September 2, 2021

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator [Review 2022]: 17 Tips To Know Before You Buy

A Quick Overview Of Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course:

It can be difficult to choose which course on how to make money online. There are many options.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program.

Although it's not often I review products, the Consulting Accelerator Samantha deserves special attention.

Consulting Accelerator will be reviewed to determine if it is truly the best course in consulting.

Let's talk about whether consulting is the right online business for you.

I'll answer some commonly asked questions about Consulting Accelerator and general consulting.

I will also show you how I built my online marketing business to over $40,000 per month, mostly passively.

I swear by all consulting because it uses some of the same skills, but more powerfully and lucratively.

Let's go back to the review.

Sam Ovens is a Consulting Accelerator. He believes that his training offers the best for both veterans and newbies.

Sam's Consulting Accelerator lasts six weeks and includes a weekly lesson.

The cost of a consulting program is approximately $2,000

But wait...

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator features a controversial feature. To get your money back the customer must show that they have completed the training. 4

Good or bad... you decide.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator, like other courses selling for thousands of dollars and making huge claims, can be criticised just as he. That's just me.

It's not hard to find websites that are solely designed to expose Sam and his fraudulent training.

Sam's website,, contains over 3,000 video reviews, and most of them are constructive.

Please tell me if Sam Ovens is a scam or legit.


I don't know why anyone would take the time to see his Consulting Accelerator.

There are several reasons.

  1. I am completing the Consulting Accelerator Program and want to share my thoughts
  2. Many business professionals in my network of influence have seen Sam's ads. They are welcome to contact me.
  3. Many people have dreams of being a consultant. This is something I'd love to discuss.
  4. Content Accelerator will not be thoroughly reviewed, so I decided that I would fill in the gaps.

It would be easy for Sam to simply say that he is a fraud or that he is Totally Legit. However, it's difficult to review courses like this. There are many moving parts.

  1. Sam's training in business consulting teaches you how the details are analyzed to see if it is possible to start a profitable consulting company.
  2. Let's talk about Sam and whether Sam has had good implementation training.
  3. This is how I participated in the course and its effect on my consulting business.

Take a look at Sam’s course through the review. I don't stand to make any profits if you decide to buy it.

It's only rhetorical. Please do not call me or send me an email.

We're kidding! Let's get going!

Who are Sam Ovens?

An entrepreneur could be their first client in just a few weeks and become a big success.

Learn more about the origins of by taking a deep dive at the top.

We love hearing the "rags to riches" stories.

I'm sure you know what I'm referring to...

Entrepreneur stories can be seen on TV, or you can read about their journeys to build a consulting company.

This is close to the truth.

This isn't an "overnight" fairytale about fancy homes and expensive cars.

Not at all...

This is the story about how an ordinary man was capable of seizing a business consulting opportunity.

Here we are:

How it All Begun?

Sam Ovens lived for almost 5 years in Manhattan's high rises in an apartment...

He was actually living in his parent's basement.

Sam started his career in the consulting industry learning the best way he could. He wanted to go to College so he could get a degree... so he could get a job.

Sound familiar?

Sam was 21 when he got a job at Vodafone as an intern.

Everyone in his life told him that this was the best path to success. It is possible to live happily ever after you have worked in a company and climbed the corporate ladder.

Are you referring to fairy tales?

Sam quickly realized that this was not what he had in mind.

They say you're not even in New Zealand anymore.

He saw other people who were as miserable as he was every day.

I don't think so.

Sam saw the light in his eyes, and began to research. Sam realized that consulting was better than a 9-5 corporate job and began to research.

However, life is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Sam Ovens fell with a few businesses over the next several decades and maxed his credit cards to the tune of more than $50,000.

It happened then...

Imagine Your Success

Sam was heavily indebted his first year in business. His life was transformed dramatically when he got a break in the following year.

Sam began a side venture where he managed a consulting company for freelancers in order to raise funds to launch a new venture. His epiphany came about.

Instead he beating his head against a wall with his business venture in consulting, which was failing to make any progress, why not focus his efforts only on consulting work and make that his main source income?

He founded the Sam Ovens Consulting Agency.

After he had his first client, who was solely focused in consulting, the money started to flow.

Sam raised $100,000 in one year.

His second-year... $500,000.

