December 2, 2021

The Great Courses Plus Review

The Great Courses Plus Review (2021): Is It Worth It?

It is likely that you are looking for an online learning platform.

This is the right place for you!

The Great Courses Plus, an online learning platform with extensive and detailed content, has been called the "Netflix of Learning." "

Many courses are available for college-level students as well as high school students. Many of these courses are easily absorbed through audio or video clips.

I will be giving you an honest review of The Great Courses Plus to help you decide if it's worth it.

This article will address the most frequently asked questions about The Great Courses Plus, and online learning in general.

But most importantly, I'll show you how I built an internet marketing business that earned me more than $50,000 per month.

It was easy to swear by trading with this system. This system uses the same skills but is more lucrative.

Let's dive in to see if The Great Courses Plus is a worthwhile investment.

What's The Great Courses Plus?

The Great Courses Plus is part of The Learning Company, which was founded by Thomas M. Rollins (ex-Chief Counsel to the US Senate Committee).

The Great Courses company strives to make "lifelong learning and personal enrichment" available to all. "

They collaborate with top organizations such as National Geographic, Culinary Institutes of America, and Smithsonian in order to assist them.

Great Courses Plus provides video courses that have been thoroughly researched, "examined extensively and brilliantly crafted", with the goal of being "complete, factual, and fascinating".

What's the Work of The Great Courses PLUS?

For 14 days, you can get the Great Courses Plus program completely free.

Register an account by selecting a subscription plan, and entering your payment information

After creating an account, you can begin looking for courses.

Searching to find a lesson, word or professor is one way. Browse the categories section.

The Great Courses PLUS also includes the topic History of the United States.

These are some topics you'll find:

  • Economics & Finance
  • Food & Wine
  • Health & Fitness & Nutrition
  • History
  • Hobby & Leisure
  • Literature & Language
  • Mathematics
  • Music & Fine Arts
  • Philosophy & Religion
  • Professional & Personal Growth
  • Science
  • Travel

Every month, 3-4 new courses are introduced.

Visit the homepage of a course you are interested in.

This page contains information about the lecturer including their Alma Mater and most recent teaching location. You can also download workbooks to assist in note-taking.

View the videos and see a trailer for each course.

These video lessons look more like documentary series than lectures at university.

The website boasts that there is no homework, no schedules, and no tests, just learning for the sake. "

There are no assignments, practice exams, or exams. They only contain videos and a guidebook. You can adjust the playback speed or add subtitles.

The Great Courses Plus needs a Wi-Fi connection to stream videos.

The Great Courses Plus has applications for many smart devices, including Apple TV, iOS, and Android, as well as Roku and many other platforms.

What are The Great Courses PLUS for?

The Great Courses Plus allows you to dive deeper into many subjects.

This course offers a 12-hour lecture on The Black Death.

You could binge-watch it, but you won't have the time to finish a lesson in one session.

This site is great for -focused learners, who love to have more in-depth discussions on different topics.

It's very similar to podcasting. You will love The Great Courses Plus if podcasts are your thing.

This course is for college students who enjoy college lectures.

While you won't be awarded a degree or diploma, you will have an increased knowledge base.

It's easy to use

Upon arrival at the site, you'll see the Great Courses Plus slogan "Learn everything". "

An interactive menu-style interface is located further below. It allows you to select a subject that interests you.

Scroll down for the standard interface. It includes all the features and functionality of the platform as well as a list with partners.

Up to this point, the homepage is somewhat generic. The interactive menu, which is the first thing you see when you go to the site, was very enjoyable.

By clicking on the menu, the background image will be changed to a similar course listing.

I chose "History" and was immediately captivated by "The Greek World, A Study of History and Culture".

The landing page will contain a list of lectures and reviews.

I don't like this. This page is the most boring I have seen.

It's not inspiring people to take this course. The overall feeling is dull and lacking in important information.

