January 24, 2022

Top 127 Fastest Growing Businesses To Start in 2022

Are you looking for business ideas to jumpstart your journey towards self-employment?

This list will have one for you.

This article focuses on the best and most profitable business ideas for 2022.

Many of these jobs can be exciting and unexpected. If you are looking for inspiration to start your own business, you have come to the right spot.

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Let's get started with the rest of our business models.

To show businesses that are on the rise, we use Googletrends.

Business Management

As people continue to get busier, house cleaning services will only increase in demand. The cleaning industry alone accounts for and that’s expected to grow, making it a small business idea to jump on as 2020 approaches.With  owning a pet, now is the time to follow that passion. You can start offering your knowledge by traveling to client homes and facilities which saves you the headache of renting a space for a good length of time.

1. Bookkeeping

All businesses need to keep track of their expenses.

This is an important task, along with all the other tasks a healthy company requires.

Many business owners don't have time to learn about good bookkeeping practices. Bookkeeping is a valuable and highly-demanded skill that all businesses can benefit from.

You have the option to work remotely or in your local area. You should have either solid work experience or sufficient time to learn and train.

A CRM such as QuickBooks or another CRM that supports invoicing, bill-pay, and reconciliation will be required.

Bookkeeping can be a profitable way to make consistent income remotely, with relatively low startup costs and growing demand.

2. Virtual Assistance

Virtual working is a hot topic right now, and many businesses are taking full advantage of this technological revolution.

Virtual assistants allow business owners to outsource time-consuming and tedious tasks that can distract from their core business goals.

This is fantastic news for anyone who wants to start an online remote business.

Virtual assistants (VA) are responsible for a variety of business-related tasks, including calendar management, email management, and travel arrangements.

You have the freedom to choose which clients you work with, and what niche you specialize in.

3. VA Agency Owner

Although we wish it was so, many business owners quickly discover that they aren't capable of doing everything. It is a dream come true for business owners to find niche experts to outsource various tasks.

Many VA agency owners started out as freelance VAs. However, you can start your agency with very little investment and minimal experience.

Price services for clients, then outsource the tasks to your VA team. You will pocket the difference between subcontractors and typical rates.

You're also contributing to the increasing trend of virtual workers, as more companies look to this option for its convenience and accessibility.

4. Financial Advisor

No matter how much money you have, finances can be difficult to manage.

Financial advisors work with clients to support their lifestyles in a responsible and collaborative manner.

This skill set is acquired after completing a bachelor’s degree program that also includes additional certification requirements.

Financial advisors who want to open their own businesses may find it lucrative to become self-employed.

5. Business Consultant

You are an expert in an area where businesses could benefit from your expertise. You could be IT, team-building, or systems improvement.

As a consultant, you could also start your own business.

When it comes to finding clients, your professional network is more valuable than any other. Make sure you have strong connections in your field and a large emergency fund in case business slows down.

Business consultants have the opportunity to travel all over the world to meet clients and can charge for what they believe their experience adds to the table.

6. SEO Expert

Local businesses can get SEO services as a cash flow source to help fund lead generation sites.

You could also choose to provide this service only and work with SEO experts, or you can choose to work for an agency or business.

7. Graphic Design

Graphic designers will see an increase in business as social media and visual design become more important for businesses and brands.

The main start costs include software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, along with a powerful, high-functioning computer.

8. Transcription

Transcribing is often required by doctors, lawyers, professors, and speakers as part of their regular routine.

You can become a right-hand transcriber for clients of all backgrounds, and you will be able to enjoy an exciting career that offers a lot of work.

Only special equipment will be required, such as foot pedals, time trackers, and transcription software.

9. Freelance Writing

It is possible to make a living as a writer, regardless of what you might have heard.

A well-written, punchy and appealing sales copy can help businesses attract and retain clients in a big way.

Although writers can write many content types, including articles, blogs, social media copy and autobiographies as well as e-books, the real riches are found in niches.

Copywriters are the best at writing profits. They get rates of over $100 an hour. You can work for an agency or corporation, as well as be self-employed.

10. Travel Consultant

Although it isn't easy to make a living as a travel agent, you can earn real money by creating your own agency and hiring contractors to scale.

The advent of booking.com and trivago.com has made it easier than ever to cut down on travel industry costs.

To be a long-term success, it is important to expand into the online and virtual bookings arenas.

11. Tax Preparer

Tax preparation is at its peak from January to April each year.

This would not be a full-time venture but it could yield some lucrative returns if you keep your business going each year.

Tax codes and rules are constantly changing, which means more people need tax preparation assistance. California's top tax preparers who work efficiently and quickly can make close to $60,000 a year.

It's not bad for a business that only runs 3 months of the year.

Your business can be more appealing to customers if you offer after-hours and mobile services.

12. Voiceover Actor

Voice acting is a career that may suit you if you have the charm and smoothness to be the virtual face for a brand.

Voiceover actors need the right equipment to record flawless audio and avoid static.

Voiceover actors often work on their own schedules, which can mean long hours practicing and memorizing scripts.

The average California voiceover actor earns nearly $90,000.

13. Editing/Proofreading

To spot errors in copy and deliver flawless results for authors and clients, proofreaders must be experienced writers.

You could make as much as $50 an hour working with one client if you put your skills to the test. We also mentioned that your startup costs are less than a computer.

14. Business Coach

People who have been successful in their fields are often business coaches.

Once the code is cracked, a coach can offer their expertise to business professionals who are similar to them so they may also be successful.

The coach can set the rates, but it is up to them. Coaches who offer services to executives and budding entrepreneurs can charge more than $200 an hour.


15. Social Media Marketing

Companies that don't use social media in 2019 are missing out on much more than just views.

Social media is a key component of a solid marketing strategy.

However, each social media platform has its own rules and algorithms that are difficult to grasp.

These services can be outsourced to a specialist social media manager to save businesses time and effort.

