October 14, 2021

Scentsy MLM Reviews

Review of the Scentsy MLM

Did you attend a candle party at your home recently? Did you know that Scentsy is a "work-from-home" company that is truly amazing?

Do they want to sell you a starter pack of wax warmers, or wax melts with different scents? Would you like to order and spend money? We've got you covered!

We'll be reviewing Scentsy to see if it is the best MLM company.

Let's talk about whether MLM is right and suitable for you.

This is where I answer most of your questions about Scentsy and MLM.

But most importantly, I'll show you how I built an internet marketing business that earned me more than $40,000 per monthly.

MLM was made obsolete by this system. You can use many of the same skills but it is more lucrative and powerful.

What's Scentsy?

Scentsy is a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) business selling fragrance items to make your house smell delicious.

The most unique products they offer are wax bars and scent warmers.

These are the topics we will discuss in the Scentsy review. Making money at home is what most people are interested in.

Orville Thomson: Who are YOU?

Scentsy was founded by Heidi Thompson and Orville Thompson in 2004. Their Scentsy warmers are well-known.

Scentsy networking employs more than 100,000 consultants. Scentsy networking employs more than 100,000 consultants.

Scentsy Review: Is Scentsy A Pyramid Scheme?

Yes. Yes. Scentsy is an MLM business.

MLM companies will often have a "unique selling point." MLM companies often offer items that are popular and similar to what you can find elsewhere.

Scentsy is no different.

These products have a great smell and are extremely popular.

They stand out in comparison to candles when it comes to their flagship warmer and wax.

  • They don’t emit carcinogens that can cause cancer.
  • They're not a fire hazard.
  • Warmers are safe and can add a pleasant scent to the room. There are many options available, including floral, fruity and bakery.

What does a Scentsy consultant make in a year?

There are eight ranks in Scentsy. To move up from a lower to a higher rank, you must recruit more people

The lowest level is Escential consultant. You will also be paid 20% PRV (Personal Retail Volume) commission for 1,000 PRV.

No matter how long it takes to earn 1,000 PRV Points

You could move up to Escential Consultant to earn 25 % PRV. After you have 500 PRV points per year in product sales, then you can graduate to the next stage.

Top Consultant Levels In Scentsy

  • Lead Consultant
  • Star
  • Superstar
  • Director
  • Star Director
  • SuperStar Director

Scentsy lets you sell products and recruit people. You are paid for any purchases made by the people you sponsor.

How can you get wholesale commissions?

  • Scentsy offers wholesale commissions of 2% starting at the Lead Consultant level. Anyone who has been sponsored through Scentsy is eligible for a wholesale commission of 2%.
    A differential commission of up to 4% could result. All levels, except director, receive 9% wholesale commissions.
  • What salary can you expect to earn as a director of a company?

    As a director, you can receive a Director's Bonus. This bonus allows for a percentage of wholesale volume generated by your downline members.

    You can get bonuses on up to three generations in your downline.

    Let's look at the compensation plan. The commission structure is as follows: A 5% wholesale fee applies to consultants who recruit. When you are promoted to Director, you will be eligible for a Director bonus of 5%.

    What's Scentsy’s Compensation Program?

    Scentsy's compensation program allows you to earn between 20 and 25% commissions on your retail volume. It is paid each month.

    How much does it cost to join Scentsy?

    A Scentsy consultant costs $99

    This is a huge savings compared to other brick-and-mortar restaurants. It makes sense to partner up with Scentsy if you are looking to work remotely.

    Is Scentsy Scam?

    Scentsy does not deceive. They sell legit products and make their consultants commissions.

    But, just because it is technically valid doesn't mean it is the best way to make a living from home.

    It is possible to build a profitable, successful online business without an MLM.

    This was my #1 choice!

    It's not like Scentsy. These are real examples of people who have achieved success just a few short days ago.

    Can you make money using Scentsy?

    MLM, Scentsy and Scentsy can help you make money. However, you must put in the effort to become a consultant or networker.

    My online business grew to $40,000+ monthly. This program will teach you how to increase your profits while still using the same networking skills.

    Is Scentsy Legitimate?

    Yes, Scentsy is real and they have amazing products! There's a lot of options for building a business.

    If you're determined to be a networker, you have more options than Scentsy.

    I don't get paid to review programs. You could lose a lot of your money.

    eMoney Kings is the #1 Money-Making Strategy Without Using Scentsy

    You must put in effort and take the time to succeed in MLM. Create passive income.

    We've done the hard work and we are excited to share our online money-making strategies with you. This strategy allows us to make unlimited income without relying on paid ads.

    Digital Real Estate Is the Answer

    Perhaps you are curious about digital real-estate. Imagine that your website ranks first in Google. Potential customers will begin calling you and visiting your website more often.

    These calls and visits are valuable. Home Advisor has grown to be a multi-million dollar business.

    This is a major distinction: It is done at a local level, where there is very little competition.

    How Do I Dive Into Digital Real Estate?

    Remember Home Advisor?

    They charge homeowners for each lead and many business owners don't like that fact.

    They see value in the exclusive leads you can offer.

    What's the value of a Lead?

    It all depends on what industry you are in. Let's look at the tree service industry as an example. On average, it is worth $500 to $2,000.

    Home Advisor charges per Lead. Home Advisor will eventually ask for a flat Fee.

    Let's suppose that your tree service gets 10 calls per month.

    Service-based contractors often pay a 10%-20% referral fee or finder fee, depending on who you speak to.

    Let's say you have a $500 monthly income from a digital asset.

    What if you had only 10 of these bad boys?

    This amount is 5k per monthly in passive earnings. The worst case scenario is

    Oh my God! I don't know what to do with a website. I don't even know how to rank one!

    We did all of the research so you don’t have to worry.

    Where should you begin?

    eMoney Kings group has conducted extensive research on many courses, programs, and other topics related to digital real estate/lead generation.

    We've seen many scam courses and programs, so we created a checklist for all programs to follow in order to receive our recommendation.

    A program that walks you through the process of building a website and ranking it so that you can generate passive income is what we found.

    This program will teach you how to rank and build. It also provides live calls twice a week where you can talk with coaches and answer any questions.

    In case you miss any live streams, you will have access to an active Facebook Group.

    We were impressed with the program's active participation.

    Many groups have only the webinars and videos, and then they die. These guys are still strong.

    Some students earn 15k per month in just 90 days!

    To schedule a call for the eMoney Kings approved program, fill out the application today.

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