October 8, 2021

Hype-Free Biz

What does it mean?

Imagine owning a complex with ten apartments. Each unit can be rented for 1K per month. Don't worry about getting into debt that amounts to millions of dollars. Tenants, termites and trash; management firms; cutthroat competition, market crashes; all that. This is how it is. This is a new way to invest in real estate.

Can you be more specific?

We make tiny websites. You can rank them in Google. They can be rented by local businesses. They get paid anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each month, depending on the niche they are working in. They get many times their money back from these sites. Everyone is happy. The most joyful people are you. There are no products, inventory or customer support. You can pitch family and friends. Pandemic-proof. Recession-proof. To keep their doors open in times of difficulty, businesses need us more than ever.

Does this sound real?

Have any of these websites been recommended to you?

  • Angi
  • Apartments.com
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Houzz
  • Insurance.com
  • Limos.com
  • Thumbtack
  • Zillow

They're doing it all, but at a higher level. Think about the fastest-growing companies in today's world. Uber, Alibaba and Airbnb. They don't sell products or services. They connect people, right! That's exactly what we do. This is just at the micro level.

Who is it for?

Anybody, anyplace, so long as they have WiFi. This is a business. It will be treated as such. Positive attitude, persistence, patience, willingness to learn, and willingness to execute are key. It is important to put in as much time as possible. eMoney Kings is recommended that you have at most a thousand dollars for your startup.

Do you know of any businesses that have a website?

Yes, most do. It is impossible to find it. It is therefore ineffective. They are attached to Google's top. They function as conveyor belts for customers. The most important thing is real results. They want more phone calls, emails, and walk-ins. They want this. They can find it on our Websites.

It is so easy, why not do it yourself?

First, don't confuse easy with simple. This is the latter. They do. They become our members. They use our software, support, and training to help build their business. You should be able to take on the challenges if you own a brick-and-mortar business. Most people don't have time or the desire to spend their days experimenting with "internet stuff". For every dollar they spend, they get multiple times more back. They don't pay anything for us, do they? No. Nope.

Where can you find clients?

Three words: Get results in advance. Select the niche and city. Then, create the site. It should be ranked. Once leads come in, give out samples. You can be the Costco lady. You can also get some money free of charge. Want more? You can get twelve hundred per month. Cancel at any time. Cancel at any time. If they say no, it doesn't matter. These are them. You don't get any money for asking. Keep asking until you get a no. This can be done by email, phone, or text. It doesn't take much to meet people face-to-face or out of your own home. It doesn't matter where you live, you can meet people anywhere. It's possible. If you aren't comfortable with this part, we'll happily close the deal for you. You can win, even if you're an introvert or a sales sucker.

How can I tell if my client isn’t paying anymore?

Same as traditional real estate. Find a tenant to continue your search. How can you do this? You could go to your competitor, make a new agreement and send them emails and phone calls. Then you can continue collecting checks. Is that logical? It doesn't matter if the property you built isn't worth your money over many years. You could potentially live for a lifetime. Perhaps even longer. These might be passed on one day to your children. You can leave a lasting legacy.

Does it get saturated if everyone is aware?

No. This is why "Tow Truck Odessa Texas” is so niche. So is "Tow Truck College Station Texas." Also, "Tow Truck San Angelo Texas. " Also, "Tow Truck San Angelo Texas. Also, "Tow Truck Midland Texas. Competing at the local level is impossible. Now think about all the Texas cities. Now zoom out. Imagine the entire U.S. All these cities are just a few of the many business types that exist. New industries are emerging as the world changes. Drone security. Mobile IV therapy. Cryotherapy. These are just a handful. It is easy to see how the numbers add up. There are millions upon millions of niches and we can't serve them all.

But what if I'm not a techie yet?

To make it easy, we created our own drag-and-drop website builder. You can request a tracking number for any specific city you are interested in. The tracking number will keep track of every call generated by your website and organize it in an Excel spreadsheet you can present to your client at the conclusion. Every call will be sent to the business owner you are working with. You can either bill them per call or set monthly or weekly amounts. It automates your business, taking you out of the day.

How long does it take to make money?

These websites can be created in a matter of hours if you are really ambitious. The next step is to create backlinks and citations. This group can be assisted by us. Google will then rank you. For example, you are not competing with twenty other Odessa (Texas) tow-truck websites. They don't even know what this is. It would be amazing to see how quickly you can rank. New websites have risen to the top of search engines in a matter of days. It can take months to find more niches that are competitive and/or sites located in larger cities. It will be discovered by people. You can give away virtual samples for a few days. You can also close a client. (Or have us do it. ) It is possible to set it and forget about it. You can then move on to the next one. Depending on the project, it can take between two to nine weeks. This is a great asset and should earn you six hundred dollars per year. It's not something you do all the time. While you wait for Google's completion, you can and should develop other rental properties.

How much money can I make?

It all depends on your attitude, determination, ability to focus, persistence, hard work, perseverance, and general grit. We don't know you yet. Six hundred dollars is the average monthly income for an e-rental. This is seventy-two thousand dollars per year. There are ten, twenty, and thirty options.

This isn't a magical solution. If you don't do the work or outsource it, you won't get any results. You must be willing to do the work but not in the wrong niche. This means that you need to consider the size and location of your business. Smaller cities may not have enough Google searches in order to generate enough leads. You may lose interest if the city takes too long to rank. How about your business type? Consider the competition. Cleaning commercial window hoods are easier than cleaning dental. Conversions are possible. If someone is stranded on the side of the road, it's easy to convince them to call the tow truck. It's not difficult to convince someone that they need a tummy tuck consultation. The final thing to consider is the price of the tickets and their margins. A pool deck resurfacing company that sells three times as many units are worth more than one that sells thirty. Renting a niche can cost you twice as much per month as renting it for two hundred. We can help you find the best way.

Why are you two so different?

Most coaching programs cost over six thousand dollars, according to our research. Their marketing is full of hype and ridiculous income claims. Their model is not working, or it has never worked. While it may be able to work for a while, there are other factors such as inventory, shipping, customers, and recruiting. They can't guarantee anything. There is no software that can make your life easier. There are a few videos that haven’t been updated in two years. Twenty. Everything is changing online as fast as it can. Often, the person teaching it doesn't actually practice what they preach. (Or, again, never did. ) Worse, they will only sell you crap you don't need. We are completely opposite to what you believe.

I'm interested. What now?

This page is your guarantee that you have read it. Slowly and carefully? With a maximum of a grand, you can launch. To confirm, click the link below. You will find case studies as well as a breakdown of all benefits if you are interested. Only applications will be considered. On the next page, you will see me.

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