As social media continues to gain popularity, this field is experiencing a 9% increase in its growth.

16. Email Marketer

This niche is very lucrative in freelance writing.

Email marketing usually includes most of the marketing copy, both short and long-form. Businesses of all sizes need to master the art of nurturing leads and email marketing.

Copywriters who are solely focused on email clients may start clients with a $1500 monthly retainer, and then charge higher rates over time.

17. Ghostwriter

Talent and deep interaction are required to capture the essence of someone's character by their words and mannerisms.

It is no surprise that famous people, athletes, and other influential people choose to hire ghostwriters when it comes time to write their autobiography or to release their documentary.

Ghostwriters of high caliber can earn a lot, often earning six figures or more for a complete autobiographical project.

18. Weight Loss Beverage

Hot cocoa, skinny tea, and hot chocolate that burns fat - people are always on the lookout for simple beverages to satisfy their cravings and aid in weight loss.

Mixing a delicious drink that promotes healthy weight loss is a great way to get a piece of the n.Early $176 billion weight-loss markets.Even better, you can make a profit by creating an MLM or affiliate program using your product line.

19. Branded Merch

Make your company's swag game strong!

Companies can proudly display their brand through branded pens, socks, and t-shirts.

Even big business companies continue to make company-branded promotional products. (Photo of company-branded promotional products)

You're on your way to finding the right supplier for bulk orders.

20. Reusable bags Design

It's never been more fashionable to save the environment and go green.

Consumers need to find creative ways to continue their normal lives as cities implement plastic bag bans.

It is now a necessity to have reusable bags made of natural materials such as hemp and synthetic fibers.

People love to express their individuality through the bag they choose. A business that creates custom designs or prints pre-made designs on reusable bags will not only benefit the environment but also help your wallet.

21. Brand Design Agency

Do you have a knack for creating brand imagery and a strong brand reputation? You can lend your services to small businesses or brands in a variety of niches.

You can work remotely to run your creative agency or rent office space so you can collaborate in person.

This business model gives you the power to price-set and prospect clients. Start-up costs include software and the internet.

22. Facebook Ads Agency

Facebook is the dominant social media platform. Small and large businesses can now use Facebook advertising (link to my article on Facebook ads).

Many people don't know what the secret sauce is behind Facebook ads campaigns that are successful. They end up spending money and time without a strategy.

These skills will put you ahead of your competition.

An experienced Facebook ads marketer will take the guesswork out Facebook advertising for clients and generate high returns on the initial investment.

There are many courses available to help students understand Facebook advertising. However, you can also find free information online.

23. Digital Marketing Agency

The changing technological aspects are still a challenge for older generations.

Many business owners aren't aware of the importance of digital marketing strategies. This can lead to a loss in profit.

Experts in this field consult with clients and develop effective strategies to generate leads, traffic, and engagement for their customers.

To find clients, all you need is your experience.

24. Blogging

Contrary to popular belief blogging is still alive and well.

The Internet is more popular than ever and a helpful blog post could rank highly on Google, which could lead to a great passive income.

Partnering, affiliate marketing, and agreements with social media influencers are the real money in blogging.

Income is not guaranteed. This depends on how useful, engaging, and interactive the content you create to attract traffic to your blog.

Top Bloggers can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per Month online if they do it right.

Website hosting, web development, and social media tools are relatively low maintenance costs compared to the potential earning potential of a single blog.

25. Amazon FBA

Amazon is already the leader in online shopping, so it makes sense to capitalize on its popularity. Amazon FBA is available.

Amazon FBA works in the same manner as an eCommerce shop, but without having to hold stock or deal with shipping or packaging.

You only need to worry about finding the winning items and getting them to Amazon's fulfillment centers.

26. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a clever way to ship products quickly without having to own a warehouse or deal with shipping companies. This unconventional way of owning an online shop helped it quickly gain popularity.

Dropshipping is simple, but many dropshipping gurus will tell you that it's easy. However, dropshipping can be very profitable over time with low-profit margins at the beginning.

As a start-up capital, you will need to have a large amount of money for shipping, research, and advertising. It is crucial that you invest in market research to ensure your success.

27. Meal-kit Prep & Delivery

After a hard day, everyone wants a home-cooked meal. Problem is, most people don't have time to prepare, cook, or clean.

This gap is filled by meal delivery kits that provide convenience for consumers in order to support their busy lifestyles.

is available to serve vegans, gluten-free vegetarians, and low-carb fans.

28. Resume Editor/Writer

You'd be a great resume writer/editor if you know how to create a winning resume that will land you a job.

This is where branding your expertise is key. Understanding marketing across all platforms helps you to do this well.

As a starting cost, consider outsourcing digital marketing and social media to experts (which can be as low as $24,000 annually).

High-skilled resume writers are highly sought after and can charge rates of $100-$400 per single resume. They can work from anywhere on the globe. This field is highly lucrative once you have a strong client base.

29. Real Estate Investor

Most people can get into real estate investing as a side-gig or full-time job for less than $1,000.

There are many investment strategies that can be used to turn a profit, and the profit potential is very variable.

Real estate is a great way to increase your income.

30. Podcasting

Podcasts are so popular, it's crazy.

According to this report, 32% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly with an average listening time of 6 hours 37 minutes.

This is great news for podcast fans and enthusiasts. Starting your own podcast costs as little as $250 if you already own a computer. Podcasts that are successful can earn millions of dollars through sponsorships, products, and affiliates.

Podcasts allow you to discuss any topic and all that interests you. This is the beauty of creativity and freedom from time constraints!

31. Car Flipping

Most consumers don't like being hassled by the dealership anymore.

The number of people using the Internet to find new and used cars (78%) according to these statistics), has increased dramatically over the last few years, notably through third-party sites such as Craigslist.

This is good news for car flippers. The business model involves purchasing low-priced vehicles to sell them for profit.

It is common to find vehicles that are in excellent condition and in a lower price range, such as those in the $500-$5,000 category.

