August 12, 2021

Modern Millionaires [Review 2022]: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Modern Millionaires Scam Review

Digital advertising is an incredibly popular business. It is possible to start a business and have it grow to seven figures within a few years.

If you are looking for a way out, it might be difficult to find one.

This is not an expression to be taken lightly.

We'll take a look at the inner workings of a digital advertising agency and show you what to do. It was a huge success.

We'll be looking at the modules of the modern millionaire to see if it is the right online course for you.

What's it like to become a millionaire?

The Modern Millionaires claim to show you exactly how to create an online business from nothing.

This will show you how to create an agency. Google ads can be used to generate new business.

Although the course covers different niches, the main focus of the course is on lead generation for other businesses.

However, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't use the tips and tricks in this course to grow your business.

It's likely that many people will take this route.

This is the topic of my next post.

This will likely provide you with much more of a concept about what Modern Millionaires bring to the table.

How much is the Modern Millionaire Course worth?

The course costs are not listed anywhere online. Although it was difficult to find the course, YouTube advertisements showed that they were selling it for $9.95.

It is possible to think it is easy or affordable for a beginner.

This up sell product is

Yes. From $5000 to $7860

I will be completely honest with you from the start.

It is unlikely that this course will be suitable for everyone.

It is $8,000.

You'll likely have to pay a lot of money to get the same quality information you can find in other products.

It's worth noting that this price is just the 'entry level'.

Additional money is required to pay for paid advertising or any other application you have to sign up to.

How To Purchase Modern Millionaires Training Course?

Calling a salesman is the only way to become a millionaire.

They will market to you your products based on your budget during the phone call.

They will try to convince you that the product is worth the price.

Another hideous secret is here.

Their top-selling item is $9.95 Most people are unhappy that they charge $137 rather than $9.95.

I was able to increase my online business's revenue from $50,000 per month to more than $50,000 per month with this program. This program teaches digital marketing skills and shows you how to make your online business more profitable.

Who are the Modern Millionaires Course's Creators?

Chance Welton and Abdul Samed Are the Modern Millionaires.

Both of these are not known in this internet coach business.

Chance, and Abdul, have started many businesses.

Abdul, Chance, and the entire training course are a great complement.

I did the research and came to the conclusion they aren't lying about the effect of their business model.

But I question their ability to coach...

Forbes featured them? Have they done something exceptional?

Chance and Abdul may have bought the section from Forbes and it isn't up anymore.

What's the Modern Millionaire Business Model?

The business model that Millionaire has built his business is legit.

I hope you are happy to read this review. I have been in the industry for some time and can help you from all angles.

So this training course is based upon running google ads for business owners.

Making your clients and yourself money is the goal of

There are many reasons why business owners may not have the time or resources to manage their Google ads.

This is just advertising.

The webinar was described as extremely shiny and simple to use.

What's The Modern Millionaires Course Content?

This course consists of only four parts. There are seven courses in this course, including the fact that module 3 was divided into multiple' submodules.

Although it may not seem like much content, you might be surprised by how many details each component contains.

Don't expect too much...

Module 1 - The Foundation

Everything is kept easy and friendly in the first part. This section will show you exactly how to start a business.

This component focuses on creating an agency website. A domain name is essential in attracting clients.

It will be discussed a lot about having a positive mental state in order to run a business.

This module focuses on giving you the inspiration and tools you need to be successful in your local online business.

Module 2 - Prospecting and Sales

This module is module 2. It shows how detailed these modules are.

This module starts with an overview of prospecting. Next, you will learn how to research the market using an internet CRM.

This is an essential part of your business model. Prospecting clients is key to your business model. It is important to understand how to manage them.

It's also important to explain cold emailing.

Cold emailing is often ignored by many people. The Modern Millionaires Course Offers more specific methods to generate leads.

You will also learn how to use LinkedIn for payments and how you can finalize deals with clients that you have contacted.

Training skips the offer finalization portion, which is a shame because this business model relies on obtaining top clients and transforming them into better-paying clients.

It may be difficult to sell if your sales skills are not up to the mark.

Module 3A - Driving traffic with Google Ads

This section is the meat of the course. It will show you how to use Google Ads for traffic generation.

This module is probably the most comprehensive I've seen on Google Ads. These two powerful men will help you generate leads by guiding you through the entire process.

Module 3B: Driving Traffic (Facebook).

This component is very much precisely the same as the last module, just this time; you're likely to be utilizing Facebook Ads to produce leads instead.

Module 3C

This module combines both the previous modules.

This lesson will show you how to generate leads, and hopefully, turn them into paying customers.

Module 4: Auto-Pilot

This component creates all automated options. This section discusses how to recruit employees and train them.

This module, unlike other classes where you might prefer to build your business over time before automating it immediately, suggests that you jump into automation right away so you can start making money.

Are You A Modern Millionaire? AKA Officeless Agency, and Could You Make Money?