The website is otherwise flawless. Although the Great Courses Plus platform does not have any interface improvements it is still acceptable.

I found the web very simple to use from the homepage.

A favorite section of the website is the "Category" section. Another way to search for your preferred courses is

I loved the layout of this page, with each category having its slide menu which includes the relevant courses for that particular category.

The platform's navigation is simple overall. There are many styles to choose from. There are some issues that may frustrate customers, but it isn't a big problem.

Content of high quality

Courses offered by Great Courses Plus are well-received.

This platform employs instructors from different fields to create courses. It is an innovation from other MOOC providers.

This guarantees that the majority of content found on the internet has been written by experts in their respective fields. This also ensures consistency at the college level.


The Great Courses Plus courses are well-received by most people.

MOOC features can be a great way for you to stand out among the crowd, especially as online courses are becoming increasingly popular.

There are many unique and flashy features that people might choose to use to draw potential customers to their business every day.

Some might be more conservative and seek to keep students coming back while satisfying current users.

These MOOC providers seem to be closer to the course, according to multiple reviews.

These Great Courses reviews will tell you these things:

  • Mobile support is even more important
  • A steady stream of new courses
  • A great subscription model
  • There are many others.

Let's look at the main features.

Mobile assistance is the most important feature. The platform is well-known for its mobile support. It has a native app that can access on all major mobile devices including Kindle.

It is important to note that some reviews have mentioned problems with the Kindle Fire software. It doesn't seem like a problem.

Without a secure internet connection (WiFi), the software can't function offline.

A free trial is another great service offered by the company. Download the app to register or take advantage of the free 30-day trial on their website.

MOOC providers. To create courses, the platform works with instructors from various specialties.

This guarantees that the majority of content found on the internet has been written by experts in their respective fields. This also ensures consistency at the college level.

Subscriber Price

Pricing is an important consideration.

Users' reactions to pricing options for MOOCs-based systems can differ depending on their use.

The majority of feedback suggests that it's better to purchase a subscription package.

Monthly memberships start at $49.95, and annual fees are $360.

Learning Experience

The perspective of the user is not a good way to measure learning experiences. Let's not forget the platform.

The Excellent Courses Plus reviews are positive.

It is reasonable to assume that this is due to the site's mobile app which offers so many courses.

This is due to the consistent quality of the courses.

Feel confident in the subject you are studying, and it will make learning more enjoyable.

Are the Great Courses Plus Accredited?

They are not accredited, even though The Great Courses Plus employs professors from Ivy League colleges, which are some of the most prestigious in the country.

These videos don't test your knowledge nor demonstrate competence. You won't earn college credit, diploma, or any other type of qualification through these video series. There are no quizzes or assignments.

However, this doesn't mean the courses are low quality. Great Courses plus only hires the best instructors. They are experts in their fields.

Learning can be easier and more efficient when you don't have the stress of grades and exams.

Studies have shown that learning is easier when there's no stress.

Are the Great Courses Affordable?

The Great Courses are roughly the same price as other MOOCs.

Prices start at $20 per month, $45 per quarter, and $150 per annum. This equates to $20, $15, and $12.50 per month respectively.

The Great Courses Plus has less. There are no tests, certifications, or tasks to prove your knowledge.

Many MOOCs provide free access to courses. Great Courses Plus provides a 14-day trial, but you'll still need to subscribe to access any course.

The Great Courses PLUS subscription isn't as good as other similar and comparable subscriptions.

Netflix offers documentaries starting at $15.99 The Smithsonian's streaming package is $4.99, and their magazine is $12.

What are the prices of learning sites other than yours?

Content type will impact the cost of online education. Let's look at the following:

Khan Academy - This free online platform focuses on academic learning and test preparation.

Master Class Annual Fee $180 The annual fee for accessing one course only is $180. It isn't a bad deal when you consider what an annual subscription would cost.

