December 6, 2021

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

Nicki Minaj Net Worth: At A Glance

Celebrities Net Worth: $100 million

Real Name: Onika Tanya Maraj

Husband: Kenneth Petty

Age: 38

Birth Date: December 8, 1982

Origin: Trinidad & Tobago

Sources of wealth: Rapper/ Actor/ Endorser/ Businesswoman

Last updated: 2021

Nicki Minaj's Net Worth:

Nicki Minaj has a net worth of $85 million and has won numerous awards in her music career including 10 BET Awards as well as six American Music Awards. She was also awarded three MTV Video Music Awards. She was also awarded two People's Choice Awards as well as four Billboard Music Awards.

She is a Trinidadian-American rapper, R&B singer-songwriter, and actress. She has been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards.

Early life

Nicki was born Onika Tanya Maraj, December 8, 1982. She was raised in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago with her four siblings. Carol, her mother, attended Monroe College in New York City.

Nicki was just five years old when her mom took her and her siblings from Saint James to Queens to New York to live with her.

Nicki was the son of an alcoholic and a recovering addict. His father, Nicki set fire to their house in 1987.

Nicki aspired to become an actor when she was a teenager. She was accepted at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for Music & Art, and then the High School for Performing Arts.

Nicki got a role in "In Case You Forget" after she graduated high school.

She behaved rudely to customers and was fired. Minaj claims she was fired from 15 jobs due to the same behavior.


Nicki Minaj started her career after being discovered by Lil Wayne, an American rapper.

Minaj signed her first record deal with Young Money shortly after. She was awarded Female Artist of the Year at the 2008 Underground Music Awards.

Minaj's third mixtape was released in 2009 and published in a magazine called XXL. Minaj also released "Beam Me up Scotty" that year.

Young Money Entertainment released Minaj's debut album Pink Friday in 2010. It sold 4 million copies in the first hour.

In 2012, the second album, "Pink Friday - Roman Reloaded", was published This was a huge hit and quickly became a platinum album

American Idol also chose Nicki Minaj as one of its celebrity judges in 2013. The Pinkprint, Nicki's third studio album, was released the following year. It has been a huge success, selling over 650,000 copies worldwide.

Queen was her fourth studio album and debuted at Billboard 200. The album earned Nicki the No.2 spot. "Queen" sold $1 million in the United States.

Nicki Minaj replaced Aretha Franklin's Hot 100 record which lasted for 40 years.

Aretha was the only artist to receive credit for all 73 tracks. Nicki was also featured on many tracks.

Nicki has received over 100 distinction awards including 10 BET Awards, six American Music Awards, and more than 100 BET Awards. She was also awarded three MTV Video Music Awards, and two People's Choice Awards.

Nicki Minaj was nominated to receive 10 Grammy Awards.

Endorsement Income

Nicki Minaj was a sought-after endorser during the peak of her career.

In 2010, she signed her first endorsement deal with MAC Cosmetics. This lipstick is called "Pink 4 Friday" and was designed to promote her album, "Pink Friday".

Nokia hired Nicki to launch the Nokia Lumia 900 in 2012. Pepsi then hired her for their "LiveForNow” campaign. Pepsi featured her single "Moment 4 Life" and a remix.

Ricky Martin was also a part of the Viva Glam Campaign, which supported AIDS. The campaign raised $270 Million for Mac AIDS Fund.

Roberto Cavalli selected Nicki Minaj as his face for the 2015 Spring/Summer Collection.

Nicki was a part of H&M’s holiday campaign three more years later.

Nicki Mnaj is a successful businesswoman and also owns a line of fragrance.

Personal Life

Nicki was a songwriter when she started dating Safaree Samuels back in 2000. Nicki began to date Meek Mill in 2015, and they ended up breaking up in 2017.

Nicki began dating Kenneth "Zoo” Petty in 2018. They were married in October 2018.

Nicki was impacted by a tragic incident in her life. Nicholas Telemaque, her cousin who lived in New York, was killed. Nicki made reference to this tragedy in her songs "All Things Go", and "Champion"

Nicholas Telemaque was her cousin and was shot to death in Brooklyn, New York, in July 2011. This incident is mentioned in her songs "Champion" and "All Things Go." "

In her home, a second tragic incident occurred in 2017. The burglars took valuable items including jewelry worth $200,000.

Her brother Jelani was sentenced to 25 years in prison for child welfare endangerment and sexual assault against children.


These are some of Nicki Minaj’s greatest achievements in music.