He spent $1.2 million in his third year.

Sam Ovens net worth was $105 million in 2020

Sam Ovens had, without even realizing, reimagined a whole business model for consulting using his unique critical thinking skills and Facebook ads.

Consulting on Steroids

What are you thinking about when you hear the word "consulting"?

  • Are you looking for expensive suits?
  • Specials on a Smokey Back Room
  • Are corporate takeovers possible?

Sam Ovens discovered something unlike any other we've seen.

He essentially reimagined this industry. This type consulting business uses expert knowledge to solve problems.

It's that simple.

Why would anyone spend money on a consulting business? These businesses could solve the problem by themselves.

In many cases, they could.

To be honest.

Organizations invest in successful consulting firms for a variety reasons:

  • Rapidity: Find a quick solution
  • Inexperience: It is possible that a business will not be able solve a particular problem.
  • Track Record: People will rather invest in something with a proven track record than on trial and error.

These situations make it appealing for service businesses to employ consulting firms. If they have a stressful issue, they will pay more.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review: A Look Under The Hood

To accurately evaluate the claims made by a program and determine if they are true to their promises, it is important to first examine what they promise. This section can be found on Sam Ovens' website

How to start a highly profitable consulting business with a salary of 6-7 figures and your first client in as little as 42 days

The consulting accelerator is a 6-week program that teaches you how to start a successful consulting business. It has proven results and can get your first client in as little as 42 days.

It doesn't matter how much business experience you have or what tech skills you have.

More than 10,000 students have tried the methods in the Consulting Accelerator Program.

The program has made 21 millionaires, 451 six figure earners, and 2,838 people able to quit their 9-5 jobs. Students have reported an income of over $400,000,000

  • Week 1 - Foundations and Fundamentals
  • Week 2 - New Paradigm, World View
  • Week 3 - Alchemy of Client Conversion
  • Week 4 - Alchemy of Client Attraction
  • Week 5: Fractal Facebook Evolution
  • Week 6: Minimum Viable Service Delivery

Here's an overview of what you'll find:

  • 6-week Consulting Accelerator Training Program
  • Boxset and workbooks
  • Weekly Q&A for the community + weekly questions
  • Access to Life

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Consulting Accelerator program has received over 3,000 testimonials. We offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. We will refund your entire purchase if you are not satisfied within 14 days.

Let's get into the program. Here is a breakdown by division.

  1. Layout and creation
  2. Primary Content, Weeks 1 - 6
  3. Mastermind Group

This will be the first thing you'll see when you sign up for Consulting Accelerator’s paid business area.

Layout & Creation - Consulting Accelerator Review

Ironically, Sam Ovens website ( looks rather amateurish with lots of spelling mistakes and blunders.

However, as you get to the actual course, it's all professional-looking.

The videos look like they were shot in HD by New York City experts, and Sam's presentation is elegant and well-produced. The copy is clear and well-written, while the PDFs are easy to download.

The best thing?

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator has been my favorite program at this price point. Over the course of my adulthood, I have purchased many programs and have always been impressed by the layout, appearance, ease-of-use, and usability.

How much does Consulting Accelerator cost?

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator training is available at...

$1,999.00 or a 5 month payment plan of $597/mo's incredible content cannot be used to evaluate the content of the Consulting Accelerator program. Consulting Accelerator Course Price of $1,999 is a great deal.

It is refreshing to see this course working as expected, even though there are problems with other websites.

Kudos Sam Ovens for his program, and all that he does.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review

You may be wondering if this website is high-quality.

  1. Get your first client with Facebook Ads
  2. You can use a tripwire or a squeeze page for their email address.
  3. Request them to sign up for a Consultation call
  4. A 1-on-1 call can be used to close the deal.

This is the core of sales and it's not anything special.

Therefore, I will review the content of the courses week by week.

Week 1: Consulting Accelerator Review – Fundamentals & Foundation

These subjects are covered in many courses including Niching and Product Markets. If you've ever looked at any aspect of digital marketing or business consulting, you may have seen it.

I'm not trying to make it seem like that.

Sometimes I didn't pay attention to the details and it was a sign that I was destined for failure.

What can you do to fix it?

Laying the Foundation

Sam Ovens believes that his students will be able jump into his program without any consulting experience. He has a solid foundation.

