August 31, 2021

The Billion Coin Review 2021

The Billion Coin Review: Is It Legit or Scam?

Have You Heard of the Billion Coin?

We'll be reviewing The Billion Coin to find out if it is the best cryptocurrency.

Let's talk about whether cryptocurrency is right to you.

Here are some common questions regarding The Billion Coin and crypto generally.

But most importantly, I'll show you the exact system I used to build my own internet marketing business to over $40,000 a month in mostly passive income.

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Let's get to the point!

Is The Billion Coin A Scam?

The infamous Billion Coin (TBC) is a complete Scam!

Why is The Billion Coin Scam so popular?

Ponzi schemes and other MLM programs were at their peak. However, there was a clear fraud called TBC (The Billion Coin).

According to the Wikipedia, which was recently updated by the TBC website, this coin is expected be the ultimate competitor for Bitcoin. It did not employ any strategies and had never been involved in Cryptocurrency analysis.

It is still popular in Nigeria, which is a west African country.

Many people have purchased this particular scam coin, with the baseless assumption that it will soon become a cryptocurrency and become popular like Bitcoin.

TBC (The Billion Coin): All information you see is a scam.

But, I won't discourage anyone from buying this coin. It's a scam to get as much money as possible before it disappears.

Let's get a little deeper.

What's The Billion Coin (TBC)?

The Billion Coin, a cryptocurrency, was launched March 2016.

But where do you get who?

No one knows

It reported that its market value and price have increased almost daily and that they never drop in value.

It simply means that it isn't affected by fluctuations in trading. It depends on the availability of various types of cryptocurrency.

Advertising for the billion coins (tbc) is person-based. Who are these verified people and what were their confirmed phrases.

TBC price determination formula:

The price of a verified member is x 1EUR.

This implies that each TBC Coin, once it is attained by one billion people will immediately be worth one million euros.

Who invents TBC?

Concerning the owner, nobody has claimed it.

Kris Kringle was the administrator of the fraud.

The Billion Coin Exchanger

No exchange exists for TBC to BTC.

TBC could be worth up to 105 BTC. But, once you buy it, you have to keep it.

The TBC is not listed on Coin Market Cap. To exchange your TBC, convince someone to buy it. After that, provide the coins immediately.

They warned that TBC sales and purchases should not be made at a lower price than the current billion-coin rate.

They also insist that The Billion Coin shouldn't be used for gifts. TBC fiat currency exchange should and must always be a paid transaction and anyone found guilty is penalized in this investment scheme.

Investors who are against the agreement will be given a severe warning.

TBC Exchange Punishments

Administrator of Billion Coin made it clear that anyone who violates the policy will receive a six-month suspension without further notice.

This was still the original sentence. They increased the penalty by deactivating the bank accounts and deleting them.

TBC Official Sites

The Billion Coin website recommends many websites. There are 6 official websites.


Concept of the Billion Coin

The Billion coin is believed to use a program method in order to determine the growth of its members and then compensate them accordingly.

It works on the principle that an Euro multiplies the total verified investors. This is exactly why the billion-coin currency to dollar was not utilized.

It is necessary to declare that they have one-million verified investors. This multiplies 1 euro by 1 million, giving us 1 million euros.

One Million Euros could be given away because of the high price for the Billion Coin per Euro.

According to reports, TBC's value will continue rising by 1%-5% each day until it reaches one million coins.

TBC is likely to act in the same manner as other cryptocurrencies. They use market forces to determine their value and price, but they create a formula that is likely to advertise the coin at regular intervals.

This concept should be understood by all who are interested fiscal logistics.

TBC Program Members Get Rewards

The price of the billion-coin Ponzi scheme continues to fall. It also relies on the use and recruitment of the billion-coin app or website login page.

This method is used to capitalize on large numbers of people using The Billion Coin fake money app.

Once you have at least 1 TBC, you can start recruiting in groups or individually to reach the 5000 verified members.

The Billion Coin, Wallet

According to the Google Playstore reviews, the TBC wallet app doesn't actually function as a mobile application but is a Web App that can be found on the main Billion website.

According to them, the Billion Coin App is all-in-one solution for TBC businesses. TBC can be advertised with Kringle cash, and you can also deal in your coins using the tbc009 wallet.

However, many users discovered that the TBC wallet app was simply filled with ads and banners.

The Billion Coin Trade

TBC, The Billion Coin is not a cryptocurrency and should not even be considered one.

It is in fact, the opposite of cryptocurrency. The website is currently down and inactive.

My research revealed that The Billion Coin (TBC), a peer-to–peer electronic currency claimed to be peer-to-peer, was a possible fraud. It's not authentic or legitimate.

You can exchange fake currency free of charge using their TBC/BTC exchange.

TBC is unlikely to be a legal entity. TBC says they will make it available to the public once they have reached one billion people. It is highly unlikely, considering how the price is controlled artificially.

Here are some more facts to support it:

  • Coinmarketcap doesn't list the billion coin (TBC), but it will be the main repository for digital currency in the crypto community.
  • TBC's price is expected to rise, which is also contrary to the law. The values of TBC are not dependent on their source or need and they are not speculation.
  • Although the listing of the billion-coin (TBC) on an online exchange does not guarantee that its owners will be able exchange it, TBC members must be aware that they can't exchange the coins they received from coin-crashing people for fiat or electronic currency. You can however swap them with another member.
  • Applications that are part of multilevel marketing efforts for new members will be more accepted by
  • Artificially mined billions of coins (TBC), without source code or white paper.

The Billion Coin website

According to the website, TBC's prices are rising by 2 percent per day. This is a scammer claim. Markets can rise and fall, so perpetual income reasoning is flawed.

TBC website states that the original shareholders of TBC who purchased EUR100 in March twenty-one 2016 made 10,000x gains over six months and became millionaires.

At the time of writing, the price for 1 TBC was 68 BTC (bitcoin). It's now a hundred five BTC.

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