December 1, 2021

Motif Investing

Motif Investing Review - 7 Secrets You Must Know!

Motif Investing Review - Design Your Own Motif

Are you looking for a unique investment trading platform?

We will review Motif Investing, and discuss its pros and cons.

Motif Investing provides a range of self-directed investments with the added benefit of Robo-advisor management.

You have two options: build your mini portfolio or invest in one.

You may make some extra money if other platform investors invest in your portfolios.

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Rating Motif Investing

Fees: 8.5/10

Simple of use 9.5/10

Diversification: 9/10

Customer Service: 8.5/10


  • Choose from pre-existing portfolios.
  • Create your portfolio.
  • There are no minimum accounts.

Ranking: 7.3/10

What's Motif Investing?

Motif Investing allows you to pick your assets as well as a Robo-advisor. It was established in Rancho Cordova, California in 2010.

This is why it is one of the most advanced and unique investment platforms.

You can either invest in pre-designed portfolios, called motifs, or create your own.

You can combine equities and exchange-traded funds to achieve this. You can base your motif on any topic or target you choose.

Motif Investing's product line has grown steadily over the last few years.

You can now invest in socially responsible investments or initial public offerings. Digital assets such as cryptocurrencies will be available very soon.

Motif Investing is the most well-known of all investment methods.

The company currently has over 350k customers, including J.P. Morgan & Goldman Sachs.

Motif Investments has a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBBB) but is not BBB-accredited.

How Motif Investing works?

The motif now offers a multi-faceted investment plan that provides multiple investment options.

Motif Investment is a great way for you to get started.

You can use this account to trade stocks and ETFs or start investing in motifs.

Motifs can be described as the company's operational term or the basic investment strategy.

A theme is basically a portfolio with a maximum of 30 stocks or ETFs. These are a mixture of stocks and ETFs.

The company has hundreds of themes that you can choose from. A theme can be based on any type of investment concept.

Motif Investment will manage your motif creations and investments in them.

Motif Investments also allows you to invest in other areas.

Motif Investing Features And Benefits

Motif Investing has many other investment options. Each model has a minimum investment.

  • Trading Accounts = $0
  • Motifs = $300
  • Motif Impact Portfolios = $1,000
  • Margin accounts = $2,000

Accounts: Taxable Individual or Joint Accounts, Rollover and Roth IRAs and Traditional; Trust Accounts

Investments Available: All U.S. stock-exchange-listed stocks, ETFs, and American Depositary Receipts.

Agent Clearing Agent and Custodian: MOTIF Investment funds are held at Pershing LLC. Pershing LLC is one of the largest financial institutions worldwide with over $1 trillion in assets.

Margin account: Minimum $2,000 account balance required. The margin rates currently in effect are 8.25% for accounts larger than $500k and 10.75% for accounts smaller than $1ok.

Margin investing is restricted to direct stock and ETF purchase. They cannot be used with any other motif portfolios.

Portfolio Rebalancing: Yes.

Fractional stocks: By investing a small amount, you can create a portfolio using fractional shares.

App: Motif investing is available for both iOS devices (9.3 and later) as well as Android devices (4.4 or higher).

Customer Services: MOTIF is available by phone or email between 9:00 AM and 6 PM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

Account security: SIPC covers your account for up to $500,000k cash and securities as well as up to $250k cash.

Motif uses firewalls to protect information. This includes a secure socket layer, (SSL)

Motif blue

The $19.95 monthly service includes these features:

  • 3 monthly commission-free real-time trades
  • Open trades with no commission in the next market
  • Real-time quotes

Motif Investing Investment Methodology

Motif offers seven portfolio options. The three available options are for institutional investors while the four remaining are for individuals.

Portfolios for Motif Thematic Content

Motif investing's theme-based portfolios are very well-received. These portfolios are designed to meet investors' goals.

A portfolio can only contain 30 stocks or ETFs.

It can identify trends and patterns and then analyzes data with sophisticated algorithms to determine which companies are driving the trend. The portfolio then is based on a particular theme.

Although the portfolios are named with charming names, they serve an important purpose. It is focused on businesses that would benefit if Obamacare was repealed.

Online Video and Casino Gambling are just some examples of pre-built themes.

A Thematic Portfolio must have at least $300 for each motif. Once you have created your motif, you can share it with other Motif investors.

