one the oldest direct-selling businesses still in existence. It is still very profitable financially.

They use only natural ingredients and high-quality ingredients to make their products. This is their biggest selling point. They sell everything, from laundry detergent to weight loss supplements.

We did some research about the company and found that they have a Scientific Advisory Board that ensures their products are legal.

It is important to do your research before you decide whether it is worth the effort. It is possible to use in-house staff to appear to be doing the right thing. However, we recommend that you do your research.

They continue to offer new products all over the world and sponsor professional athletes to keep their MLM business growing.

The popularity of a brand or product is key to making money online. NeoLife receives over 33,000 searches per day!


This is just what it sounds like. Karatbars Sells gold bars. A rare opportunity in MLM.

Why would anyone invest in gold?

A Pandemic is a tiny thing that can really affect our economy, regardless of your belief in a virus threat.

Economists predict 2008 to be like a baby's recession.

You can see that gold is becoming more popular because it is a valuable metal that has a high value.

Karatbars offers a unique opportunity to anyone interested in investing in gold.

They don't offer the best compensation plans compared to other MLM companies on our list.

You will make more money elsewhere if you are looking for fast money.

This keyword is still very popular with Google, with over 60,000 searches per day.


This MLM company was established in 2006. It offers a wide range of personal care products. Plexus.  This is a weight loss powder that can be mixed with water to burn fat.

Network marketers have been quick to jump into direct selling MLM's for healthcare products.

This MLM can be started quickly and offers a great opportunity to make some extra money.

The starting salary is 25%, with 15% for the second and subsequent levels, as well as 10% for each level.

By recruiting salespeople, you can earn some passive income

Plexus saw an increase in searches almost every single year since its launch. The site gets around 300,000 searches each month.


Amway sells literally everything. A whole cosmetics company could even buy their products!

Amway was established in 1959. It has been a pioneer of network marketing.

You have many options to get you started. These include essential oils, anti-aging products, and skincare products.

Amway is a worldwide company with a global reach.

Amway might be the right choice for you if multi-level marketing is your goal.

Beware! This MLM company has been hot in the discussion about pyramid schemes.

These are not pyramid plans according to the FTC, but they are frequently referred to that way because most of their direct sales come from distributors

Amway gets an amazing 1.8 million Google searches per month. Wow!


Do essential oils appeal to you? doTERRA might be the right company for you. These oils are known for their purity and potency.

The numbers are clear. Their customer retention rate of 80% is incredible.

This is in stark contrast to the 10-15% retention rates for essential oil companies involved with network marketing.

As a doTERRA distributor, you can make up to 25% in sales commissions. This allows you to be in close proximity to the MLM plans that offer compensation.

Referring direct-sellers can earn you bonuses just like any other company.

DoTERRA gets an astonishing 800,000 searches each month because of the growing acceptance of CBD-related products.


We assume that you have general questions as you search for the best MLM companies.

This list contains the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Which MLM company is the highest-paying?

You will be surprised at the competitiveness of MLM companies.

The industry average commission is about 30% for products sold through you, and between 3-5% and 5% through your downlines.

Mary Kay but they receive a 50% commission on every product sold!

Although they are the most lucrative, that doesn't mean you will make a lot every month.

We will see this when we answer the following question.

Are MLMs worth the risk? Are they worth it?

MLM and Network Marketing companies shout and preach that they can make your money. It's easy to join, and everything will go downhill.

Sounds great!

Unfortunately, MLMs aren't always a good way to make a lot of money.

It is estimated that most people who start MLMs in order to make extra money for their families make less than $100 per month.

Network marketing businesses can be very unsuccessful for many people.

It is not common for people to think they will earn 10k per month.

What is MLM? Similar to Pyramid Schemes?

Pyramid schemes are distinct from MLM companies. An MLM company sells products.

Pyramid schemes make money recruiting people and selling products or services that aren't beneficial to them.

When people stop joining, the whole thing falls apart.

Some people might argue that MLM companies could be compared to affiliate marketing companies. MLM companies offer bonuses or referral fees to anyone who joins through their company.

Many companies have MLM software solutions. This allows people to make more money.

Why is multi-level marketing so difficult for many?

It is often overlooked that running a direct-selling business requires a lot of hard work.

Many people think this business model is the best in network marketing.

There are many direct sellers around the world just like you. You may be selling the exact same product or service to them.

This will disappoint a new MLM member. They will now see how far they must climb and how they can get there.

When excuses are made for calling it a pyramid program, it's because most people don't want to accept responsibility for their mistakes.

They are happy to receive things.

Direct sales is not an easy task. Especially if you're trying to sell products via MLMs like Advocare.

The short version is that MLMs are more successful than direct selling. They don't realize that direct selling companies are an income source and not passive income.

Is there a free MLM that I can join?

Avon and Nu Skin are the two free MLMs that you can join.

Read the fine print carefully before you spend any money.

What's the difference between a multi-level marketing company and a network marketing company?

Top network marketing companies don't differ from top MLM companies. Both companies focus on building a network that will support your company.

This is also known as a "downline", and those who want to make a living in direct selling focus on building their "downlines".

You won't make it big in your MLM company if you are a one-man-band.

MLM Business Is a Better Option

Tired of endless MLM and network marketing opportunities?

Are you tired of selling products from your home every month but not making a lot of commissions?

This might be a good match.

eMoney Kings discovered a model that can be used to create a steady online income. This is what we recommend to everyone who wants to start an online business.

Digital Real Estate

Local lead generation is also known as "local business lead generation". It involves creating a website that promotes a particular service-based industry within your area, ranking it, and selling leads to the owner.

How do you make money from it?


Your website will rank highly on Google, which will result in more traffic.

Translate the traffic to any service industry.

All calls received by the company are called "leads", which have a monetary value.

This is the base of home advisors models, and it's worth many millions!

Let's look at an example.

A typical tree service job is worth $500 to $2,000 The majority of leads are worth 10-20% of their final ticket

This is often done by contractors who offer "finders fees". This is a common way that contractors can get work from someone they don’t know.

Return to tree service

If you rank on of these sites as the best in your market, you will get many calls every month.

You can have a digital asset that generates between $5,000 to $20,000 per month.

Products are created every month without you having to lift a finger.

A worst-case calculation using $500 jobs and 10% Commission will still give you a $500 monthly income. This is rent!

This is what you see now...

If you own 10 websites, you can earn a passive income of up to $5,000 per month.

Why passive income?

Once you have created these websites, it is easy to rank them and keep them up. MLM companies don't require you to be online every day to make sales.

Full control and leverage.

Sounds great...but where can I begin?

The eMoney Kings team searched the internet for this program.

This program will display

  • How do you create a website?

*Website Fee: Only $8 per month to host your website on the platform of your choice

  • How can you rank websites?
  • How do you scale full-time?

Access to live calls two times per week will be available so you can ask questions all along your journey.

There is also a Facebook group that is available 24/7. The level of support offered by this group is unparalleled by any other course program.

Many people have been able to increase their monthly income by as much as $40k using

Does this sound like a scam?

No, it isn't!

Based on the reviews and testimonials we've seen, we can confirm that this course is legitimate.

It even received our eMoney Kings seal for approval in 2021.

For more information, please visit: You can find more information here.

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