Strangely, I discovered something interesting about my own consulting business while doing the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review.

But that's not all.

The biggest obstacle to the Sam Ovens online course is the Consulting Accelerator training program. Many have criticized this online course for too much emphasis on the word "consulting".

What is "Consulting"? What is "Consulting?"

Have a closer look at the slide to see how Sam views any type of service, coaching course or training area as being under the consulting umbrella.

What is wrong with this?

Clients and people don't often think of that when they hear the word "consulting".


Sam doesn't have the best skills in advertising and marketing.

Sam's course is very popular as clients and students sign up for a more traditional view of consulting. They're ready to set the world ablaze. They are then presented with more traditional ideas in digital and online marketing.

Sam Ovens' model of consulting works well for those who prefer a more unconventional approach to consulting. His model is more practical than other courses because of the current market.

These are my thoughts...

This article should make everyone aware of how Sam Ovens consulting courses use the term "consulting".

Week 2: A New Paradigm World View

You can see that Sam Ovens courses are on the radar. Sam is fascinated by psychology and how it motivates people.

These are the main themes of week two of this course. Sam Ovens explains why certain people succeed while others fail... and what you can do to make your business succeed.

This content is only for one or two people.

People who are passionate about philosophy and psychology.

People looking for a paradigm shift.

Some might argue that our narrow-mindedness can be what keeps us from moving forward sometimes.

I could not just sit there and dislike the place. I decided to quit. I found copywriting so enjoyable that I wanted to own my copywriting business and make more money.

I didn't need to go through a lot of psychological turmoil to see that I didn't have to be in financial trouble or in bad employment to make the change.

I was struck by the realization

What's your view?

There are many people who think differently than I do. These people believe that being a successful entrepreneur and making a lot of money is possible.

Financial independence is something they either inherit or can be acquired by playing powerball and 6 numbers.

Sometimes they aren't able to see the new paradigm. They may be afraid of the price. These cases could mean that they are unable to overcome their psychological demons or achieve their goals.

This group is the one that Week 2 of our consulting program will most likely assist in their business.

It might not.

This program has many benefits that I can definitely see. This program will likely be of great benefit to some, but not for all.

Week 3: Alchemy Of Client Transformation

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator week 3 will be about sales. This is the reason many Sam Ovens students are so successful.

Although I have heard it many times in expert webinars and courses I am sure that this is the first time I actually believe it about a program.

You might be thinking "But I hate selling!" You're probably thinking, "But I hate sales!"

What you need to know

What's the value of sales skills?

I was in college and worked as a door to door salesperson for one summer.

Efficiency in sales is crucial, no matter if you're a freelancer or entrepreneur.

There have been many articles about the importance to have a strong sales background as an entrepreneur.

Now you're probably thinking: "GREAT! ARE YOU READY TO LEARN SALES?"

This is what the best part of

Sam Ovens learned nearly everything he teaches in the Consulting Accelerator program through well-respected sales courses. You can view some of these videos on YouTube and Social Media.

But, I'm serious.

Information is only useful if it's used.

Use what you've learned to make a positive impact on your business.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator courses hits a homerun.

Sam Ovens Personal Sales Template

His sales training is extremely detailed and precise. You can even download his 13-page script to help you dominate your sales calls.

Although I don't want to brag, I am an expert in part sales. I am happy to endorse the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator script and training.

If you don't have an idea, this isn't a jumble.

This part is only one of a larger system. It will give you all the tools that you need to quickly land your first client.

Some students leave the course without any business knowledge, while others have an idea. Sam is my favorite Week 3 student.

Week 4: Alchemy Of Client Attraction

Attraction and conversion are two of the most critical parts of any consulting business. Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator covers both of these topics in week 1. This training, along with Week 5 on Facebooks ads is the crowning jewel Sam's methods.

Remember, Sam Ovens main selling proposition is that he can help you create a 6 figure consulting company.

Sam has shown you how to choose a niche, make offers, close deals, and land new customers.

Week 4

Sam Ovens shows his students how to create a lead-generating funnel. This includes:

  • Making a video/webinar presentation script
  • You can make visual slides to go with the script
  • Where can I host the video?
  • Landing page creation
  • Publishing and testing

Sam takes great care in this step and ensures that his students have a functioning funnel.