You can get started with a small investment of just $1,000. You can use the profits from your first flip as capital to invest more. Watch the pure profit begin to trickle in.

32. Online Boutique

E-commerce is a new way to shop online. It allows you to purchase items quickly and have them delivered right away.

Online stores are a great way to reach people all around the globe, whether you're selling thrift store finds or creating your own clothing line.

Although not every store is successful, those that are often profitable can make six figures per month.

Hosting, advertising, and shipping are included in the cost.

33. Athleisure Clothing & Apparel

Both men and women are dominated by sports apparel in the market. This is not surprising considering this industry includes leggings as well as waist trainers, waist trainers, and shorts.

In 2019, Athleisure brought in nearly $200 billion.

As more companies use social proof and influencers to gain access to new products and expand into previously untapped markets, social media has revolutionized the market.

34. Ebook Publishing

Self-help is a big industry, and many people are taking up this opportunity, especially in the ebook world.

The marketplace is ripe to publish e-books on Amazon Kindle or other platforms as more book stores are closing.

This is a great way to make passive income and it's very affordable.

35. Course Creator

Courses are a great way to create recurring revenue streams for many years.

With a great digital product or subscription, you could be enjoying the lifeline of your course with little to no upkeep.

You will need to have video recording software, marketing, and graphic design. Prices can fluctuate depending on how fancy you want your course to be.

36. Online Mortgage Broker

More people are looking for a property because of declining interest rates and home sales.

Potential home-buyers and commercial property owners must be aware of the differences in the market.

The mortgage broker is the intermediary between clients and real-estate companies.

You don't need much if you have a broker license for your state.

Provide services such as credit assistance and investment advice to increase your cash flow, while you wait for commission if allowed by your state.

37. Real Estate Agent

Ah yes, every housing bubble will have a smiling agent eager to close the deal.

With predictions for a steady rise in the economy over the next decade, conditions remain fair. This is particularly good news considering that 30 year fixed-rate mortgages have fallen to 3.8% according to a Bankrate article.

Motivated individuals should now be pursuing licensure.

A single sale of a home can result in a substantial commission depending on your area.

38. Arts/Crafts

You might be a good fit for Etsy if you are passionate about making handmade jewelry and want to open your own shop.

Although success is not guaranteed, many entrepreneurs have seen their small businesses grow by using the platform.

39. Peer to Peer Lending

Banks sometimes refuse to lend you money if you urgently need cash or a loan.

A P2P lending platform allows people of all backgrounds to borrow money and repay it responsibly with interest.

Starting your own P2P platform can be extremely profitable with an amazing growth rate.

To get an understanding of the logistics behind this business model, consult your state laws or legal counsel.

40. Baked Goods/Snacks

As I like to say, homemade always wins over generic.

The search for tasty and healthy treats is increasing as more people make lifestyle changes.

We must not forget about the rising popularity of veganism, as well as the increasing preference for gluten-free and low-carb foods.

These industries are exploding and you can target them by creating tasty treats that meet these criteria and selling them directly to consumers, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

41. Waist Trainer/ Shape Wear

You don't have to be able to replicate SKIMS in order for you to enjoy your share of shapewear.

Shapewear products are versatile products and they appeal to the dominant culture of the young generation.

42. T-Shirt Design

T-shirts that have relatable and clever captions or cool designs are always a hit.

You can find the most popular trends and apply them to a T-shirt you have made!

You can make your T-shirt business very profitable, regardless of whether you use third-party printing and design services or print them in-house. The only thing that will eat up most of the expenses is web hosting, shipping, and advertising.

43. Phone Cases Seller

There will always be a new smartphone on the market.

Why not take advantage of the abundance of mobile devices to create personal accessories?

Your target market will be narrowed down by the phone model you choose and the case type that you create. Your biggest investments will be in a trusted supplier and store-front hosting.

44. YouTuber/Influencer

The video-sharing platform attracts millions of users every day, all eager to consume large amounts of content on any topic.

Want to know how to do something? YouTube is almost certain to have a video.

You can make a lot of money by becoming an expert in a niche and creating valuable content that is clicked on.

While it takes time to gain fans and social proof, your efforts will pay off. Check out these YouTubers with the highest earnings.


45. Software Development & Sales

You don't have to be a programmer or developer in order to enjoy the software nest egg.

Spend some time developing your vision for software. Hire a software developer to bring your vision to life.

If you prefer to focus on other areas of the business, outsourcing sales is an option.

After your software is ready for the market, you will be able to enjoy steady profits and work on other ideas or scaling up the business. This can serve as passive income.

46. Phone/Electronics Repair

The majority of our lives are made possible by our phones. Smart-phones are also becoming more important and more costly to purchase today.

Because phone insurance and replacement can be expensive, it is understandable that more people are turning to traditional repair for their phones.

We must not forget about the occasional cracked screen or water damage.

Even if your skills are not in the realm of phone repair, you can find videos and basic tools online that will help you get your business started.

Selling accessories, such as phone cases and phone protection equipment can help you upsell customers!

47. Electronic Accessories

The capabilities of smart phones continue to improve and so do their prices.

People are willing to spend money on protection and decoration for their smartphones.

Screen protectors and cases top the list for electronic accessories. Newly designed cases are paired with shatter-proof protectors. This market is expected to reach close to $300 billion in 2026.

48. Home Security Systems

With a staggering CAGR of 10.4%, home security systems are expected to grow in popularity along with smart home devices.

Remote security cameras can be viewed on any number of smart devices. Alarm systems with motion detection capabilities can also be viewed remotely. Small businesses can participate in this industry in many innovative ways.

49. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has changed the game, there's no doubt.

Small businesses can take advantage of the success of Oculus, owned by Facebook, and other innovative ideas.

It's impossible to stop, especially with a compounded annually growth rate of 48.7%. This will continue until 2024.

A VR video store that is exclusively dedicated to VR games and consoles? This business model is profitable because these products must be tried in person. How about an arcade?

