August 25, 2021

Team National [Reviews]: Is Team National Legitimate?

Another online income-generating program is to sell memberships that make you money by selling other people's stuff.

Most high-ranking members of the course promote it through affiliate links.

This is called selling out.

Although it claims to teach you how to be a 6-figure network marketer, most members make little money by promoting other products.

It is false. A tiny $6 commission won't get you rich.

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This review must be honest.

National provides some great information that will help you make money online and land big commission checks.

It's also old!

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This is a longer article.

Let's move on to Team National stuff!

What's Team National USA?

Team National, a member savings and network marketing company, is located in Ft. Lauderdale.

Dick Loehr founded the company in 1997.

Angela Loehr Chrysler was his daughter and joined the team in 2000.

Angela was elected President of Team National in 2006. Angela assumed control of Team National after the death in 2008 of her father, Dick Loehr.

This company belongs to the Direct Selling Association (D&B), Dun and Bradstreet, and The US Chamber of Commerce.

These associations are a great way to build trust. They become a strong company when they combine that with being in business for over 23 years.

The 2016 Team National Sales reached $659 Million. This is quite remarkable for an MLM model.

What does Team National sell,

This company is a discount membership company that offers a variety of products and services.

Products and services that include

  • Vehicles
  • Health discount benefit plans
  • Communications services
  • Travel insurance
  • Financial services
  • Rental cars
  • Savings for businesses
  • Team National product line

These items can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at a 65% savings.

National Product Line for Teams

Team National is primarily focused on selling discounts. You will not find any information on the discounts they offer.

But, there will be people who brag about how much they save, while others claim that they don't.

Let's take a look at the four categories of memberships offered by this company:

1. Team National Factory Direct

This section includes furniture such as flooring, indoor and outdoor furniture, and spas. Members can save up to 65% by working directly with the manufacturer.

2. Team National Group Buying Power

Team National has secured savings for members with many manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

These services include vehicles, financial services and health discount plans. They also include rental cars & trucks and communication services.

There are many ways to save money: on a new or used car, on your debt management, on vision and dental plans, or on high-speed internet.

3. Team National Business Exchange

Team National Business Exchange offers savings for thousands of small and regional businesses across the USA.

4. Team National E-Commerce

Team National offers 30% commissions for members who sell over 100 brands under their private labels products.

Products that fall within the automotive, nutrition and kids niches will be found.

However, you don't know the exact products so you can compare them with other brands. To learn more, you will need to sign up.

These items are half the price of industry-standard pricing.

5. Big N Marketplace (Optional)

IMD members may earn a commission on products they buy.

If you earn commissions from others, it is unclear.

What's Team National Work?

Team National lets you make money selling discounted memberships to other people and by earning affiliate commissions through their online marketplace.

It is possible to make money by recruiting independent marketing directors. It is stated in the Team National plan that you can make money regardless of who recruited your IMD.

Points are earned based on sales.

  • You will get three points for a lifetime membership
  • Two-year standard membership earns one point

How much does it cost to join Team National?

There are many membership options available to you to become an independent market director. To join the earnings program, however, you will need to purchase a package.

Two additional membership packages are also available. Premium Membership and Standard Membership are both available.

Premium Membership

A lifetime membership costs $2,195 and covers your immediate family. This covers your Grandparents, Grandchildren, and Grandchildren.

Standard Membership - $795

Your house is covered by the standard membership for two years.

These Team National Memberships are not cheap so it's hard to recommend them to your friends.

What compensation plan do they have?

There are two ways to make money at Team National.

Team National does not operate like any other company.

Making money online is as easy as with any MLM or affiliate program.

Selling your service and building a community can bring you more money.

Let's take a closer look at the two.

Make Money with Product Sales

Team National does not sell products so it can be confusing.

Members can buy products at a discounted rate.

These are the most well-known brands, products, and companies.

Team National doesn’t explain the discount. They simply say they are substantial.

There are four areas where you can get discounts.

  • Team National Factory Direct: This also includes physical items.
  • Group buying power: Get discounts on a range of services for both individuals and businesses.
  • Business Services: Local Businesses: Specials
  • Rebate Program

Team National basically acts as a buying club. They use their purchasing power to buy items and offer them at a discounted price.

This is similar to Costco or BJ's Wholesale Club. You must pay a fee to access their physical shops.