This is science... it's cause-and-effect. "

This movie is my favourite!

When other people's training might try to sell more, they will either sell you a funnel that is already made or charge you $1,000 to make your own funnel.

There may be a number of affiliate products. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get the results you want.

Sam Ovens doesn't do anything like this. That is why I am writing this review. Sam doesn't promote affiliate products. Sam also does not offer upsells through his consulting accelerator training.

Sam will show you how to make everything from scratch without spending extra money. Sam will also show you how to build your funnels if you have extra money.

In the past, I spent a lot on similar programs that were less effective than their substance but loaded with upsells or affiliate offers. It was also not worth the money.

I was delighted to see this in Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator. You don't get any irrelevant information.

Is there anything we could improve upon? Yes.

Copywriting is an underrated skill. It's more accidental than anything.

Sam Ovens provides the script he uses. He recommends that you modify the script to your liking. However, he doesn't provide any tools.

My honest opinion is that you should hire a professional copywriter and take the time to learn your skills for creating landing pages and script customization.

I was shocked that copywriting wasn't covered in the course.

You'll be fine, despite this.

Week 5 - Fractal Facebook Evolution

This section is just as valuable as week 3's sales training and is well worth the price of the whole course.

Even though I have not yet started a campaign the training has been incredible. Here are four reasons:

  1. Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator gives a complete overview of all things. Every detail, from the biggest picture to the most minute.
  2. Sam is worth more than $100 million. Sam has a net worth of more than $100 million.
  3. Sam doesn't usually invest in "Like” ads. Sam recommends you create a Like Campaign for any Facebook page that's new or has not yet attained at least 5k Likes. This will provide social proof.
  4. Although I don't consider myself to be an expert on the Facebook Algorithm, it is something I am familiar with. Therefore, I believe Sam is right.

These are the reasons...

Google's Algorithm was designed to give people what they want. Black hat hackers were able to take advantage of Google's early days, when the algorithm was still a baby, and divert traffic to poor sites.

Google started to improve its algorithm, and hackers couldn’t exploit it. Google was more concerned with getting the content they wanted...good quality content... and people who were more focused on SEO started to make more money through it.


Sam Ovens' success in Facebook Ads is down to the simple fact that he gives Facebook what they want, and that his Consulting Accelerator training emphasizes that instead of trying to exploit it.

I believe this is why he hasn’t been penalized over algorithm changes in 5 years. I don’t think you’ll be penalized as long as you follow his Facebook Ad Training.

Week 6 - Minimum Viable Service Delivery

The final week of Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Week 6 is here. He covers everything you need to scale it up to a 6- or 7-figure level.

Although this information is not comprehensive, it contains some useful tips and tricks that can be used by novice consultants as well as veterans. These include:

  • You will need legal documents
  • Credit card payment processing
  • Three ways you can refer clients
  • Promoting your platform and building it
  • Market Automation: Setting it up and using it

Last year, I published a book on how to make six figures in freelance writing. The final section dealt with "being an expert in your field ".

This week 6 of the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator creates a platform and dominates a niche.

It is crucial to have legal protection in place to achieve this goal. Sam's attorneys drafted detailed documentation that he recommends to his students to protect themselves.

These include:

  • Terms and Conditions (For Your Site).
  • Privacy Policy (For Your Website).
  • Earnings Disclaimer (For your Website)
  • Terms & Conditions when you engage your client
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (If requested by your client)
  • 1 page Proposal/Scope Of Work Sample (If requested by your client)
  • Payment Instructions Document

This applies only if your niche business is growing to six figures. This is when your need for legal protection increases.

This is a good start. To ensure your safety, you should get your own lawyer once you reach 6 figures with Sam’s program.

It might be worth looking into hiring an accountant.

Sam will show you how to set-up your credit card and marketing automation system

Automating is easy with a simple copy/paste method. This will save you time and help you create a more sophisticated system.

Sam also uses a conversion funnel, but spends only 45 minutes explaining the details.

Facebook Ads drive traffic to your funnel's top end while clients go to the back end.

This funnel platform can also be used for brand building and digital marketing.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator can help you get started in digital marketing.

Sam is an expert at organizing details to ensure his people are a dominant presence in any niche.

Review of Facebook Group Communities

Sam's Facebook group is our final piece.

