December 23, 2021

Northwest Registered Agent Reviews

It can be hard to make your business idea a reality. It can also be difficult to figure everything out on your own.

This is where Northwest Register Agent comes into play.

Their business formation services make it easy. You can get your limited liability corporation (LLC) started with tons of features and add-ons.

Northwest – Setting up an LLC

It's easy. Select your state. There are two options.

Next, you will need to decide between free PDF, do it yourself online or 8-day state LLC.

Free PDF Download

It is completely free. To complete the form, follow the PDF instructions. Once you have completed the form, you can submit it to your state along with paying the filing fees.

Self-Service Do it Yourself Online

Northwest must create an account. Follow the steps or hire a Northwest Registered agent.

To get started, click on "Free Business Forms". The link to file online in the state where you live or contact information for your Secretary will be sent to you.

Northwest Registered Agent

Hire a Northwest registered agent by clicking the "Hire Us" button. Double-check that your state has been selected.

This page will give you information about your company including your name and physical address.

You should not list your home address in an LLC business. The public will have access to this information.

It is crucial to select a resident agent. You can also take advantage of LLC services offered by them.

It is easy to create your LLC.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Prices

Northwest does not offer LLC formation packages. This is a great aspect of Northwest.

Flat rate $225 plus state filing fees.

Many other LLC formation services come with confusing packages that are easy to misunderstand.

This is what you get.

LLC Filing ($225 + State fee)

Name Search

Search your state's business databases to find the name you are looking for for your LLC.

Preparation and Filing of Your Articles of Organization

These documents provide the information that you need to form your LLC in your state. These documents are prepared by Northwest Registered Agent.

One-year Registered Agent Service

It is mandatory to designate a registered agent. They will receive important legal documents for your LLC. It doesn't have to be used for your home address. The address will receive all mail sent to it. The first year of Northwest is free. Each subsequent year, $125 will be charged.

Operating agreement

An operating agreement is not necessary to form an LLC.

Quick LLC Filing

Once you have paid for their service, your paperwork for LLC formation will quickly be processed by Northwest Registered Agent and submitted in your state.

Features of Northwest Agent

LLC Formation Service

LLC formation costs $225. The $225 fee includes a $100 filing fee and a $135 agent fee. There may be additional fees depending on the state.

This is not the most cost-effective. Inc Authority offers free LLC formation services. It also provides free registered agent services for one year.

Registered Agent Service

This is included if you file your LLC through Northwest. If you only require a Registered Agent, this service is available at $125

For all correspondence from Secretary-of-State, including business notices and government notifications, a registered agent is required. Northwest can help you locate an agent.

Name Verification Google

Northwest Registered Agent provides this service free of charge.


Northwest Registered Agent will give you information about your company to make sure your LLC is approved by your state.

Operating agreement

Customers who create LLCs do not need to sign an operating contract. It reveals a lot more about your company and details your financial and operational decisions.

This information is included in the order of Northwest Registered Agent. You can also file taxes.

Customer Services

The Northwest Registered Agents is a great choice. You can reach them at anytime you need.

Online Document Access

The Northwest website makes it easy to keep track of your LLC. You will always have access to your documents

Reminders Annual Report

Northwest Registered Agent will send you email reminders for free. This feature can save you tons on late fees and penalties.

This annual fee could be overlooked by even the most organized person.


Every letter that is sent to the address of your LLC will be scanned and uploaded. Northwest will notify you immediately.

In-house services

All LLC services can be handled in-house at Northwest. The office is available in all 50 states. Accept documents including tax notices.

Same-Day Processing
Strong Privacy Policies

Many LLC services sell information to companies like web design and marketing firms. Northwest Protects will not sell your information. To protect your information from hackers, all data is encrypted.

Contacts on Public Records

All information you put in an LLC will become public. Spam will be sent to you.

This is easily eliminated by using a registered agent An address will be provided by a registered agent, which will prevent anyone from sending mail to your home.

Additional Features

Annual Reporting Forming Services

Northwest will help you with your filings each year and give their address as contact information.

While you won't have to pay any fees initially, you will be notified about your filing due date 90 days in advance. The state fee of $100 will also be added.