Bonus: Each time an investor buys or balances a motif you've created, you will get $1 under Motif’s Creator Royalty program. After each quarter ends, the quarter-earned royalties will be paid in approximately 15 days.

Impact Portfolios

Motif Investing offers these portfolios of socially-responsible investment. These portfolios can be fully automated and tailored to your core values as well as your investment goals.

Every Impact Portfolio consists of ETFs or equities from a range of asset types, such as

  • Stocks in America
  • Stocks from the developed market
  • Stocks in emerging markets
  • Real estate stocks
  • Commodities stocks
  • U.S. U.S. bonds
  • International bonds
  • They use tax-aware auto investments to limit asset sales and lower capital gains taxes. The current group consists of three portfolios.

    • Sustainable Planet - These stocks are committed to sustainability to reduce their carbon footprint.
    • Fair Labor: Promotes job stability, safe working conditions, fair wages, and job security.
    • Good Corporate Governance: This portfolio consists of investments in companies with a strong track record in ethical performance in terms of transparency, accountability, and fairness.

    You have the option to alter any portfolio's asset allocation to your liking

    Initial Public Offerings

    Motif Investing allows you to create a Motif account or take part in an Initial Public Offer (IPO). Next, you will need to make a conditional offer and receive your IPO shares.

    Motif's Initial public Offering has one advantage: It allows small investors to take part in one of the most lucrative investing activities.

    Previously, only wealthy individuals or institutions could invest in initial public offerings. Now you can participate for as little as $250 Your initial investment is completely free.

    You will be notified of any IPOs that become available. You will need to sign up for it.

    Motif offered access to over 100 IPOs, such as Redfin or Trivago.

    Crypto Portfolios

    Soon, this option will be available. Sign up for a waitlist to be added to the waiting list.

    The portfolio is not yet available. You can however add "Bitcoin", and other digital assets, to your portfolio.

    This version will be available within the next few days.

    Motif Investing fees

    Motif Investment has two fee structures

    1. Portfolios with a MOTIF of 0.50%
    2. 0.25% Motif Impact Portfolios

    These are trading costs associated With Build Your Own Portfolio

    Trades occurring on the next market day are subject to a first fee. Trading in real-time is more expensive.

    To purchase stock or ETFs, you will need to pay $4.95 per trade. Broker-assisted trading can be done in real-time for $29.95.

    Buying or creating a motif in real-time will cost twice as much if you need it right away. This could cause prohibitive costs for small investments like $300.

    IRA Fees. Investing Charges a $10 quarterly fee if the following are not met:

    • Motif Blue membership
    • Balances above $10k
    • Commission trades during the last three months

    Motif offers policies with a $95 cancellation fee on IRAs.

    How to Invest With Motif?

    These are the conditions to open a Motif account

    • Minimum 18-years old
    • Permanent residence or citizenship in the United States

    Enter your email address and create a password. Next, enter the following information:

    • Physical address
    • Full name
    • SS number
    • Driver's license

    Sometimes they might need to verify your income and employment.

    Funding your Account

    Funds can be sent to you via ACH once you have linked your bank accounts. Wire transfer is another option.

    You can fund your account with a check by making the check payable to Pershing LLC, the clearing agency and custodian.

    Motif Investing Pros And Cons


    • There are two options: you can either choose from pre-existing portfolios that are based on specific investing themes, or you can make your own.
    • You have the option to create your own theme and offer investment opportunities beyond 30 stocks.
    • After your robo-advisor has been set up, you are able to manage portfolios and motifs. Your only job is to fund new and existing portfolios and themes.
    • Motif Impact Portfolios allow you to participate in responsible investing. These portfolios come pre-designed and can be modified by you.
    • The motif is very easy to use. To get started, you will need an account with a zero balance. The motif will let you start once you have contributed at least $300
    • Stock trades and ETFs for the following day are free of charge.


    • Thematic Portfolios cost $9.95 per motif. This is a lot of money for a portfolio which costs only $300.
    • Real-time trading fees may be higher than those charged by other brokerage firms and are not comparable with those charged by companies that trade in real-time.
    • Motif Investing lets you trade individual stocks right now, but it is not as powerful as a more experienced brokerage.
    • Customer service is only available during regular business hours. If you require assistance after hours or on weekends,
    • Motif Investing does not pay interest on cash that hasn't been invented yet.
    • Stocks and ETFs are allowed, but you cannot invest in options or other assets.

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