VR has many possibilities.

50. App Creation

You can make a lot of money if you are able to get involved and develop the app yourself.

The market for mobile apps is projected to reach $200 billion in 2020, with projections going beyond that.

There are apps for every purpose, whether it be gaming, lifestyle, or subscription.

51. Smart Home Installation

Are you looking for lights, faucets, televisions, or ovens that respond to your every command? The smart home is here!

People with experience in installing devices can quickly switch their attention to smart home installations.

Smart home is booming.expected to surpass $200 billion by 2025 This shift makes the most sense.

52. Web Developer

To sustain their online businesses, all kinds of businesses need websites that are well-designed. A web developer is an answer.

Although there aren’t any formal requirements for education (self-teaching is certainly possible), many people pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in this field.

This path offers a positive return on investment, with an average web developer salary of $108,017 in San Francisco.

Web developers may work for companies directly or can start their own business from home.

53. IT Support

To be able to compete in this rapidly growing field, you should have at least a bachelor's degree.

You will be able to secure your own client base with extensive computer knowledge and helpful connections.

Small and large companies rely on tech support for their operations. Your services are highly valued.

This field offers amazing prospects with more than 500,000 jobs available starting in 2020.

54. Computer Programmer/Coder

Multiple coding languages and other programs are not only great for getting a job at any company but also open doors to self-employment and the lifestyle you desire.

Computer programmers are employed by software companies, medical offices, B2B, and many other fields. It is up to you to choose the industry in which you want to work.

Expect competition with the many job opportunities available, despite the entry-level salary at $60,000 and plenty of growth potential.

55. 3D Printing

This business model is like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s becoming a major reality in everyday life.

Invest in the 3D printer, materials like thermoplastic, and 3D printing software and you’ve got a full-blown 3D printing business. 

Like most businesses, niching down can net you higher profits and a more loyal client base.

56. Security Consultant

A skilled and knowledgeable cybersecurity expert also holds value to corporations and businesses, especially as technology expands.

Take a look at the major security breaches that recently affected Experian and Wells Fargo, even these huge companies become vulnerable to hacks and other cybersecurity threats.

Get started by pursuing an IT or systems administrator role. Specialty certifications also become necessary in this field.

The best part? You can work from home in your jammies while ensuring your client’s security network is up-to-date.

Commercial/Residential Services

57. Home Cleaning

What other business could you get off the ground with a business license and some cleaning supplies?

With less than $500 in start-up costs (depending on city and state business licensing requirements), you could build and scale a full-fledged cleaning business from scratch.

 Of course, to keep costs this low, you’ll mostly be cleaning the homes yourself until you build enough clientele to hire a team. 

over 40 billion dollars annually in revenue

58. Home Remodeling/Renovation

Though for this business model it’s often recommended to have a fairly large investment to start (sometimes more than $250,000), you can also get started with just your hands, skills, and the proper licensing. 

Of course, you’ll need to have construction or renovation skills if you don’t have the capital to hire contractors right away.

Plus, you’ll most likely see steady business as home renovation is popular year-round, with around 50% growth seen since the recession.

59. Home Decor  

Interest rates for home loans continue to decline, meaning more people are becoming homeowners for the first time. 

This increase in disposable income means people are looking to spruce up their homes with decorations and such. Throw pillows, rugs, decorative picture frames, and linens are some of the most popular items consumers shop for.

The advent of social media and the appeal of home decor and remodeling shows has aided in the steady increase of this industry’s size.

60. Appliance Repair

Those who love tinkering with their hands can now reap the financial and time benefits of their labor. 

Though some appliances require specialized training to tackle, if you're good at figuring out how to make things hum again then you're well on your way.

The greatest setback to getting started would have to be the investment on mechanical equipment and licensure needed to do the job.

61. Window-Washing

You could start a window-washing business today after gathering up the staple supplies you’ll need to complete the job.

Watch some YouTube videos and read some how-to guides to gain the knowledge you need to get the job done right.

Commercial businesses and high -end homes should be your main targets when searching for clients.

62. Pool Cleaning

Better job prospects and promising investments mean more disposable income for many Americans.

The luxury of pool installation comes with its share of maintenance costs, namely the upkeep of chemical levels and debris. 

The recurrence of pool cleaning services every 4-6 months allows you to build a solid customer base while scaling your advertising efforts to find new clients when business stabilizes.

63. Carpet Cleaning

Appearance is tantamount, both to commercial entities and home-owners. Flawless indoor carpeting makes a place stand out and maintaining carpet cleanliness takes work.

That’s why carpet cleaning makes up a nearly $6 billion industry.

Professional carpet cleaning is highly sought after by customers due to how quickly dirt and grime build-up. Home-owners with children and pets and walk-in businesses often require more regular treatments, which can help you gain loyal clients.

64. Landscape

If you live in an area where snow and colder weather are the norm, this business model probably wouldn’t be very profitable for you.

However, springtime and warmer months occupy the busiest times of the year for landscaping and lawn-care professionals, with those residing in temperate climates benefiting most.

Landscaping is expected to increase in demand, keeping pace with the booming housing market.

65. Junk Hauling

Americans store too much junk in their storages, garages, and living spaces. How often have you seen old furniture and broken appliances sitting curb-side?

If you’ve got access to a pick-up truck, you can get started hauling away unwanted junk in your local area and making easy money with only your truck and hands.

Scaling your junk removal business takes work but it can be done. Just take advice from the founder of 1800-JUNK.

66. Moving

Put your back into it (actually, don’t-- always use proper lifting technique)!

Moving is a pain for most people, whether they’ve got to high-tail it out of state or transfer new furniture to a different part of the house.

Though it’s back-breaking and laborious work, the industry continues to trend positively with steady growth.

With a small van or pick-up truck, you can get a moving business going with little else in the way of expenses. Just make sure you obtain the proper licensing in your state.

