December 3, 2021

Q Sciences [MLM Review]: Scam Or Best Business Opportunity For You?

Is Q Sciences A Scam Or Legit?

Uncertain if Q Sciences is a pyramid scheme.

Ask this critical question before joining any MLM company.

We don’t want you to waste time or money by falling for a scam and then having everything fall apart.

We'll be looking at many aspects of Q Sciences to see if it is the best platform for network marketing.

Let's talk about network marketing.

Your business must be aligned. Take this quiz to determine the next step.

We will answer your most frequently asked questions about Q Sciences, MLMs, and more

What's Q Sciences?

Q Science is a multilevel marketing company that specializes on health and nutrition. It was started by Jake Spencer and Daren Hogge. They offer products that improve brain function, cholesterol, weight control, and skincare.

Q Sciences will become more familiar to you as you read this review. Then you can decide if this is a legit business or fraud, like many Multi-level Marketing companies.

Q Sciences Company Overview

Daren Hogge is the founder and CEO of Q Sciences.

Daren is involved in MLM for more than 25 years.

Q Sciences is managed by Darren, Nick Evans, Tim Hough, and Monet Montemayor.

According to my research, these guys have strong resumes and very few negatives.

They are all successful in their fields.

Q Sciences Headquarters in Utah, United States

Review of Q Sciences Products

Q Sciences provides skincare and nutritional products.

Q Sciences Weight Loss Supplements

Q Sciences Hemp Oil Dropper

Here is a list of Q Sciences' products for health:

Q Men's Complete

  • Q96 and QMax - Promoting and maintaining total-body nutrition health
  • Q Prime-A Supplement to the heart
  • Q Omegas - Helps regulate cholesterol levels
  • Q Biotics- This probiotic will aid your body to grow healthy bacteria, particularly if you're doing the Q cleanse.
  • Q Vitalize For Men: Helps maintain natural testosterone levels, stamina, and success.

Q Complete For Women

  • Q 96 and Q Max - Promoting total-body nutrition health.
  • Q Prime-A Supplement to the heart
  • Q Omegas - Helps regulate cholesterol levels
  • Q Biotics- This probiotic will aid your body to grow healthy bacteria, particularly if you're doing the Q cleanse.
  • Q Vitalize for Women – Balances hormones, stimulates estrogen levels. It can also improve mood.

Q Core Bundles

  • Q 96 and Q Max - Promoting total-body nutrition health
  • Q Prime-A Supplement to the heart
  • Q Omegas - Helps regulate cholesterol levels
  • Q Biotics- This probiotic will aid your body to grow healthy bacteria, particularly if you're doing the Q cleanse.

Q Skincare

  • Q Cleanse is an anti-aging cream that promotes youthful skin.
  • Q-Mask - Exfoliating, and cleansing.
  • Qlift - A wrinkle cream that improves the skin's appearance
  • Q Day Cream - A moisturizing cream for daily use.
  • Q Night cream - A moisturizing cream you can use at night
  • Q Women's and men's health

    • Q96 - Promoting total-body nutrition health
    • Q Biotics- This probiotic will aid your body to grow healthy bacteria, particularly if you're doing the Q cleanse.
    • Q 10+ - No description
    • Q Vitalize For Men or Women - Refer to the information

    Q Total Nutrition

    • Q96 - Promoting total-body nutrition health
    • Q Max- Similar to Q96 but slightly better
    • Q 96 Berries & Bananas – Similar to Q 96 but primarily for children's taste.
    • Q96 Mandarin Orange - A little like Q96 but more for children's taste.
    • Q amino acids - Helps with muscle growth, muscle regeneration, and fat burning.
    • Q Calcium with Magnesium - Helps maintain stable bone density.

    Q Vascular Healthcare

  • Q Prime: Nutrition for your heart
  • Q Omegas - Helps regulate cholesterol
  • Q Energy


    The Problem:

  • E.V. E.V.
  • E.V. E.V.
  • Q Digestive Health

    • Q Biotics- This probiotic will aid your body to grow healthy bacteria, particularly if you're doing the Q cleanse.
    • Q Cleanse: Used to cleanse the whole body and improve digestion
    • Q Fiber - Aids in endurance

    Q Sprays

    • QD-3 - Spray vitamin D3 form. (mouth).
    • Q C+ - Vitamin C spray. (mouth)
    • Q Sleep - Melatonin spray (mouth)
    • Q B-12 - Vitamin B-12 spray (mouth)
    • Q-Boost Spray - A spray that acts as an appetite stimulator and metabolism booster (mouth).
    • Q Relief- Pain relief for your mouth with the amino acid spray

    Q Weight Management

    • Q eEquivalent+ To Xanthones- Helps with weight control, blood sugar control, and many other
    • Chocolate flavor-This flavor tastes exactly like chocolate. This is due to the chalkiness of most powders.
    • The vanilla flavor-This flavor tastes exactly like vanilla.

