October 13, 2021

Ricky Gutierrez Learn Plan Profit: 11 Things You Should Know!

Ricky Gutierrez - Learn to Plan Profit

I was intrigued by Ricky's trading platform after watching some videos on Ricky’s YouTube channel , and following his content on Facebook.

I find it second nature to look into any "guru-related information" in the trading world.

The free videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram promote his trading course "Learn Plan Profit".

Ricky is the main product in the online course. However, it isn’t widely promoted. This shows that his business model revolves around the Learn plan Profit course.

At first, I thought Ricky might just be one of those Gurus who make a living selling online courses.

It's fine to profit from such content, but I don't think it's wrong.

The Learn plan Profit course was launched in September 2008. It has been resold over 3,000 times.

The Profit website shows there are more than 20k members of the discord group. This suggests that the product could have brought in up to $5 million in revenues.

The trading club and this course are extremely popular.

This raises the question: Does it make sense?

This review examines the Learn Plan Profit course to determine if they are correct.

Learn plan Profit will be reviewed in order to determine if it's the best online trading platform.

Let's talk about whether day trading is right to you.

This article will address many of the most frequently asked questions regarding Learn Plan Profit and general trading.

But most importantly, I'll show you how I built an internet marketing business that earned me more than $50,000 per month.

Trading for good is something I swear by. It uses the same skills but in a more lucrative and powerful way.

Ricky Gutierrez - Who are you?

Ricky Gutierrez is a young day trader, entrepreneur based out of Gilbert, Arizona. Gutierrez claims to be the "youngest billionaire" in Gilbert.

Ricky quickly rose to prominence in the trading community. His Techbud Solutions company, which is now an online content powerhouse that caters to young entrepreneurs like himself, is

Ricky is best known for his stock trading content. However, he also has other ventures such as flipping cars or real estate.

Ricky Gutierrez was first introduced to me by a viral YouTube clip that showed Ricky's trading earnings. This brought me to Techbud Solutions on Facebook, which is the largest trading group that I know.

There are many Robinhood screenshots in the Facebook Group, which have been posted by new traders who want to learn Ricky's trading strategies.

Ricky has a huge fan base. Ricky also has a YouTube channel that boasts more than 990,000. His Instagram account boasts more than 180,000 subscribers.

Ricky did a fantastic job turning trading education into a business that generates income. You decide if the content is worth your time.

Ricky's plan of promoting a pipe dream compelled me to explore further.

What's Learn Plan Profit?

Learn plan Profit teaches beginners the principles and basics of swing trading.

This course is by Ricky Gutierrez. It covers the basics and more complex trading techniques.

Learn Plan Benefit provides a wide range of topics in more than 20 videos.

Learn Plan Profit Pricing

You will get lifetime access to Learn Plan Profit for a $299 fee.

This comprehensive course is extremely affordable. There won't be misleading up-sells in this course like you would with low-cost trading courses.

How to Use Profit Coupons?

Coupons are sometimes available, but currently, there are no discounts.

Ricky's live updates will give you the best chance to get one. Ricky would offer a limited-time deal on the Learn plan Profit course.

A $75 discount on your order is the best deal right now.

Learn Plan Profit Course

Learn Plan Profit is a course that provides all-inclusive trading training to new traders. It has over 70 videos and takes seven hours to stream.

These videos alternate between Ricky’s live-recorded footage and clips of Ricky discussing trading strategies.

Module 1: Mastering the Market

This module provides traders with the foundational knowledge they need. Ricky also covers some related topics.

I was surprised by two things about this course.

Ricky does not try to make trading easy. There are many traders who claim to be "gurus" and promise to make it simple.

Ricky is an excellent example of good procedure. He gives lectures, and not sells.

Second, the content is well-crafted and comprehensive. It was a YouTuber millionaire trying to sell me a course.

Ricky shares some of his experiences on his site.

Many people complicate the basics of life. I am here to share my simple, effective day trading steps.

This module introduces traders to the basic concepts and strategies for trading. Each video focuses on a single topic.