67. Plumbing

The trades are continuing to remain steady career paths to pursue.

Only requiring a high school diploma and acceptance into an on-the-job apprenticeship, this is an extremely attractive option for both the younger demographic and career-changers.

The field anticipates a 14% growth rate through 2028 and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Plumbers are needed year-round.  Many plumbers also turn to self-employment and work on a mobile basis with or without a physical location.

68. Electrician

Here’s yet another trade with exciting growth and promising prospects.

With a high-school diploma, anyone is eligible for an apprenticeship or entry into a trade program. However, competition remains high as the number of applicants soar each year.

It’s no surprise- considering electricians can earn upwards of $100,000, this figure being even more attainable for self-employed electricians.

69. Handyman Services

Good with fixing things that break or need maintenance? 

Consider starting a mobile handyman service. 

Make yourself available at odd hours to both residential and commercial clients, and you’ve got yourself a growing customer base.

Hotels, small businesses, homes, offices-- all need some sort of tinkering with something. 

If you don’t already own tools, most of your costs upfront are from tools and supplies, sprinkled in with some advertising. Very little investment for a high return.

70. House Painter

Enjoy grabbing a paintbrush, deciding what color to paint a room, and getting to work with careful precision?

A house painting business is an inexpensive business model that requires expenses such as the paint, a ladder, rollers, and brushes.

Though permit and licensing requirements vary by state, you can be up and running in a relatively short time and establish your local client base.

71. Transportation

We all have somewhere to go, places to be… so why not make a business out of the necessity for transportation?

Trucking, logistics, air cargo, taxi/limo service-- all are great ways to get your feet wet in this booming industry.

The avalanche of smart scooters and on-demand bike/car rentals have also soared, so this area is worth exploring as well.

72. Interior Designer

Those with an eye for beauty and a flair for design can excel in the interior design space.

Plus as disposable income grows it’s likely that more people will turn to home improvement and renovation.

The most important thing a new interior designer should possess is a strong portfolio highlighting samples of their work. While some choose to pursue higher education, it still stands that on-the-job training provides the best experience before starting your business.

With the social media age in full swing interior designers now have access to millions of potential clients, giving them the chance to showcase their talent through photo and video sharing.

Personal/Mobile Consumer Services

73.  Dog Walker

Enjoy a stroll in the park with your furry friends, spend an afternoon playing, and get them home safely.

If this sounds like your type of day, starting a dog walking business could be a fun money-making venture to pursue.

It’s important to research your area and assess the demand for dog-walking services. Keep in mind apps like rover and wag dominate many areas.

74.  Pet Sitter

A genuine love for animals and their well-being are key criteria for running a pet sitting business from your home.

Most pet owners bring their pet’s necessities with them, so you only need to worry about stocking the basics and maintaining the right insurance coverage.

Though it can take a good amount of time to build up enough steady income to scale, the very low upfront costs and crazy flexibility make it a good business model to invest in.

75.  Pet Groomer

The appeal of a mobile pet-grooming service lies in the accessibility of services. 

Pet owner’s schedules can be hectic enough and making time to take pets to the groomers is yet another hassle.

Offering a commercial vehicle to transport pets carefully to and from your home for grooming helps pet owners skirt past this issue entirely.

You’ll want to have some pet grooming experience, much of which can be acquired on-the-job or through a separate training program.

76.  Pet Trainer

Well-behaved pets cause less stress for their owners and make pet ownership truly enjoyable. But most owners don’t possess the time, patience or expertise to properly train their pets.

Do you have a knack for getting animals to obey you or simply love getting hands-on with animals?

A pet training business could be the key to unlocking your dreams of entrepreneurship.

over 56% of U.S. households

77.  Light/Sound Equipment Rental

Whether you go the franchise route or start your own rental business from the ground up, this business model is a great way to generate profit with light effort.

Local businesses, individuals, and groups often need access to light and sound equipment for different events and purposes.

Having a stock supply of this equipment ready to lend out helps fulfill this need for both long-term and short-term clients.

Your investment will primarily cover the various pieces of equipment, a rented location to house the equipment, and advertising efforts.

78. Storage

Do you know anyone who could benefit from a deep clean of their home and a visit to the storage facility? Nearly everyone.

Although the profit margins in the storage unit industry are much higher than those of small businesses (the average ROI for small businesses is between 2-3%), it can still be expensive to start this business.

The majority of the high-priced start-up costs are incurred through construction and land acquisition.

If time is not a consideration in your business decision, can expect a healthy 111% profit margin with minimal maintenance and various money-making techniques at your disposal within a few years if your business stabilizes.

79. Driver's Education School

Young and inexperienced drivers will always be eager to hit the roads. Businesses should be able to come in year round, as many states have made it mandatory for behind-the wheel education hours to be completed.

Find out the necessary licenses and certifications to become an instructor, and then find a small home for you.

You can save money on your initial costs by using your vehicle as a means of financing the insurance and gas expenses until you are able to invest in another.

80. AirBnB Host

With the huge success of AirBnB, the new wave in vacation rentals is here.

Potential passive income of up to $10,000 per month could be generated by extra space in your home and additional properties.

This initial rental income can be used to purchase more real estate or expand your rental business.

More information about this business model is available at the Millenial Money Blog.

81. At-home Daycare

Both men and women are in the rat race to get promotions and new opportunities. Reliable child-care is key to this career mobility.

Start your daycare in your own home. Register for the licensing required to make it legal.

Food, insurance, and activities are the major expenses before you hire staff.

An in-home care provider is a great option for parents with young children. You can earn an income while looking after your child.

82. Makeup Artist

As the make-up industry has seen a boom in the last year, it is understandable that the demand for makeup artistry continues to rise.

The freedom of working with clients according to their schedules and the possibility of extensive travel are attractive features for make-up artists.

They work all year in film, television, theatres, weddings and other industries.

83. Photo Printing

Technology isn’t always perfect. As you might have witnessed with recent system crashes and data breaches.

