December 22, 2021

Streak CRM

Streak CRM Review

Small businesses need to be able to keep up with their customers in a more efficient way. This is possible thanks to customer relationship management software.

We will be reviewing Streak CRM in order to determine if it's the best customer relationship management tool.

Let's discuss how Streak CRM can work for you.

I'll also answer your most frequently asked questions about Streak CRM, customer relationship management, and general Streak CRM.

However, the most important thing is that I will share my exact process to grow my internet marketing business to over $40,000 per month mostly passively.

Streak CRM Reviews: Overview

Gmail plugin that integrates with browsers to simplify your email workflow.


Here are some pros to Streak CRM

  • Great CRM for free
  • You can discreetly sit in your Gmail inbox
  • This tool allows you to create and manage any process.
  • Great productivity tools like email merge, tracking, snippets, and mail merging


Here are some cons to Streak CRM

  • Works only with Gmail
  • It does not have all the features of a fully-fledged CRM

Learn Streak's Terminology

Streak uses a mixture of stages, columns, and pipelines to create a robust CRM.

  • Pipelines refer to any process or workflow that has multiple steps.
  • These stages represent the goals and guidelines that make up a process.
  • These are the boxes where you store most of your information about prospects, customers, and applicants
  • Columns: The layout of the information you want to store or collect in one box

Streak CRM Review - Pricing and Cost

Streaks prices start at $129 per user monthly. The most common plan is $49/month.

  • The Free Plan includes 500 boxes and 50 mail merges per days, email tracking, and snippets.
  • Solo plan: $15 per customer per month. Included: private pipelines, 5000 boxes, 800 mail merges per day; email tracking, snippets, and G Suite integrations. Basic CRM, auto-boxing, and mobile access.
  • Pro Plan: $49 per month. This includes unlimited boxes, individual or shared pipelines, as well as email monitoring. G Suite integrations can be accessed. All features are included, including mobile access, autoboxing, advanced CRM, and mobile access. Access to basic API, validation of data, and email support is also included.
  • Enterprise plan: $129/month. This includes unlimited boxes, private, and shared pipelines, unlimited mail merges per day; email tracking, snippets, and G Suite integration. Also, you get priority support, custom permissions, and customized billing.

What's Streak CRM?

The Streak CRM integrates with Gmail accounts and allows you to manage all of your email communications.

Streak allows you to monitor various sales, recruitment, and project management processes through the creation of customizable workflows.

It can also be used to organize the contact information and individual details for your customers.

Streak CRM offers a range of additional resources that can help increase efficiencies such as email tracking, mail merge, and pre-written templates.

You can also set reminders and assign tasks.

Streak CRM Tips

It can be difficult to get started with Streak CRM.

This is a beautiful style and easy to learn.

This is how I use Streak.

Install the Streak Extension

Add the Streak extension first to the Chrome Web Store or Safari Extension Gallery.

You won't have the ability to use the application in any other browser.

Streak can only be used with Gmail. You will need to grant access to your inbox.

Set Up Your Pipelines

Once you have installed Streak, you can begin creating workflows in your company. Streak uses pipelines to automate multiple tasks.

I use the streak to manage leads from initial outreach to closing sales customers Another pipeline is used to organize projects from the idea stage through completion

While you can build your own pipelines with Streak, there are many pre-built guides that will help you with business processes like support tickets, recruitment, and investment deals.

Create pipelines to manage certain workflows in your business.

Add your Stages

Once you've chosen a process to follow, be sure to include different stages in your pipelines. These stages represent the progression of a product from start to finish.

My pipeline phases include ****Lead and Demo > Negotiating. Closed Lost and Closed Won ****.

Stages can be added or removed as required.

Modify Your Columns

After you have established your workflow, you can now determine what information you wish to record. This will make sure that all relevant information is easily accessible.

Streak displays the information in columns. As necessary, you can also add, move or delete information.

Customizing fields with dates and checkboxes can help you create a contact information type.

Streak’s Magic Columns is an extremely useful feature that I just started to use. These columns can be instantly generated using the information that Streak has gathered.

Add emails to a box

Streak keeps all information about clients, leads, and candidates in one central location called a "box". A row is what makes up your pipeline.

