December 1, 2021

Marketing Funnel Academy Review

Marketing Funnel Academy Review

Steve Hofstetter also promotes this online course to make money.

This book will teach you how to find clients and close deals with them. You will still need to search for clients and close deals.

You might need to place an advertisement on several platforms in order to get noticed.

Marketing Funnel Academie's biggest selling point is that funnels are in great demand.

This course offers hope that people can make a living online.

MFA contains a lot of useful information to help you make money online, and land big commission checks.

Marketing Funnel Academy is being reviewed to determine whether it is the best SMMA program.

Let's talk about whether SMMA is the right model for you.

I'll answer your questions about Marketing Funnel Academy and SMMA.

But most importantly, I'll show you how I built an internet marketing business that earned me more than $40,000 per monthly.

I swear by SMMA for my entire life. It uses the same skills but is more powerful and profitable.

This is a longer article.

Let's now get into Marketing Funnel Academy!

Marketing Funnel Academy Review: Worth it?

Quick Stats of Marketing Funnel Academy

Rank: Ranked #6 of 30 Facebook Ad Courses

Length: 13 hours 28 minutes & 49 second

Content: Content is for experienced online marketers who wish to grow their business.

Rating: 4.0/5 - The most popular FB advertising course

Price: $10,000 USD (50% upfront, 50% afterward)

What's Marketing Funnel Academy?

Let me tell you about Steve Hofstetter and his Marketing Funnel Academy before I start my review.

Steve and his colleagues started the company to offer an online learning platform for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Funnel is an automated system to generate leads. It allows you to set up a marketing sequence that breaks down potential clients' "purchasing path", so you can get their email information (email address) and then sell or make offers.

It is important to attract as many potential customers as possible and then to narrow down the list to those most likely to purchase. Similar to funnels with conical shapes, which are wider at the top than at the bottom, this is analogous.

But, the term "funnel" is often used online to refer to automation.

Who founded The Marketing Funnel Academy?

Steve Hofstetter is behind Marketing Funnel Academy.

Steve is happily married to his wife and a great father. He lives with his family in Gilbert, Arizona.

Some may wonder if Steve is a self-proclaimed Guru.

I did my research on Steve and found that he is worth 4 million dollars.

To find out more, go to 2CC's enrollment page. Steve is at the center.

He's a legit online marketer and teacher.

Who is Steve Hofstetter?

Steve is an expert in his field. Their company runs smoothly and has been around for some time.

I haven’t been able to find any other social media that is active and productive since 2017, except for paid ads.

It doesn’t matter if your business is everywhere, or if you exhaust all avenues to create it.

Marketing Funnel Academy is a company that automates the client-getting process and performance approach. This allows you to focus on what you do best, instead of having to do all the work.

Keep in touch with clients and make sales phone calls.

Steve and his colleagues put their words into action.

What can you expect from this course?

Steve called because I was looking to expand my company.

The leads were coming in but they weren't as strong as I had hoped. While there were many, they didn't reach enough clients.

I loved it so much, that I was willing to spend a lot of money to see my conversion rates launch into space like Elon Musk's rockets.

If you are new to funnels, read on. Steve's course might not be right for you.


Steve's course is different from other "educational" because his ultimate goal for the course is totally different.

He won’t drop a big information bomb on you and then give you a "Nice Knowing You", like Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio).

Steve's goal is to give you a fully optimized, operational funnel and all the information to make it work.

To be eligible for the MFA program, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Training and Call Scripts
  • Training in Facebook ads
  • Live Training Calls
  • MFA Done-For-You Sales Funnel
  • MFA Optimized Facebook Ad Campaigns to Fuel Your New Funnel


Advertising can be very competitive.

A notice will appear saying, "No blogging! Stop the ads! "

Click on the ads, then read the content, and then view the free online training. You find out that the Guru told you a different story in order to enroll you in their program.

Marketing Funnel Academy can be a great example of one such guy.

They put their words into action sometimes, but not always.

Each day, you can view one ad, one video, and one offer.

They now create ads for different markets and different audiences

I love that they use the exact same funnels as mine in their company.

  • An advertisement appears.
  • View a video clip.
  • Seek out a call-to-action to schedule a sales call.
  • If you leave the tab, you'll receive a lot of funny sales letters. All of them will encourage you to set up a call.
  • Make a call.
  • Talk with a dealer to get the pitch and a bonus.
  • This investment is very costly.

Marketing Funnels Academy: Breakdown

Module 1: Customer avatar

This module is focused on consumer research and analysis.

Steve will show you a new way to build Your Funnel to get to know your client.

Steve and his team need this knowledge to build a pipeline that converts clients.

These (and many more!) should be at least familiar to you.

  • Demographics (Age, Gender, Education, Where they Live, etc.) of your Ideal Customers
  • What do your ideal customers want?
  • Your Ideal Customer's Challenges (What are they doing to stop them from reaching their goals?) There are many options: Money, education, and a negative outlook.
  • The Ideal Customer's Objections

Steve asks you questions about your ideal client. He uses a similar worksheet as a guide.

Now that you have all the data, it's time to create traffic sources for your funnel.

Although it is more expensive in recent years, Steve still recommends Facebook to prospects.

Module 2 - Make targeted ads on Facebook

After you've decided who you want your ad to reach, you can create an ad that brings browsers and scrollers into your funnel.

Steve is an expert on a variety of topics. However, he focuses his attention on the five below.

  • Get Started with a Budget that's Enough
  • Find Which Part of Your Ad You Would Like to Change
  • Use hybrid photographs (they both inform and attract)
  • These two methods are the easiest to get your ads to cover
  • Campaign Goals - Setting and tracking campaign goals

Steve shares a number of landing pages that have been successful for him in the past. Steve also shares his knowledge on the essential elements of landing pages that should adapt to the traffic coming into the site.