It seems that everyone wants to sell courses, but they can actually be a great way to learn from more experienced members.

The Consulting Accelerator Facebook Group deserves an 8/10.

This group is much more active than other groups I've joined. Sam's weekly call is so much more informative.

I can't even remember a time when I didn't see a single comment answered. This is especially true when you think about the hundreds of weekly posts.

You can get an idea of what I pay for my membership in the entrepreneurship group by looking at this: $25 per month. My last two questions are answered.

It is not surprising. This is Sam's Facebook group, which is much more interactive.

Sam is a well-known mix-up artist. When I went into the group, I was able see the last reply to the group search.

Sam believes that the Facebook Group is worth its price, just like other course sellers.

The group is valuable and all. However, it cannot be weighed as heavily as Consulting Accelerator.

You only get what you put in to the group.

Why I Doubt Sam Ovens Is a Scam?

Now that we have covered the whole course, are Sam Ovens Scammed or Legitimate?

With a firm and unmistakable, I would have to say "No".

You can start an online business that is successful and profitable.

This course may not be for you.

This is my #1 pick!

While it isn't like Consulting Accelerator, it does show real success stories from people who have been there just a few days ago.

This is

Why Consulting Accelerator is such a great course.

Consulting Accelerator is my top choice if you are starting an online company.

  1. I have seen 90% off the courses made by this company.
  2. I found the course content to be superior to other courses by 80%.
  3. The Facebook group is superior to all other groups.
  4. Course price is half what it would have been without the discounts
  5. This course made me more than any other.

This year, I spent a lot time writing blog posts for my clients. It has been incredible.

One client was on a monthly retainer. The client wanted to use a variety of services, and the first client charged $4000 per week. The entire month was $4000, which was quite a feat.

The first week of the consulting accelerator was eye-opening. I knew I wanted to stop making one-at-a-time deals and instead focus on the package deals. I was then able to sell to several clients. Everything took off from there.

My recurring income is currently approximately $25,000 per month. I expect to have more clients.

Sam did not launch my company... but it would have been insane to look at the cost of his courses and decide $2000 is too expensive.

Consulting Accelerator Vs. Local Lead Generation

It is clear that I love the freedom and idea of being my boss. Sam's information was invaluable.

Take a look at it...

It is easy to create several websites and then run Facebook ads for them. This will help you find clients for your services.

I love having the freedom to set my own hours and choose my own days.

However, I must admit that there are some drawbacks to consulting.

You are actually working a job.

This is not passive income.

If your niche is well-known, you could make a lot of cash by providing a service. If your client fires you or you stop working, you're either out of work and looking for the next client.

Consulting Accelerator teaches you how to set up a system that will quickly attract new clients. You will need to continue running Facebook Ads for each client you bring in.

eMoney Kings is the #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2022

The Real Estate Industry's Next-Level Program Found by Our Review Team!

It is digital, but it's not real estate.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

Consulting is lacking in scalability.

It's unrealistic to think that you can make unlimited calls every day.

How would you like to leverage it?

With this digital property program, your phone will ring at any hour of the day.

Is it too good to be true? It sure does! Many business owners wish they could do this skill.

It is easy to build and rank your site, then send the jobs to local business owners. You can also email it

This applies for any service-based business like tree service, plumbing or towing.

How can you get paid the most?

The concept is simple: once you send the jobs to a business owner and he makes money, you can ask for mutual benefits.

A fair price per lead, depending on the industry is between 10-20 %... Let's use the tree service industry to illustrate the worst-case scenario.

Let's say you rank the site and receive only 10 jobs per year. Tree service jobs range from $500 to $2000.

You should have at most $500 in assets per month!

It is digital real estate. This refers to a rent payment.

It's easy to scale. You just need to make the phone ring.

Remember Sam Ovens referring to daily commission checks?

You can make passive income from this website without even being on the phone.

This program will help you make money online.

Find out the importance keywords and website names. Learn how to send emails with notifications and backlinking.

Once the training program has been completed, you will be able to access a Facebook Group we believe is better than the inbound group.

Although consulting is not your closest friend, these websites can be your best friend. They see it all as it is, expanding their digital estate.

Many people can leave their 9-5 jobs, contrary to what inbound closer suggests.

There are likely many questions you have. Click this link to learn more.

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