Although you might make a lot of money by buying the millionaire middleman it is still difficult to find information and support.

Customers have complained that there was no interaction or activity on the Facebook group with Chance and Abdul as of this article's writing.

Of course, you can make money, but the cost of this course is just too much, and there are lots of con's that I am going to tell you later on in this particular review.

Let me explain first why this business model may be a good fit.

The Good and the Bad

The Good:

  • Chance and Abdul founded the Modern Millionaires program. Each one of them has achieved great success under their own labels. Forbes featured them.
  • Launching the program does not require any special knowledge.
  • Modern Millionaires (AKA Office less Agency), a business model for the Modern Millionaires?It is common sense to make money using Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • Get the best training and value.

The Bad:

  • Rates are not clear. It is stated at $5000. This price is very high for a program.
  • Not only is training expensive, but Digital advertising is also another expense.
  • It is impossible to predict the outcome of a project. It's possible to invest in an opportunity and not have the funds to repay it.
  • Hidden costs that weren't disclosed during your assessment call will also be revealed. It could cost between $300 and $400 per month.
  • For those just starting out, these monthly fees are prohibitive.

Understanding the Modern Millionaire Business Opportunity

Google Ads seems like a fantastic business idea for making money for business owners.

There are so many things to take into consideration when you start a business.

Many business owners don’t know how ads work.

They don’t know how to create a website that draws people to it

They're too busy to do it all.

Perhaps, he/she wants to invest only in items that will help their business grow.

This makes more sense when you take into account all these things.

I do not recommend or support this course. It is not recommended that you rush into this course.

Are Modern Millionaires Real?

Modern Millionaires' only advantage is their dependence upon a legitimate business.

Place ads for business owners to make money.

However, there are many options when it comes to building an online company.

You have more options than Millionaire if you want to be an online advertiser.

Remember that I do not get paid to review any programs. Online Business or Advertising Agency, to me, is a poor business model that leaves you with a lot of money.

Is Modern Millionaires A Scam?

Millionaires of the Modern Age are not a fraud. However, they have changed their last names after being rebuked.

They are like an officeless agency and a millionaire middleman. They are no surprise that they love the title!

This program can make you a lot of money online.

These guys don't have the right qualifications to teach

Any type of model can be used to build a successful online business.

This is my #1 pick!

Modern Millionaire isn't the same. This book shows the real success of real people only a few days ago.

Is Millionaire Middleman Legit?

Yes. Millionaire Middleman is legal. 

It was the old name for Modern Millionaires. This isn't a fraud, I would say.

Why would you rebrand so quickly? Hmmm.....

They are able to teach this model. Companies will always need leads - smart people, anyway - and Google can be a great way to find a client.

While I don't know if they offer a money-back guarantee, considering they aren't around to help after you buy it makes me less inclined to believe they will.

This is my safe choice.

Do Modern Millionaires Need Support?

There are also support systems that can be found in addition to online courses.

The sales call they make with you will be your main support piece. Once they have received your money, their support seems to stop.

Although they promise a Facebook Group as well as some great coaches, it doesn't seem like this kind of support is possible, based on everything I've seen online.

Pros Of Modern Millionaire Online Courses

Only a few people know how to manage an agency. This course goes beyond other comparable courses.

Many people claim to be experts, but they have never done it.

This is probably the best course I've seen on running ads and lead generation. This course covers everything that you need to start a local business on lead generation.

Although it isn't really lacking on this front, it does lack a few key components for running a successful business.

It builds on your existing knowledge in many ways.

Aside from that, I enjoy classes with something new to offer. You feel as though you are learning something every time you go through the modules.

Cons Of Modern Millionaire Online Courses

The reason is that the course training is too costly and doesn't provide any additional value.

The course is $8,000 but there are some additional features that you can use to increase your marketing budget.

The course doesn't focus on management.

It would be a great program if it offered a comprehensive training course in running a business.

This course doesn't rely on ads.

Although this is the fastest method to generate leads, it's still a good idea to try out other methods.

To do something that can justifiably justify their asking price


Due to the higher cost, it is difficult to recommend Modern Millionaires. If you are looking to create a successful online company, there are many other classes that you can take.

Although it's still a great course, the cost is likely to be too high for most people. This is a shame because it could have been a worthwhile purchase if the price was just a few thousand dollars more.

You have many options for online businesses. However, it is important that you choose something you love and that suits your personality.

Dropshipping and affiliate marketing are more suitable for introverts or shy people.

I can assure you that if you aren't a natural salesperson or have the ability to work with people, then you should steer clear of businesses where you may be asked to review business owners.

Is Lead Generation still viable?

In 2021, you can still make money from lead generation.

People are constantly creating new websites and ranking them for new markets.

SEO has not changed over the years.

Businesses are now looking for leads more than ever, especially after the disaster known as covid-19.

This is the best time of year to begin organic lead generation as people are more likely than ever to Google.

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