Team National sells two different discount programs.

The website of Team National doesn't contain enough information. The website doesn't tell you how much members are charged. A 2-year membership costs $795, or a lifetime membership costs $2915.

You must spend a lot to save money on the items you need.

It's hard to sell

You will need to buy a lot of things to get your savings ..... value.


Although selling discounts isn't a common sell, there is definitely a demand.

Costcos and their member stores are successful because of

The membership fee for Team Nationals is only a fraction of the cost of.

There is a significant difference between these discount membership companies.

Another example is

You've probably bought coupon books for your children or friends to give away at school and raise money for their sports league.

These are for people who wish to help the child.

Take this as an example: Maybe one .....tops 2.

The cost of the booklet was more than your savings.

Discounts can be difficult to sell, especially if they don't have a good cause attached. You could help a neighbor's child to play soccer, or buy new uniforms for basketball.

Team National is unable to tell you the price or quality of products, making it difficult to sell.

While you can find people talking about discounts, Team National doesn't have many reviews. You'd expect them to have tons more reviews, since they have been in business for more than twenty years.

I think the savings may not be real.

Most reviews don't focus on the product. These reviews usually discuss whether or not this MLM is scam.

Sign up for one their discounted memberships to make extra money.

Although you can make money, it's a disadvantage to have enough savings for your membership.

This membership is about saving money.

Your membership is the only thing that can make your offer stand out.

Discounts are great, but There is not enough information.

Make Income From Membership Sales

Selling Team National memberships can make you money.

Members receive $50 when they sell a 2-year membership and $100 when they sell a lifetime membership.

The average MLM company commission rate is between 20-30%. Team National seems to be at the lower end of commissions.

Your customer can pay their members using their credit cards. You will receive $25 for the standard membership and $50 for the premium membership.

Create a team and make money

Building a team, as with any MLM, is how you make money.

You may also be eligible for bonuses based on the sales of your downline or products you sell.

This is how it works.

Your first two sales will be under your right and left legs. Next, you will place the sales on your right or left depending on which will work best.

Your recruits will support you and your sales.

We mentioned this earlier.

What are other People Saying About their Team National Review?

Always check the opinions of others regarding any opportunity or company you are interested in investing in.

This is true for Team National. Could this be a case of Team National being a fraud?

Many websites allow you to view Team National reviews. This will give you an idea of their experience.

These top websites are worth your time:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • RipOffReport
  • Facebook
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Blog Comments

Better Business Bureau

Team Nation is not recognized by the BBB. There are 25 reviews from customers and an overall rating of A+.

They have resolved 6 complaints within the past 12 months and 12 over the past three years. Most complaints are about products or services.

Some people complained that the company did not process their rebates as promised. Team National replied to these complaints by saying that it takes less than 90 days for rebates to be processed.

Ripoff Report

RipOffReport received many complaints about this company.

One complaint was that Team National was a fraud as they couldn't contact anyone.


Check Team National's Facebook Page for a rating of 4.6 stars based on 507 user reviews. At least, this is the current situation as of the date this review was written.

People who are trying to recruit IMDs in their downline have many positive reviews.

There will be many customer reviews, which will tell you how much they saved by buying products and services from Team National.

National reviews by some members of the team claim that there were no savings in purchasing services or products.


Team National was awarded 4.5 stars by Indeed and 15 reviews from corporate employees.

The majority of reviews are positive and say they are happy with the management.

Team National named 2020 Top Places To Work.

These are some impressive accomplishments.

Glass Door

Team National was awarded 4.6 stars from five by Glassdoor with seven reviews.

Two of the reviews are from IMDs. The rest were written by corporate employees.

Blog Comments

Team National has been a hot topic on many blogs.

They discuss the process of becoming an independent marketing director with Team National.

You will get a mixture of positive and negative comments.

Many of the positive reviews come from members who are recruiting. Negative comments are mainly about the lack of money or the inability to pay the fees.

Is Team National a Scam or Legitimate Business?

Although I don't believe Team National is a fraud, I believe they are borderline.

This is due to a lack of clarity regarding the products, discounts, and services.

They follow the guidelines and observe the legal boundaries.

They push some limits.

This is not a new practice.

Maybe they don't give their members the training necessary to properly present their company.