Data, particularly our memories, can easily get lost in the data-sphere.

It's time to implement the old-school savings methods.

Although printed photos can take up some space, they preserve your precious moments and will not be deleted if your digital files are lost. It is still popular to create memory books or collages. Therefore, it is a smart idea to start a business that sells high-quality digital photos.

84. Food Truck

Do you want to not be tied to one place but are eager to share your culinary talents with the world?

Start a food truck company.

You will need to get foot traffic if you open your shop in a busy area with hungry lunch-seekers.

Food trucks are often invited to serve at public events. This gives them the opportunity to expand their client base and increase their service area.

More than 85% of food truck operators report over $100,000 in annual income.

85. Coffee Shop

Coffee is one of the most successful areas you can build a brand around, out of all the brick-and-mortar food businesses that you could open.

Coffee lovers are constantly on the lookout for great-tasting coffee that is different from the Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts brands.

Loyal customers are dependent on the location of your shop and how much foot traffic it receives.

Each coffee shop owner will determine the amount of coffee they can make but rest assured that coffee demand won't slow down anytime soon.

86. Catering

If your family loves your delicious and healthy cooking, it might be time to start a restaurant.

Living in an area with diverse cultures offers many benefits, including the possibility of trying new cuisines.

Parties aren't seasonal so there will always be events where guests can enjoy authentic homemade food.

The catering industry appears to be on the rise, soaring $58 billion in 2017. Now is the best time to get in.

87. Vending Machines

There are vending machines everywhere. You've probably bought a few items from them when you were really hungry.

You can now take part in the action by buying your first machine.

You can start a small business by deciding what you want to make in vending machines. Then find a place where you can store them.

Hire staff to transport the machines and to collect the money.

88. Gym Owner

Niche and specialty gyms are still a distinct alternative to national brands and big franchises.

There are many options for anyone interested in opening their own gym.

After you have established that your gym is a good fit for your environment, the next step is to secure funding.

A lot of capital is required to start a gym. However, the healthy annual growth rate of almost 4% in the $36billion industry will help you make a profit within a few years.

89. Mobile Laundry/Dry Cleaning

Imagine a stressed CEO who is flying to an important meeting tomorrow and needs his suit pressed immediately.

He can't pick up or drop off his stuff physically.

Without hesitation, he would call your mobile dry cleaning and laundry business.

Mobile laundry/dry-cleaning services exceed customer expectations. They take care of every detail and are not disruptive to customers.

This business model places customer service at the top of the priority list, as you rarely communicate with customers by phone.

This business model is easy to set up with just a few household appliances and a pre-arranged agreement with a dry cleaner. You should make sure that you have liability insurance to cover you in the event of mishaps.

90. Senior Care/Companionship

Seniors who are either retired or live alone often feel lonely and need help with daily tasks.

Families can trust a companion or an aide to care for their loved ones, and they are able to feel secure.

This allows seniors to stay independent and live comfortably in their own homes for longer periods of time.

This service will continue to increase in demand. It is predicted that more than 25% of America's elderly population will be 65 or older by 2060.

91. Nanny/Babysitter Agency

There is no shortage of people who will have children, and many parents cannot afford to stay at home.

Many don't have enough time or the resources to vet every babysitter they receive.

Sites like care.com make it easy for parents to find qualified babysitters online. Entrepreneurs can also build a sustainable nanny/babysitting business to match them with jobs.

A babysitting agency is a great option for parents and career sitters. They can take in between 5-20 bookings per day.

92. Bike Repair

Americans are more conscious of their health and more aware of the environment.

Urban areas with many modes of public transport tend to be more urban. High pedestrian areas also include a high percentage of bicycle traffic.

Like cars, bicycles require regular maintenance as well as repairs in spur-of-the-moment. Another source of income is the sale of refurbished bicycles.

It's all about location. However, if you find yourself in an area that is bike-friendly you will be able to do business.

93. Car Wash

In recent years, the technology behind a great car wash has not changed.

The demand for mobile service providers has increased and people prefer quick, easy services at the touch of a button.

It is important to understand the professional standards for car detailing. Before you purchase cleaning supplies or organize your van for transporting everything to clients' sites, make sure to do some research.

94. Headlight Restoration

For something as simple as a headlight repair, it can be a hassle for many.

You can close the gap by offering your mobile headlight restoration service to customers (after setting a reasonable service area limit).

If you are already familiar with cars, narrowing your focus on headlights will save you tons of time and give you the edge that you need to get the ball rolling.

95. Notary Public Mortgage Signing Agent

While the requirements vary from one state to the next, the appeal of a career in mobile notary is the same.

California requires applicants to be at least 18 years old, to take a 6-hour education program, and to pass a written exam in order to be eligible to become a notary public.

It is possible to work as a notary public in many areas. This makes it both a great career choice and a side-hustle.

The highest rates for notary public signing agents are between $75-$250 an hour.

You can also use general notary work to get quick cash while marketing your services or obtaining other certifications that will make you more competitive in today's real estate market.

96. Videography

Film and television productions employ videographers, as do companies that use the internet for promotional and advertising purposes.

Although formal education is not a requirement, it's a good idea to study an associate's/bachelor's degree in broadcasting or mass communications to gain experience.

It is important to factor in equipment costs.

Freelancers can make a living as videographers. Some have earned an median of almost $93,000 in California.

97. Barber/Hair Stylist

A huge market exists for haircuts and hairstyling services due to the growth of urban areas and increased population.

This is evident by the 8% growth rate that this role has.

Many hairdressers and barbers work from established shops that rent outstations or provide mobile on-demand services to clients' homes.

Social media and video sharing allow hair professionals to build brands. They use YouTube tutorials and Instagram photos as a way to show off their work and talent.

98. Tattoo Artist

Body art and body piercings is the next trend. Over 38 % of young people aged 18-29 have at least one tattoo.