A package can be sent through each stage of your pipeline.

You can track information by assigning an email that you receive to a field in your CRM.

Streak lets you add emails to your inbox by clicking on the package icon and containing an address, from a contact thread, and when you're creating a new mail.

Manage your boxes

To view more information about private conversations, click through.

This section contains all information about emails, call logs, and notes.

Use the schedule feature to view all changes and assign jobs, as well as set up follow-up reminders.

Every package has a lot of information. You have the option to personalize and add information to meet your specific needs.

What do I Love About Streak?

Streak combines the simplicity and strength of Gmail with a robust CRM.

I will be sharing my passion for Streak and why you might consider following it for your business.

Let's get started.

Any type of workflow can be created

Streak's best feature is its ability to use CRM for any type of workflow.

The Streak CRM can be used to manage customer interactions. This tool can help you create workflows for daily tasks within your business.

The streak has been my favorite tool to track new leads. I use Streak for new lead tracking and developing pipelines for task monitoring and control.

It is possible to deconstruct any procedure and then recreate it in Streak.

A ticketing system may be needed to prioritize and manage IT assistance requests, or to improve content creation.

The Streak may allow you to upgrade other apps, which could result in significant savings on your monthly subscriptions

Amazing Team Collaboration Capabilities

Streak is the only user of my software program, but it has many great collaboration features.

You can create teams, e.g. You can create teams (e.g. Sales Team A), assign different roles to each person (owners, payers, and users only), and share multiple pipelines.

Share a pipeline to make sure everyone in your team has access to the same place.

Users can also be assigned containers by using comments, assimilation dates, and setting reminders.

Email Power Tools

The powerful Streak CRM software is available. Streak CRM is powerful.

These features integrate seamlessly into your inbox. This allows you to work more efficiently and gives valuable insight into the way things are working.

Scheduling and Email Reminders

I use snooze frequently, and not just in the morning.

Snooze allows you to temporarily archive a contact and then take it to the pinnacle of your inbox at a later time - similar Boomerang Gmail extensions.

If I receive an email on Friday afternoon but don't feel like responding until Monday, I can click on the clock icon and snooze the email. The email will be archived when I'm ready.

To use the snooze function, you will need to turn on the dialogue view in Gmail.

You can include messages that will only be delivered at a particular time.

Streak can send your email immediately if you don't want it to wait until tomorrow.

A Free, Effective, and Affordable Plan

Streak can also be downloaded for free.

There is a paid plan available. The company offers a paid plan. However, many of the features are available with the free version.

This free version is great for freelancers or small business owners.

Streak CRM Weaknesses

This is a list you need to consider before you use Streak in your business.

It does not have the functionality of a top-tier CRM.

The streak plugin is for Gmail.

Some options are not available in the software, such as those offered by a dedicated CRM platform. For instance, the software's automation capabilities and reporting/forecasting functionality are limited.

Zoho CRM is free and allows you to create workflows that automatically replace fields, send messages to emails, or place tags if certain circumstances are met.

You can create complex workflows to support multiple stages of the product sales process.

This functionality does not exist in Streak. However, it can offer a simple CRM that allows you to manage multiple connections across multiple pipelines.

Streak relies on G Suite

Streak is a niche product. It was designed exclusively for Google. It works only with Gmail across G Suite (Google Drive, Gmail and Google Calendar and Docs), Google Calendars and Docs, and Google Drive.

Streak is only compatible with Google Chrome and Safari.

Outlook computer users may find this a problem, but it's not always a bad idea. Streak is aware of its target audience. It responds to their needs.

Is Streak CRM Right for You?

Streak can be used by freelancers or small businesses using Gmail. It is affordable and highly customizable and easily integrates with other Google resources.

Streak doesn't have full-fledged CRM capabilities. Which could mean it might not be appropriate for bigger businesses that require superior workflow automation and in-depth reporting/forecasting.

My business isn’t complicated so it is not a problem. Streak allows you to manage multiple workflows (sales, recruitment, project management) and works better within your inbox.

Streak is where I keep all of my contacts' information. It manages all my contacts and interactions.

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