December 27, 2021

Lil Nas X Net Worth


Atlanta, Georgia native Lil Nas X is his name. His first hit single, "Old Town Road", is a country rap song. It earned him the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100.

He's an American rapper, singer-songwriter, and rapper with an estimated net worth of $4 million by 2021.

What was Old Town Road's value?

Old Town Road was the biggest hit and has sold 8.7 million units.

Lil N Net Worth at a Look

Net Worth - $4 Million

Was created - April 9, 1999

Age - 21

Country of Origin - United States of America

Wealth Source - Professional Songwriter/ Rapper/Professional Rapper

Last Updated - 2022

What's Lil Nas X’s Net Worth?

According to reports, Lil Nas X's net worth is $4.3 million as of June 2020. His music career began with "Old Town Road".

Old Town Road broke Drake's record of most streams in a single week within a matter of months after its release. This was Billboard's most desired no.1 spot in the Hot 100.

You can also find many other songs by Lil' NasX via YouTube Soundcloud Soundcloud Tidal Apple Music and Spotify.

His amazing rapping abilities are what have allowed him to rise to stardom. Lil Nas' net worth was only $100,000 in 2018. Old Town Road’s aggressive streaming campaigns saw the rapper reach $2.7 million within a year.

Lil Nas X is a talented young artist who could be a major success if he keeps up his good work.

Who's Lil Nas X?

American singer, rapper, and songwriter Lil Nas X gained instant attention when he released "Old Town Road", which was his first single in a country rap style.

Before it was certified diamond-certified, this country rap song dominated TikTok. In less than a year, it was recognized worldwide.

The country rap song remained at number one on Billboard's Hot 100 List for 19 consecutive weeks. It was the longest-leading single on music charts.

Old Town Road was not the number one hit, but it's popularity rose because of several remixes.

One of the most loved collaborations was with Billy Ray Cyrus. This popularity was capitalized by Lil Nas X, who released hits almost as good or better than Old Town Road.

Despite not having a strong reputation in the music industry before Old Town Road was released Lil Nas X attracted the attention and respect of prestigious award-giving organizations which included the following:
  • 2 Grammy Awards For Best Music Video and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
  • Country Music Association Award
  • American Music Award: Favorite Rap/ Hip Hop Song

Lil Nas X

Born April 9, 1999, to Robert Stafford and Tamika Hill. Lil Nas X grew up in Lithia Springs, Georgia. It has kept him out of trouble, he says.

Lil Nas graduated from Lithia Springs High School and was admitted to the University of West Georgia in 2017. He decided after a year that he wanted music and dropped out of university.

Lil Nas X was in fourth grade when she played the flute.

Where is Lil Nas X? What is his real name?

Montero Lamar Hill was born on April 9, 1999. Lil Nas X is a Georgia native.

Lil Nas used several social media accounts to share funny and viral memes before the release of Old Town Road.

Lil Nas explains how his stage name was born in an interview with a magazine:

"It's my Internet alias for a while. I didn't feel serious when I started rapping. I added the X for the number of years until I was considered legendary. "

How did his career get started?

Today Lil Nas X, a young and well-known artist, has a hit with Old Town Road. This is his original country rap song.

His breakthrough single was TikTok's "Bad", a hit song, quickly became a household name.  In a short period of time, it became the longest-running country single on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.
He started posting funny memes on social media. But nothing was major.

He just wanted to try his music and entertain his growing fanbase. His first Soundcloud album, "Nasarati", came out in 2014.

Lil Nas stated in an interview with Teen Vogue that songwriting can be hard once a song is finished. He didn't get the fans he hoped for.

Lil' Nas had to take some time to get used to songwriting. I said, "Around my fifth song, the melodies and flows were flowing to me without any effort."

Lil Nas, who had mastered songwriting, released "Old Town Road" via SoundCloud. As you might know, the rest is history.

The song was instantly popularized by his fans who used it to make TikTok videos.

Career Developments

Lil' Nas X is passionately involved in his music career. But, his internet personality started his music career.

Lil Nas said in an interview that he tried many social media platforms before landing on Twitter.

He now has more than 2 million Twitter followers and 5million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Lil Nas X was caught in Twitter trouble when he accused Lil Nas X, tweet decking, of creating multiple accounts to make a post viral.

In the beginning, he denied that Nicki Minaj's fan accounts had been violated. However, he admitted to them in 2020 that he had violated Nicki Minaj fan accounts. He said that he was afraid that people would consider him gay if they found out that he was a Fan.

Nicki Minaj later reprimanded Lil Naughty X but praised him as a talented artist.
Lil Nas X had his sights set on his music career when 2019 arrived.

He began writing original songs and recorded them. In honor of Nas, he created the stage name Lil Nas X.

YoungKio, a Dutch producer, created the beat for Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road. It cost $30. This beat was posted to an online store that paid huge royalties.

Lil' Nas recorded Old Town Road at an Atlanta studio during the "$20 Tuesdays” promotion. He gave it to his TikTok followers and they started using it for their Yeehaw Challenge.

Due to its incredible popularity, it reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and Hot Country Songs Charts. It was removed from these major music charts because it wasn’t "country enough".

This remix was possible thanks to collaborations with other artists including Billy Ray Cyrus whose remix was the most popular of all the remixes.

Lil Nas X expressed gratitude to Billy Ray Cyrus by gifting him a Maserati.

For 19 consecutive weeks, remained at the top of Billboard's country charts.

Let's take a look at Lil Nas X’s life lessons that we can all learn from.

1. Don't Be Afraid Of Being Different. Be proud!

Throughout his teenage years, he was constantly hiding in the closet.  Fearing being judged, Lil Nas kept Lil Nas' sexual orientation secret. He could be sent to prison.

He conquered his fears and now encourages others.

2. Meet people who bring out the best of you.

Lil Nas X emphasizes the importance of working alongside the right people - people with the same goals and drive to succeed. This will allow you to grow and become the best version of yourself.

3. Humor is a great way to make yourself look good to both your friends and your enemies.

Lil Nas X started as an internet personality who loves posting funny memes to social media.

He did not know that this would increase his popularity and bring him more fans.

These are some memorable quotations by Lil Nas.

"Growing up, I loved so many sounds of so many genres – the many aspects they could offer. "

"I believe that any new idea will get a negative reception. "

"I am always trying new things and going musically. "

"In music, no one is going to force anyone to recreate a moment or any other thing. "

"Live your life to the fullest, and don't worry about what others think." "

"I started using the Internet heavily when memes became a form of entertainment. It was just a way to learn how it works and how it can be used to my advantage. "

"When I started making music, my enthusiasm was not as high. I love all kinds of music. While I don't consider me a huge country fan, I do enjoy some.


Is Little Nas A One Hit Wonder?

It is ironic that it is also the title of his current song. He did have other hits, however.

Are Lil Nas or Nas related?

They do not have any blood relations or other affiliations.

Lil Nas X chose this name to pay tribute to Nas. After realizing he could have a career in rap, he added "X" to the end of his name.


Lil Nas X will be forever remembered for his hit country rap song, "Old Town Road," which was made viral through TikTok’s 'Yehaw Challenge. "

Lil Nas X's hit country rap song "Old Town Road" is his most popular single.

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