Many tattoo artists begin as apprentices and then transition to full-fledged artists. Here they learn about drawing and correct techniques.

You will need to pay booth rental, licensing, and supplies. However, top tattoo artists may charge as high as $250 an hour.

Additionally, YouTube and social media offer great creative outlets for tattoo artists to show their talents and attract more customers.

99. Translation

Emigration and immigration have created a global connected world rich in hundreds of languages and dialects.

It is valuable to have knowledge in more than one language, especially if you are proficient in the most popular languages.

Businesses of all sizes need reliable, effective translations to communicate with their customers and potential leads. Google Translate is not accurate enough, sorry.

You can hire the best freelance translators in your area and match them up with clients by setting up a translation agency.


100. Tele-Medicine

As I keep repeating, the digital world is an inevitable reality that businesses must adapt to.

Every service, software or piece of technology that improves the efficiency of health-care providers brings unparalleled benefits to the field. is the $405 billion global industry extremely profitable.

There will always be a need for medical care, particularly as people age and live longer.

A small business can expand by taking remote patient monitoring, improving transcription, accurate record-keeping, and retaining important data.

101. Registered Dietitian (R.D. )

You will need to be licensed as registered dietitian in order to pursue this career. This license is only granted after completing a bachelor's program.

R.D.s are most often found in hospitals, clinics, schools and other healthcare facilities.

R.D.'s have the opportunity to make a profit from providing consulting services and public education through social media.

102. Exercise Supplements

You can bet that a fitness enthusiast would love to buy a pre-workout smoothie, powder, or supplement.

As consumers continue to educate, it is essential to offer supplements with all-natural, healthy ingredients.

It's worth looking into selling online and also selling a portion of your products through a chain or franchise gym.

103. Medical Transportation

This business model takes advantage both of the transportation and senior care industries making it a viable money-making opportunity.

It is noteworthy that senior care services have a remarkable growth rate of 7% over the long-term for the entire $400 billion industry.

Senior citizens no longer have the ability to move as well as they did in their youth, and many are unable to drive. You could offer your services as an emergency vehicle driver to transport them to their appointments and other activities.

104. Medical Courier

To make a living in the ever-burgeoning medical field, you don't have to be a nurse.

You will only need some HIPAA/OSHA training, and a commercial vehicle. All employees you hire will need to adhere to the same standards.

You'll eventually need a physical location for your business to manage the logistical aspects of delivery and invoicing as well as client contact.

105. Marijuana

The legal marijuana industry has seen a leap in legalization as more states legalize it. Its 2019 sales have risen by 31.7%.

There is plenty of room for you to explore the marijuana market from multiple angles. You can start your own small-scale grow operation, expand your bakery into edibles, or develop a CBD oil that's ideal for sleeping.

106. CBD

CBD, a sister industry to marijuana has taken the world by storm. This natural, therapeutic oil can be used to treat pain, stress, and many other conditions.

CBD products can be found in lotions, oils, and topical solutions. They also include edibles and CBD concentrates.

It makes sense to develop a CBD product line based on the projected growth. It doesn't seem like it will falter in the next ten years.

107. Health Coach

It would be a great idea to eat better and exercise more.

To improve clients' overall health, health coaches use their expertise in intuitive eating, healthy diets, sustainable living, and sustainable living to develop custom plans.

While many health coaches work in hospitals and clinics, a majority of them choose to work solely with their clients online.

You too can get a piece of the $4.2 Trillion pie.

108. Life Coaching

Are you struggling to achieve your personal goals despite having setbacks?

Life coaches are there to help you achieve your goals.

Life coaches are often mistaken for therapy. However, they can be a logical and therapeutic influence on your life.

A life coach can be a great support for budding entrepreneurs and business professionals.

109. Doula

A doula is a person who cares deeply for others and has a caring spirit. Doulas, in addition to midwives and other practitioners, are responsible for providing support and care to pregnant and postpartum women.

Although a short certification program is the best way to start, there are no formal certifications or educational requirements.

Doulas can choose the clients they want to work with, and set up counseling and appointment times that fit their other commitments.

There are many pricing options, including hourly rates or flat fees. Some estimates can go as high as $2,000 per birth.

110. Massage Therapist

As a mobile massage therapist, you can take your massage therapy skills to the next step.

Massage therapy is gaining popularity as Americans suffer from back and joint pain due to their hectic lives.

Now is the perfect time to show your passion for massage and your certification as a massage therapist by starting your own massage therapy business.

Although a brick-and-mortar massage shop in high foot traffic areas would be a great idea for your clients and business, you should also consider mobile massage therapy.

You don't need to have a physical address, as you can travel where your clients require you. This business model can make you a substantial profit if you account for your travel and supplies costs.

111. Essential Oils & Scents

The popular alternative to traditional medicine is natural home remedies.

Many oils have benefits such as headache relief, stress relief, anti-nausea, and other remedies for everyday ailments.

DoTerra and Young Living are bloated with almost 23% profit share within the essential oils industry.

The market is still open for new entrants as more and more people turn to natural oils and trusted local sources.

112. Keto Lifestyle Coach

The days of quick diets that promised instant results are gone.

As consumers experience dramatic results and positive lifestyle changes such as veganism or ketogenic, they continue to be popular.

This market includes supplements, key food groups, and beverages, as well as powders and other products. Entrepreneurs could make positive profits if they can create a keto-friendly product that has proven health benefits as well as aids in weight loss and maintenance.

113. Keto Food/Beverage

When consumers are looking to make lifestyle changes, sustainability is important. This is why veganism or the ketogenic diet stand out.

The keto diet offers many benefits, including weight loss, reduced cravings, and decreased blood sugar. Keto-lovers are constantly looking for tasty substitutes for the foods that they don't like.

Small businesses can capitalize on this growing market by offering products in the beverage, snack, and exercise areas.

114. Motivation Self-Help

Consumers are fascinated by the power of a positive outlook.