Module 3: Utilizing 3 Types Of High-Converting Landing Pages

Steve shares his experience with landing pages and the benefits they can bring to traffic. He also shares some of the proven landing pages that have worked for him in the past.

These are the parts you can optimize for a landing page in this module.

  • The Message is the Focus
  • A bold and powerful headline
  • A clear description of what you offer
  • Eliminating non-essential navigation elements
  • A compelling call-to-action

Steve closes the module with a glance at the larger picture. He explains how landing pages can fit in the three key elements of a successful digital funnel.

Steve, his team, and their understanding of landing pages are amazing.

They looked at my funnel carefully and made minor suggestions.

This is one of the best parts of the MFA community.

They do the majority of the work and offer advice about how to build future marketing structures. It is this reason they call it an "academy" rather than a service. "

Module 4 - Education is a Free Asset.

Steve believes that it is the best way to keep prospects moving down the funnel. This means continuing to offer "value" as they work.

Steve regards digital content as "value" and recommends that it be his first recommendation. You can choose to have a pdf, a video tutorial, or both.

This digital and informational product offers many benefits.

1-2: They are cheaper and Professional- Your insightful content shows you are an expert in the field you work in and puts you in a position where you can influence others.

Number 3: Candidates with higher quality leads- Candidates are eliminated when they gather more information. Others will see that they aren't on the right path and will leave the sales pipeline. Others will work hard, confident that the offer is right.

This screening increases the reliability of your sales calls by limiting them to qualified prospects.

These are the main topics of

  • How to create an ebook that will transform prospects
  • Make an instructional video that is engaging. Steve's team can help you in critiquing it and even editing it.

These experts are great to have in a one-stop-shop, since it can be time-consuming to search for them.

Module 5: 3 Objectives

Steve and his colleagues set out to accomplish these three goals by building funnels.

  1. Establish a relationship with your prospect
  2. Tell them about the procedure
  3. Convince them that a Breakthrough call is possible.

Here is an image of Steve’s funnel:

Each block of blue in the image acts as a signal. It triggers actions such as sending emails to specific recipients or submitting reports.

Each symbol looks like a calculator and is surrounded by bubbles. It represents the page prospects will find.

Are you a good investment? Can it make you money?

You will decide what happens in the end. I hope that you don't rush.

Steve has put together a great course and a team that will help you build a sales funnel that actually works. He will then build it for you and give you the keys.

This is a high-quality product, but it's expensive.

If your company is already established and you wish to grow your pipeline, the Marketing Funnel Academy may not be for you.

Although funnels can make you money (which is not an easy task), if you're willing to work hard to become a Facebooks Advertising Marketing Strategist, you could make real money.

I was able to skyrocket my online business to over $50,000 per month thanks to this program. You will learn the same advertising skills, but how to make them more profitable.

Would you recommend Marketing Funnel Academy? Are they a scam or legitimate?

This is not a scam.

Having technical and ad copy done can be very worthwhile.

What happens if you don’t know your target customers or have no product?

Research is key to narrowing down your product selections.

It would be hard to charge high prices for something you've never done before if you were like me.

It is also a good idea to check your offer with free traffic and social media.

If it does not convert with paid traffic, it won't convert.

Let's suppose you have a high-ticket product that is getting traction. You're tired of playing small.

Get an MFA. It may be possible.

For beginners, if your offer hasn't been tested yet, it may be worth using their funnel to test it.

I believe that paying traffic is safer after the offer has been approved and reviewed.

Paid traffic may not be the best option unless your offer is tested thoroughly. Paid Traffic converts at a higher rate than free traffic.

It is possible to start a profitable and successful online business without spending a lot of money.

This was my #1 choice!

This is a real sign of success and not MFA. This was only a few days ago.

eMoney Kings is the #1 Recommended Way to Make Money Online in 2021

The program was rated as the best in the real estate industry by our review team!

It is digital, but it's not real estate.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

Marketing Funnel Academy is lacking in scalability.

It's unrealistic to think that you can set up multiple social media accounts and keep them updated all day.

It takes too much money, time and resources to be self-sufficient.

What if you could make more money from your local websites without having to spend all day monitoring different campaigns?

The digital estate program allows you to make a daily profit by generating local traffic for your site!

Does this sound too good to be true Yes, it does! Many business owners wish they could do this skill.

It is easy to build and rank your local website and then forward the jobs on to business owners.

This applies to any service-based business like tree service, plumbing, or towing.

How can you get paid the most?

The concept is simple: once you send the jobs to a business owner and he makes money, you can ask for mutual benefits.

A fair price per lead depends on the industry. Let's use the tree service industry to illustrate the worst-case scenario.

Let's say you rank the site and receive only 10 jobs per year. Tree service jobs range from $500 to $2000.

You should have at most $500 in assets per month!

It is digital real estate. This refers to a rent payment.

Scalability is simple. No need to worry about different CPCs activating different campaigns at different times.

Back To Marketing Funnel Academy . . . Why settle for a $500 commission when you can make a $500 profit.

This allows you to make large FLAT RATE DEALS!

This program will help you make money online. The owner of the program will share his screen with you and sometimes speak to your screen.

Find out the importance of keywords, website names, and how to send emails with notifications about calls and backlinking.

Once the training program has been completed, you will be able to access a Facebook Group we believe is better than the MFA Group. The group is more active.

The Marketing Academy could offer 10-20X more than $250 per month.

Businesses will always require more leads and jobs. They see it all as it is...expanding the digital estate.

More people can leave their 9-5 job than.

There are likely many questions.

This page will help you to learn more.

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