Their trainers are the only thing that can make them as great as they are.

What's Team National A Pyramid Scheme?

They're not a pyramid scheme. They don't do anything illegal.

A pyramid plan is a business model that recruits people for money but does not actually give them anything. The idea of getting rich quickly and easily is what you are sold on.

While many MLMs could be considered pyramid schemes

To make money, you will need to recruit people as IMDs and to become part of your downline. Team National is not a scheme to make quick money and makes no promises of doing so.

This company doesn't promise you that you will be wealthy quickly or slowly if you follow their instructions. However, they do claim that this is how IMDs make their money.

Team National: What I like about it

There are many good things about Team National's MLM Program. This is especially true when you look at how they compare with other MLM companies.

They have a history

MLM companies usually disappear within 10 years. Team National has been around almost 24 years.

We were named as one of the top workplaces in 2020.

Positive Team National Product Reviews

It's difficult to believe that this company is bad after reading all the reviews and considering their outstanding BBB rating. Although there are some complaints to the BBB, the company responds to everyone with solid reasons.

There are many positive Team National reviews that you can find on forums, blogs comments, and on their Facebook page. Positive reviews about Team National's discounts were a good sign and further proof that it isn't a scam.

Although it is commonly believed that MLMs encourage recruits to leave positive reviews of their company, this is not the case for most businesses. They don't encourage them to lie to leave a review.

You don't need to make a monthly sale in order to be active

Many MLMs require that you sell a certain amount of products per month. Distributors will often purchase products to meet this requirement.

Team National allows you only to sell 2 memberships per year to keep active. There is no minimum monthly sales requirement.

Team National: What I don't like about it

This discount MLM membership is not for everyone.

Join is very expensive

Although most cash rebates and discount memberships can be obtained for free, Team National is very expensive.

Search engines will return at least 15 legit survey sites that pay money. Rakuten also offers $10 membership and discounts for online shopping.

It is reasonable to expect that Team National will offer discounts at the very least.

Unfortunately, this impression was not what I got while looking for member discounts. However, there were positive reviews across the country that claimed people saved money by using this company. Also, people who were unhappy with their products left negative BBB reviews.

Hidden Monthly Expenses

Although it's incredible that there's no monthly sales quota for businesses, there are hidden costs that you may not be aware of. These hidden expenses were discovered in several of our reviews.

These are only a few of the extra monthly costs.

  • Website: $7 per month
  • Success Club – $39.95 per Month
  • TN All Access Subscription - $10 Per Month

Only one out of 167 earns more than $14K per year

This company has little chance of making a lot.

Only one of the 167 IMD's earns more than $1,000 monthly, as you can see.

It's unlikely that you will ever be able to leave your job.

Team National's 2019 Income Disclaimer shows that 0.6% earn more than $14,000 annually.

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Multi-Level Marketing falls short in scalability.

Time is limited and there are only so many people you can reach.

MLM companies get this. MLM companies will encourage you to recruit other people for your downline. It's not possible to make it big if you are a one-woman show.

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This applies for any service-based business like tree service, plumbing or towing.

How can you get paid the most?

The concept is simple: once you send the jobs to a business owner and he makes money, you can ask for mutual benefits.

A fair price per lead depends on the industry. Let's use the tree service industry to illustrate the worst-case scenario.

Let's say you rank the site and receive only 10 jobs per year. Tree service jobs range from $500 to $2000.

You should have at most $500 in assets per month!

This is digital real estate. A rent payment.

Scaling is simple. No worries:

  • Your upline getting paid before you
  • Encourage your family and friends to purchase from you
  • Every day, recruiting people

Team National is an entirely different story. Only those who reach a monthly quota ...

Take the course we recommend to get massive FLAT RATE DEALS. This passive income is really amazing!

This program will help you make money online.

Find out the importance of keywords, website names, backlinking, and how to send emails notifications about calls.

Once the training program has been completed, you will be able to access a Facebook Group we believe is better than the National group This group is more active.

Contrary to MLMs where you only get $10 per sale you could be earning 10-20X that.

Businesses will always require more leads and jobs. They see it as it really is...expanding the digital estate.

Team National is not the same asMore people can leave their 9-5 jobs.

While passive income can be earned from digital reality, most of your time will be spent with friends and not selling.

There are likely many questions.

So, check this out to learn more.

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