People love to hear inspiring words, and the self-help market for meditation and mindset has a $1.1 billion annual revenue.

With apps like Calm, The Mindfulness app dominating the app store leaderboards, and entrepreneurial and motivational ebooks on the rise, it seems that the mobile industry is becoming more positive.

115. Personal Coach

Personal trainers need to have a good understanding of the body and movement in order to do their job well.

A certification or an associate's program are great options for educational investment.

As the health and fitness industry grows, the market expects personal trainers to grow at a steady 13% rate.

116. Esthetician/Skin-care

Year after year, the skincare industry reaps profits.

Recent trends have shown a dramatic rise in consumerism owing to the visuals offered by social media and a rampant interest in wellness and health.

Aspiring estheticians can expect to complete a formal training course with licensing fees and other requirements set by the state.

This knowledge is used to provide services such as eyelash extensions and make-up.

Many self-employed estheticians make six figures annually and set their own rates and schedules.

117. Medical Billing

If you are interested in medicine and have a good understanding of computers, it is worth looking into starting a medical billing company.

You only need a certificate of completion for medical billing. This can be obtained via an online or in-person secondary education program.

A printer and a fax machine are also required.

A smaller number of medical billing companies can be a boon for small medical practices, such as ambulance providers.

118. Topical Skincare

Skincare includes a variety of products, including body scrubs, body oils, and facial creams.

Younger women are more concerned about maintaining a youthful glow, while older women want to look young and healthy.

Men are not to go unnoticed in the beauty world. Male consumption of skincare products has risen 7% over the past year.

Online skincare retailers would be delighted to sell high-quality, sustainable skincare products such as a body scrub, a body lotion, or an after-shower oil.

119. Yoga/Meditation Instructor

Mindfulness is a way to bring about peace and progress. Positive thinking can influence our actions for the best -- Namaste!

Yoga is well-known for clearing your headspace and refocusing your action plan.

Many people find it a healthy way to relieve stress and align their minds with their goals.

The online sphere has revolutionized the way yoga teachers reach their students. With video calls and streaming, it is possible to build a global client base. The income opportunities are endless.

It is also important to note that the number of men who have tried yoga has increased by twofold since 2012. this speaks volumes about its popularity.


120. Online Music Teacher

The way that music teachers do their jobs has changed dramatically with the advent of online video platforms.

Music teachers can now broadcast lessons online and provide feedback to their students, in addition to the traditional in-person sessions.

Premium rates aren't unreasonable or outlandish because this service is easily accessible.

Music teachers have another source of income: YouTube channels allow them to share content, offer services and create brand partnerships.

121. Photo Booth Hire

Parties are never out of fashion or season.

A small business that specializes in party/event success is a great way to get your business started!

Photo booths add a unique touch to any event. For creating fun memories at parties, personalized photos are the perfect keepsake.

There are many photo booth options, so you might even consider a traditional one for nostalgic feelings.

To get your business started, you will need to purchase 2-5 photo booths. Advertising and maintenance costs are also necessary. You can quickly make back your investment with corporate events earning an average of $400-$700 an hour.

You can make passive income by hiring a small team to manage the photo booth at events.

122. Monthly Subscription Service

Subscription boxes are still very popular. Subscription boxes are becoming more popular.

If you do the work yourself, overhead costs can be very low at first (e.g. $5,000). However, profits can grow to large amounts.

The hardest part is narrowing your niche and deciding which benefits you will offer to your customers.

123. Event Planner

Each season is perfect for different parties and events.

A huge party requires impeccable planning skills and budgetary skills. This is something that should be left to an experienced event planner.

As with most fields, it is always a good idea to stick to your strengths.

If your expertise is more in organizing weddings or graduation parties, then you can just concentrate on that.

124. Inflatable Rents

Many parties have a tradition of jumping ropes and other inflatable pop-ups. People are always looking for places to rent a bounce castle.

Depending on the niche or brand image you want, inflatables can be purchased for as little as $300 to $3,000

This is a great business model because you can set your hourly rate and do not have to do anything other than setting up the jumper and deflating it.

125. E-Book Publishing

Americans value self-help and personal growth, which has caused the industry's size to reach $10 billion in 2016.

E-books are the best resource for anyone looking for self-help material. People can access them directly on their mobile devices and don't need to carry around a paperback.

Amazon's Kindle allows you to publish your e-book for free, and then make money with your efforts.

126. Journalist

Journalists are always looking for newsworthy and exciting content to share with the general public.

Many people aren't confined to their desks. They're always on the go to find their next story.

This job is a dangerous and stressful one and should only be taken seriously by the most passionate and daring reporters.

A journalist's small business is dependent on relationships and pitches. Make sure you have these networks before you make the leap blind.

127. DJ

This job requires talent. You could make a lot of money by mastering the art of mixing.

Regular DJ gigs, whether full-time or part-time, can bring in $500 to $1,000 per gig.

You can get 10 gigs per Month, with a minimum of $5,000 each month.

You will need special equipment to manage the DJ show. This can be expensive at first, but it can be recouped after a few gigs.

eMoney Kings is the #1 Recommendation is to Start a Lead Generation Business

After years of trying to find online ways to make money, I have come to the conclusion lead generation is still the best model for online business.

It is in high demand today.

Get started with Lead Generation

There are millions of business ideas out there that need to be explored. Each one has its own risks and downfalls.

The steady stream of income generated by lead generation has remained almost passive. Once a site has been built and ranked, I collect checks that I can use to invest in the next project.

I have a digital marketing agency that is full-scale by following six steps.

This site was built years ago by me and still brings in $2,000 every month.

Local lead generation is the only model that I can find that requires minimal upfront investment and generates a steady, residual income stream.

Our Lead Generation Coaching Program has helped over 6800 students build their business from scratch.

So... What do You Think?

These days, you can make a business from almost anything.

It is important to do your research before you invest in any business venture.

Is there something you don't see on this list that should be added?

Comment below to let me know your thoughts.

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