  • American Music Awards - Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album (Pink Friday 2011, 2011)
  • American Music Awards: Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist (2011-2012 - 2015)
  • BET Awards - Best New Artist (2010)
  • BET Awards: Best Female Artist in Hip-Hop (2010-2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015)
  • Billboard Women in Music Rising Star (2011)
  • BMI Awards Song of the Year (Superbass, 2012)
  • MOBO Awards- International Act of Excellence (2012)
  • NARM Awards: Breakthrough Artist Of The Year (2011)
  • People's Choice Awards: Favorite Hip-Hop Artist (2013)
  • YouTube Music Awards: 50 Artists to Follow (2015)


  • Pink Friday (2010)
  • Roman Reloaded (2012) - Pink Friday
  • The Pinkprint (2014)
  • Queen (2018)

Nicki Minaj Career Earnings By Year:

  • 2010: 4 million
  • 2011: $6.5 Million
  • 2012: $15.5 Million
  • 2013: $29 Million
  • 2014: 14 million
  • 2015: $21 Million
  • 2016: 20 Million
  • 2017: $16 Million
  • 2018: 10 Million
  • 2019: 20 Million
  • Total = $156 Million (before taxes).

Real Estate

Meek Mill was dating Nicki Minaj back in 2016. Meek Mill was dating Nicki Minaj in 2016.

The total area of this home is 10,3400 square feet. It is situated at a height of 10,3400 sq. ft. with a spectacular view of both the city and the mountains.

This home features eight large bedrooms and an open foyer.

The outdoor features are amazing: a spa and a pool. This is where celebrities and their families meet.

Meek and Nicki split. Nicki remained in the mansion up to 2018.

Nicki Minaj's money spending habits.

Nicki is well-known for her bold and colorful outfits that are paired with matching jewelry.

Nicki Minaj donates college scholarships to the needy. This is her favorite way to spend her money.

Her generosity to fellow musicians, such as Cardi B.

Nicki Minaj admitted to magazines that she spent $50,000 a month on luxury brands such as Versace, Giuseppe, and Fendi.

She arrived in her $500,000-Maybach-62s and $30,000-cutom-painted car to make a grand entrance at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

All about Nicki Minaj

American magazine Nicki Minaj named Nicki Minaj "The Most Influential Male Rapper" by a leading American magazine.

Nicki was born on December 9, 1982. Her parents were mixed-race. Nicki was born on December 9, 1982.

Nicki is proud to have her father's ethnicity. In an interview, she also stated that her father has the best chicken curry recipe in the world.

According to reports, Nicki was sponsoring education and technology in an Indian village.

Nicki was proud of being a part of the village's growth. Nicki has established a school for tailoring, a computer center, and a program to teach reading. Two water wells are located in the village.

The recent collaborations between Nicki, Karol G (a Colombian reggaeton song-singer/songwriter), resulted in "Tusa"

Nicki Minaj's 10 Rules for Success

These life lessons are from this amazing female artist.

1. Listen to Your Heart.

Be yourself. "

2. Work As Hard As You Can!

I kept going. I kept going.

3. Take your own time and follow each step.

It's like a ladder. You want to climb the ladder to success.

4. Never Give Up.

Don't give up, I mean it, but I couldn't have done it a million times more. Hear the voice inside your head that whispers "not yet" and don't listen just yet.

5. Don't be afraid to "evolve

"I don’t forget anyone," I say. But, I must be honest with myself.

6. Thank you.

"Ya know? "Ya know? "

7. Be your boss!

"Being an underground musician was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life." "It was amazing to be independent without being on a major label.

8. Don't encourage a victim mentality

These books are not my favorites. "

9. Learn how to stand for yourself.

"You must be a beast. They will only respect you if you are one." Get your music ready.

10. Learn by the success of others

"And I believe, they had it their way. Nicki Minaj isn't going to like everyone's looks. But if you're smart, you could take my advice and figure out why everyone's talking to you.


How much does Cardi B earn?

CardiB is worth $24 Million. CardiB is a female rapper and television personality from New York City's Bronx.

Who Is Richer Cardi B Or Nicki Minaj?

Young Money Entertainment tweeted that Nicki Minaj had become the first female rapper with a net worth of $100 million.

Cardi A is however a talented female rapper that deserves your attention.

Her net wealth is comparable to Nicki's so it's not surprising she will hit $100 million within the next decade.

Is Nicki Minaj A Billionaire?

She may not be here yet, but she could in the near future.

According to reports, Nicki Minaj's net worth was more than $100 million by 2020. This makes her one of the most well-known female artists and the first female rappers to attain this wealth.

Nicki Minaj, an undisputed female rapper, is incredibly proud.

Who's the Richest Female Rapper?

Nicki Minaj became the most successful female rapper in history, a remarkable feat for an artist of her gender.

Nicki is a multimillionaire who has made a name for herself in the music industry. Young Money was delighted to share the news via Twitter.

Kenneth Petty - Who is he? What is his net worth?

According to reports Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj's spouse, has a net worth of $5 million USD. This amounts to $1,137.39 million.

Kenneth is also an actor and has appeared in Nicki’s videos Hot Girl Summer, Megatron.

Minaj's and Petty's combined net worth is $105million USD. This amounts to an estimated 1,1785.47 Crores

Nicki Minaj is worth $100 million, making her one of the most successful rappers of all time.

Nicki Minaj is unstoppable. Her net worth currently stands at $1 billion. With the success of her albums, she will reach another billion.

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