Module 1 covers the following topics:

  • What are low-cap stocks? (AKA Penny Stocks)
  • Support and Resistance
  • What amount do you need to invest?
  • How to make the most of paper trading
  • How to Use TD Ameritrade
  • The Most Important Indicator
  • What is a Pump and a Dump?
  • Core Styles of Trading
  • The PDT Rule
  • The Four Keys to Technical Trading Success
  • Why Penny Stocks Should Be Avoided
  • How to set expectations and stay consistent with your trades
  • BulletProof Process to Identify Potential
  • How to reduce your losses
  • How to Manage your Risk
  • Ricky's Golden Ratio
  • Avoid the hype and identify real opportunities

Module 2: The Mechanics Of Trading

Module 2 in Learn plan Profit focuses more on practical trading topics. Mod 1 helps traders build a foundation. Module 2 prepares traders to trade real-world situations.

This module covers topics such as creating watchlists, level 2 monitoring and reading charts.

It is unlikely that you'll learn anything new if you already know the content of the videos. Ricky was able simplify complicated trading topics.

This module looks similar to a condensed version of Investopedia. The lessons are:

  • How to Create a Watchlist
  • Japanese Candlesticks - How to Read Them
  • These 4 order types are most commonly used (and how they're used)
  • Step-by-step Alert Setting Method
  • Cash accounts vs. Margin account (Pros and Cons)
  • Stop Losses vs. Mental Stop Losses
  • Using Level 2 To Forecast Stock Values
  • After-market hours and pre-market hours
  • My Scanner, Scan Criteria

Module 3: My Indicators & Best Practices

Module 3 focuses Ricky's trading strategy. Module 2 provides an Investopedia-style overview and summary of trading principles.

Ricky begins the module by discussing his preferred technical parameters. These include the EMAs, RSI, as well as MACD, and VWAP. They are also explained how to use them.

This module teaches you how to create charts, such as pullbacks or breakouts.

Ricky plays a part in this segment. Ricky discusses chart setups with the Think or Swim platform.

The videos towards the end will cover different trading types and asset classes as well as trade management techniques.

The complete video list is

  • The RSI Study
  • How to Use EMA and VWAP and the MACD Indicator
  • Pullbacks for Sale
  • Real-Time Identification and Manipulation
  • How to Use Frequencies Accurately
  • Bag Holding (Common Mistakes People Make)
  • How can I lock in profits
  • How do you trade your BEST stock
  • ETFs with high-interest
  • How to reduce your losses
  • An overview of a typical swing trade
  • What should I look for when trading Momentum
  • How To Identify and Capitalize On Breakout #1
  • How To Identify and Capitalize On Breakout #2
  • Trading Desk Setup
  • How to Respond To a Delisting Notification
  • Reverse Stock

This module is the place where the course really takes shape.

These videos bridge the gap between theory & practice by showing how past lessons can be applied in real-world trades.

Ricky Gutierrez shared information about his trading strategy with traders in this video.

Module 4: Mindset for Success

Module 4 covers a wide range of topics in trading psychology. Ricky talks in front of the camera to sharing insights about having the right mindset.

These lessons have been an integral part of my research on trading psychology for quite some time. But, new traders must learn many lessons.

Learn Plan and Benefit is different from the rest.

Beginners traders can understand the lessons.

Ricky is still a young trader, but he does an excellent job sharing valuable insights with new traders.

This module encourages you to keep it simple, trade without emotion, and lack money.

These lessons may seem easy to those who have been there, but they can help novice traders lay a foundation and avoid costly mistakes.

This module covers

  • Avoid These Biggest Mistakes
  • How can you keep your trading life easy and consistent?
  • How do you set and achieve your yearly goals?
  • Profits locked in without requiring a trade
  • Trading Without Emotions
  • The Mindset of the Trade
  • If I Had To Start All Over
  • How does your quality of questions impact the quality of life and business

Module 5: Swing Trading

Module 5 introduces swing trading. This module also shows how to manage your swing trading spot.

These videos will be of great help to traders who are just getting started.

Ricky explains it in layman's terms and gives swing traders some "golden rules".

These videos include:

  • How to Scan for the Right Swing Stocks?
  • 6 Golden Steps For Swing Trading
  • The Ideal Swing Trade
  • When to Buy
  • Swing Trading

The Good

  • The course is well-structured. This course offers basic trading education and advanced trading techniques.
  • These lessons, especially for new traders, are powerful and consistent.
  • Learn plan Profit is a well-designed course. It organizes the content in an orderly and sequential fashion.
  • This program was also created to help novice traders avoid the costly side effects of trading.
  • Learn Plan Profit is an easy-to-follow course. This course will help traders who are just getting started.