Employer identification number (EIN) (ranges from $50 to $200)

All companies must have an employer identification number. The IRS will be contacted by the Northwest Registered Agent.

Mail Forwarding Services ($50 per month)

Northwest will assign you a unique suite # as part of their mail forwarding service. You will be able to protect your mail online.

VOIP Business Number ($9 per month)

Northwest will give you a voice-over IP (VOIP) number to use for your business.

Corporate Book & Seal (80 USD)

These premium corporate books are made from synthetic leather black leather and have a laser-engraved corporate embossing mark.

Virtual Office

Your LLC will receive a virtual office lease and a suite number.

S Corporation choice with IRS ($50).

Northwest will help you fill out all forms necessary to apply for an S-Corp Election.

Certificate Of Good Standing (50 US Dollars)

You will need a Certificate of Good Standing to allow you to expand in other states. Northwest can assist you with this process by making sure that you follow all state laws.

Certified Copy (50)

Certified copies can be difficult and frustrating. Northwest can assist you in this.

FMCSA BOC-3 File ($125 per annum)

Northwest handles all aspects of scanning and uploading your service.

What services does Northwest provide?

Register as an agent

This is available for free if you use their LLC services. If you only require their agent services, however, this will be $125 per annum.

This will protect your home address.

Start An LLC

Their LLC formation fee is flat $225 plus any state fees.

These allow you to

Start A Corporation

The fees for Northwest incorporation vary depending on where you live.

Start a Business

They can help you get started with your business so that you can move quickly.

Pros & Cons Of Northwest

Northwest Pros

  • Great customer service. Northwest Registered Agent is available for assistance at all stages of the process.
  • If you use their LLC services for starting a business, you will get a year of free registration. The cost of this service is $125 an annual.
  • They offer same-day filing. This charge is common for other LLC formation services.
  • Your personal data is kept confidential. Northwest is different.

Northwest Cons

  • Northwest isn't the most affordable. It charges $225 plus state filing fees. Many other companies will charge hundreds less.
  • The company has been around for more than 10 years so it isn't difficult to find reviews. There aren't too many bad reviews.

Is it worth paying for a service to be an agent?

If your business does not have a physical address, you will need to provide your home address in order to set up an LLC.

You don't want this to happen.

Who are Northwest’s Most Important Competitors, and why?

There could be four businesses that could be considered competitors to Northwest: ZenBusiness. IncFile. LegalZoom.

They are less expensive than Northwest and Inc Authority does not charge for LLC formation services. Your secretary of state fees will be waived and you'll get one year of registered agent service for free.

Many add-ons are available that can quickly add up.

However, cheaper doesn't always mean better. They don't offer same-day processing.

Is LegalZoom’s Registered Agent Worth It?

LegalZoom has been a company many people think about when they're looking to start businesses.

But, great marketing doesn't always make the best choice.

LegalZoom vs Northwest is the two largest pricing and service differences.

Although LegalZoom has a long hours of customer service than Northwest, they are still able to help customers.

LegalZoom is $99 per annum for their services. However, they do not offer a full year of registered agent services with any of the services as Northwest does.

LegalZoom might be an option if you do not intend to use registered agent services. You will have a physical address that can be used for brick-and-mortar businesses.

What's the Best Registered Agent Service?

This is not a matter of merit. The best services will give you the most for your dollar.

Northwest provides core services like annual reports and registered agent services. Online access to your documents is possible, as well as free name searches and other services.

While you will have to pay for LLC services and state fees with other service providers, the registered agent service is free.

It's important to know exactly what you need to find the best LLC service at a reasonable price.

Is it legal for the Northwest Agent?

Northwest provides excellent customer service since 1998.

They are well-known for providing reliable LLC formation services. They aren't the only ones.

They get great reviews.

Review of Northwest Agents

Although they aren't the most expensive, they have been helping businesses for over 10 years.

They are dedicated to your success and have a great customer service team.

Northwest Registered Agent has many advantages over other service providers. They are passionate about their customers and offer great business support.

Northwest Agent

Northwest is the right choice if you're looking for LLC services as well as a full year of registered agent services. Northwest also has a fantastic support team that will answer all your questions.

Northwest Registered Agents should not be recommended

By skipping the unnecessary extras, you can save money. You can save money by not buying all the extras.

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