    We won't lie. We haven’t tried Q Sciences meal replacements, but we have tested about 20 products from our store. They were all either very good or very bland.

    Q Pets- **Product page not found

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino Acids
  • Chewable Wafer
  • Q Sciences has a comprehensive product listing.

    They offer a large selection.

    They are very concerned about whole-body health and skincare. This is a positive thing.

    Q Sciences Compensation Plan Breakdown

    "We wanted something easy to understand and easy for ambassadors to learn. We believe that new ambassadors will be paid within the first few days. It is also important for seasoned leaders to know their monthly compensation without guessing. Jake Spencer, President of Q Sciences

    Q Sciences has a rewards program that allows you to make money by becoming an affiliate. You will earn commissions on purchases.

    The higher your rank, the more you can make money.

    Earn with Q Sciences

    The minimum threshold to qualify for an incentive plan is 100 PV (Personal Value) from each month's product sales.

    Q Sciences ranks

    Q Sciences uses an order system. The rank determines how much you can make from the payout package.

    There are 16 ranking options.

  • Builder Rank
  • Pro Rank
  • Executive Rank
  • Elite Rank
  • Bronze Rank
  • Silver Rank
  • Gold Rank
  • Platinum Rank
  • Ruby Ranking
  • Emerald Rank
  • Diamond Ranking
  • Blue Diamond Rank
  • Black Diamond Rank
  • Royal Diamond Rank
  • Presidential Diamond Rank
  • Crown Diamond Rank
  • Retail Commissions from Q Sciences

    Q Sciences pays a referral fee or aka commissions to you when you sell to customers.

    Commissions can be calculated as a percentage of the total sales value.

    This percentage will rise as sales volume increases.

    • Earnings between 500 and 1 GV would lead to a 15% commission rate for retail revenue.
    • Earnings of between 501 and 1000GV would result in a 20% retail commission rate.
    • If you have more than 1001 gross vehicle miles, you can receive a 25% retail rate.

    Residual Commissions

    The residual income is the most appealing aspect of MLM businesses.

    Q Sciences' unilevel payout structure determines residual commissions. It all depends on what amount you are eligible for.

    Bonus Q Sciences Rank

    Q Sciences offers a rank achievement award.

    MLM companies often offer this type of incentive and pay you when you become eligible for the next level of your compensation plan.

    This is a one-time incentive that employees are offered to motivate them to work harder and reach the next level. This leads to increased profits and revenue for the company.

    Q Sciences: Commonly Asked Questions

    Is Q Sciences a scam?

    No evidence supports the claim that Q Sciences has been fraudulent.

    Customers can buy retail products from you and your payment will enable them to have many ways to make money.

    They also offer high-quality products.

    Q Sciences has one goal. To make everyone happy.

    They believe they can achieve this feat using another miracle product. However, it won't give them six-pack abs or make them look 30 years younger.

    We believe that there is no evidence to suggest that Q Sciences is fraudulent. Ellois Bailey, a mental health nurse practitioner asserts that Q Sciences does not have any medical research that supports their claim.

    You can create a profitable MLM business that is successful. There are other methods than network marketing to make it work.

    Take this quiz to find out which business model suits you best.

    What do Q Sciences sell?

    Q Sciences offers products to help you live a "quintessential life".

    What are Q Sciences' Most In-Demand Products?

    Q Sciences' flagship product Empower plus Q96 is Empower plus Q96. This improves mental health, mood, brain function and strengthens the central nervous system.

    This is thanks to 41 researchers, 16 universities across four continents, and 26 journals. 25 million transactions are also supported.

    It has been misrepresented to be a substitute for mental health treatment.

    You can find the REVQ Spartan here. This energy drink contains natural, time-released caffeine to improve your mental well-being.

    What are Negative Q Sciences Reviews?

    There are many reasons to be critical of MLM companies, but they all boil down to two.

    • Some people call everything a hoax, regardless of its details.
    • They don't promote their own interests.

    As you can see, I have written negative reviews as well as positive reviews about products and companies in my reviews.

    Network marketing can be confusing. We have compiled a list of the Top 5 Reasons Network Marketers Fail.

    This shouldn't get in the way of your understanding.

    MLM can be lucrative, but it is not easy to become a network marketer. To determine the best place to invest your time, you might take an Entrepreneur Quiz.

    Last Thoughts

    Let's close it.

    Q Sciences is lacking in scalability.

    Time is limited and there are only so many people you can reach.

    MLM companies get this. MLM companies will encourage you to recruit other people for your downline. It's not possible to make it big if you are a one-man/woman business.

    Q Sciences and the MLM model may be appealing to you.

    Why not? Take this quiz to find out which business model works best for you.

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