The Bad

  • This is primarily for new traders
  • This course is unlikely to teach intermediate-advanced traders anything new.

Does Learn Plan Profit Deliver?

I base my evaluations of courses on the claims and promises made by the product.

Learn plan Profit Ricky states that it is a step-by-step A to Z video lesson library that helps beginners trade effectively.

I think it's important that new traders understand that there are no courses that teach them how to trade every day.

Soon you will realize how stressful trading can be. You will need to take time to learn how to relax you can be while trading. It's a step-by, A-Z video library.

This was the biggest challenge I faced when I first started trading. I watched many YouTube videos, and I kept switching between YouTube videos in an attempt to understand day trading.

This, I believe is what makes it so remarkable. This video library will help you reduce your learning curve by providing a step-by-step guide.

Although this course will not make it a great trader, it will help you grasp the market faster.

Who is the best learn plan profit for?

This is a great way to get started in trading. This will allow traders to trade.

Ricky will explain the basic principles of the market in a structured way that will help you grasp it faster.

Ricky's trading style and teaching style are well worth taking a look at. To see his videos, you can either watch them on YouTube or join his group on Facebook.

His fast speaking speed can make it easy to become overwhelmed. It will get easier once you've seen his videos and understood what he's talking about.

For traders who are already experienced, this course is not recommended. Most of the material is very basic and you likely already know it.

How did Ricky Gutierrez earn his fortune?

Gutierrez made a fortune trading penny stocks. Not everyone is successful.

Course Analysis and Verdict Scam?

You now know the advantages of learning from Learn Plan Profit.

Is it worth it?

I recommend that you first watch Ricky's YouTube videos, then join his Facebook Group.

This is how you can determine if Ricky’s teaching style suits you. These are the two main points to remember when taking any trading course:

  1. Education is not enough to guarantee success. A great course will give you more experience, but it will not guarantee your success in trading.
  2. Every person learns differently.

This is not a scam to make it seem easy!

It is possible to start a profitable online business.

This was my #1 choice!

It's not like Learn Plan Profit. It provides real proof of success from people who have been there just a few days ago.

eMoney Kings is the #1 Recommended Way to Make Money Online in 2022

Our review team found a program that is the best in the real estate industry!

It is digital, but it's not real estate.

Yup, Digital Real Estate!

The only thing that makes the Profit from Learning Plan Profitable is its scalability.

You only have a certain amount of money and time to invest in a project.

Day trading may not be for everyone.

Would you make more money from your local websites?

With this digital property program, you can make a steady monthly income without worrying about losing all your money.

Does this sound too good to be true Yes, it does! Many business owners wish they could do this skill.

It is easy to build and rank your local website and then forward the jobs on to business owners.

This applies to any service-based business like tree service, plumbing or towing.

How can you get paid the most?

The concept is simple: once you send the jobs to a business owner and he makes money, you can ask for mutual benefits.

A fair price per lead, depending on the industry is between 10-20 %... Let's use the tree service industry to illustrate the worst-case scenario.

Let's say you rank the site and receive only 10 jobs per year. Tree service jobs range from $500 to $2000.

You should have at most $500 in assets per month!

It is easy to see why they call this a digital estate.

This payment is for rent.

Scalability is simple. Don't worry about market volatility.

Learning plan profit could mean you are wasting a lot of time.

Take the course we recommend to get massive FLAT RATE DEALS. This passive income is really amazing!

This program will help you make money online.

Find out the important keywords and website names. Learn how to send emails with notifications and backlinking.

You will be able to access a Facebook Group after you have completed the training program. The group is more active than the Learn Plan Profit group.

Earn 10-20X more than the Learn plan Profit. You only get $10 per trade.

Businesses will always require more leads and a job. They see it as it really is: expanding their digital estate.

Learn Plan Profit is a different job than the 9-5 job. Learn Plan Profit is more popular than the 9-5 job.

The digital property allows you to have passive income while spending most of your time ENJOYING your money.

There are likely many questions.

This article will help you to learn more.

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