Skill Hare- Another video-based platform to help innovative people grow and develop their businesses. Members pay $19 per month or $99 annually.

Premium members can access at varying prices. Start at $29 to enjoy other benefits such as better access and more content on the Linked IN.

It is any good?

It's easy to understand why this premium streaming service is called "Netflix for Learning".

The Great Courses Plus course includes a large collection of high-quality materials covering almost all subjects, including math and classical history. It also covers weaving and cooking.

Although the subscription fee is prohibitive, it's still very competitive with other streaming media services fees.

The main problem with the app is its slowness, especially when it comes to mobile devices. It's also a shame that audio-only versions are not available for lessons so you can listen offline.

This series of talks is entertaining and well-produced. They cover a wide range of topics. This series will appeal to all creative people, both young and old.

The Great Courses Reveal: Are the Great Courses More Worth It? What is it?

The Great Course Plus offers great value for a small monthly fee. You have many topics to choose from.

The Great Courses Plus offers great wisdom from respected professors.

This course is designed for students who want to dive into a long, but entertaining lecture series.

Finally, it's not a scam. The online learning platform is legal and 100% legal. It is highly recommended.

Could that be your answer?

It is possible to build an online business. It is possible to find online education that is both profitable and successful.

This was my #1 choice!

It's not like The Great Courses Plus. It provides real proof of success from people who have been there just a few days ago.

eMoney King are the #1 Recommended way to Make Money Online in 2021

Are you looking for an online business that can be started where there is no competition?

It is possible to make passive income by looking at something.

Are you interested in ?

It's great!

The eMoney Kings team conducted research on an emerging internet business model.

In anticipation of 2008's housing crisis, many entrepreneurs and real estate investors have begun building digital assets.

Digital Real Estate

Local lead generation is the process of creating websites or generating leads for small service-based companies.

Dropshipping can be quite similar to traditional dropshipping, but there are some key differences.

  • Traffic that is less significant can bring in more income.
  • Competition is almost non-existent
  • It's easier to rank

Don't call it a fraud.

We have received reports of scams. A link to The Great Courses Plus can be found anywhere.

Now let's look at the comparison.

Stock investments require that you rank for keywords relevant to your country. Because of the high level of competition, this is not easy.

It is insane how difficult it can be to sell the same product if you are competing against 1,000,000 people

Let's flip the script...

How many people can you think are trying to cut down trees in Bossier City Louisiana?

Not much.

We have now established that local lead generation is less competitive than stock investing. It all comes down to the money.

What's the Money?

Dropshipping products you sell would cost between $50 and $100. If it is less than 10%, you are unlikely to make any profit from Amazon's drop shipping service.

You will need to sell between 1000 and 2000 products in order to earn a decent $5k per month.

Let's take a second glance at the tree service illustration...

On average, tree service jobs can be worth $500 to $2,000 Referral fees are typically between 10-20% of the final price.

Now, it's time for some math...

Let's say you rank these websites in your local area. Your site will be on page one after three months.

The worst scenario is to have only 10 calls.

Let's not forget that Covid hit the tree service guy and his family hard last year and can only afford 10%.

It means that you could earn $500 per month on one of these websites. If you were to get that much traffic through eCommerce, you'd make $500 per month.

...? It sounds too good to be true!

It's not.

Where can I learn?

We know that it is not possible to just go out on your own and destroy the digital real estate market as we have discussed.

Some might think ..." Dang! ...".

Our eMoney Kings team took the time to review and choose a program that we could recommend.

This is not something that we take lightly.

After months of searching the internet, we finally found it.

This course will give you hands-on training that will teach you how to rank your leads and build them.

Zoom's live chat can be used to communicate with other people, ask questions and have fun.

You will also see that this program is different than other dropshipping options in our reviews. There is a Facebook group for the program that is closely monitored. This means there is no spam!

This group also works 24 hours a day!

Watch the videos to see if this model of online business can be better than dropshipping.

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