December 22, 2021

InCorp Registered Agent

To establish LLCs in the United States, you will need to appoint a registered agent

Register agents will deliver important documents to Your address.

Although you can legally act as your agent in the operation of a compliant company, there are many benefits to this, including the possibility to keep your personal information private.

Registering as an agent helps you reduce junk mail and eliminate the need to be there during business hours.

This review will be focused on InCorp. This review will include all the information you need about their services.

While it may help you decide the price of your business, it doesn't tell you what type of business to start.

This system has made me swear by all other business models. It uses the same skills but in a more lucrative way.

Let's get started!

Information about InCorp's Agent Service

InCorp was established in 1998. It has more than 125,000 subscribers.

EntityWatch is a unique feature of this management system. This management system allows you to track your status, save important dates, and save all documents.

The InCorp mission statement was found on their website. It describes the core values of gratitude and compassion, devotion to family, happiness, and honest relationships.

InCorp offers Entity Management Software for iOS devices. This app lets you manage your business, view and send service notices, save documents, and more.

InCorp Services Inc Strengths

Low Prices and Volume Discounts

InCorp has some of the most competitive rates in the business, and that's before they offer volume discounts.

125,000+ Agent Clients

InCorp has over 125,000 agents registered at the moment and only three other companies have been able to surpass them.

Good Customer Service/ Customer Support

InCorp's customer support is not outsourced like other registered agents' services to large call centers. Instead, they will connect to a knowledgeable representative in their Las Vegas office for every call.

Incorp's customer service has been exceptional. They provide bilingual and extended hours of service.

Customer service representatives can be reached between 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. All week ET with Spanish customer support.

EntityWatch Anti Identity Theft Programme

Incorp provides a unique feature called "EntityWatch", which allows you to monitor your business 24 hours a day in order to protect yourself against identity theft.

This tool can help you manage your business, pay your fees, view and share service of process notices, and get access to saved business documents.

InCorp Services Inc Weaknesses

Uninspiring Business Formation Service

The Standard Package is $99 per year and only includes two services: document preparation, filing articles of organization, and a check for availability of business names.

If you wish to add more features, each feature would have to be purchased separately. This is InCorp’s main focus.

The basic formation package is almost an afterthought.

Mixed Customer Feedback

InCorp has mixed customer reviews. You can find them in the 116 reviews you'll find online.

  • Google: Rating: 4.1/5 stars
  • Better Business Bureau, (BBB),3.3 stars
  • Facebook: 2.0% out of 5 stars

Customers don't give them a lot of feedback, which is a huge difference from their competitors.


But, they don’t tell you what type of business to start.

It's true, even though it sounds a little sexist. You can make real money if you are willing to do the hard work to become a successful business owner.

My online business grew to more than $50,000 per month. The program teaches business skills and how to monetize them in a more lucrative way.

InCorp prices

InCorp LLC services start at $99 and include an $18 shipping fee. The service can include many other features.

  • Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization: These are the required documents to form an LLC. InCorp can prepare and file these forms for you.
  • name search: InCorp searches your state's business database to find your LLC name.
  • 2-Day Delivery: For an additional $6, you can also take advantage of their overnight shipping service.

You can get good discounts if you book in advance.

  • 2 Years - $89.10/year
  • $3 Years - $80.52 Per Year
  • $43.06/year, for 4 years
  • $56.56 per Year for 5 Years

InCorp Additional Features

Registered Agent Service. InCorp is the most important feature. The official address of your new company is the registered address.

Registering as an agent does not require that you be present at work during working hours. You will also be able to reduce the amount of junk mail that you receive.

InCorp's volume discounts make it a popular choice for agents. Adding this option would be smart.

LLC Kit & Seal (69$ + $18-24 shipping): InCorp will mail you an LLC kit with a seal. This kit includes a binder as well as an embossed seal.

Certificates In Good Standing (631 each for 1 and $10 for each additional): Certificates In a good standing show that your company follows the guidelines and requirements set forth by your state.

"Limited liability businesses for beginners" book (24.99): InCorp offers a comprehensive guidebook that will help you deal with any issues that may arise during LLC formation.

Federal Tax ID Number (or EIN), InCorp will get the EIN from the IRS. InCorp can open a bank account, file taxes for employees, and hire them.

Fill out IRS Form SS-4 ($35): You must file the IRS Form SS-4 with your EIN.

Domestic Mail Forwarding ($195/year): This feature allows InCorp to receive and forward your business mail from you.

Managed Annual Report Service ($49/year): InCorp manages all your annual reports. This includes monitoring your status and keeping track if you meet compliance deadlines.

License Research Service ($149): This service allows you to gather all the documents required for licensing and permits.

How does InCorp LLC Stack up to other Agent Services?

InCorp isn't my first choice for registered agent services. They have affordable rates and an exclusive monitoring tool called EntityWatch.

Poor customer reviews on Facebook and elsewhere indicate that their business service is not up to par with other businesses in the sector.

InCorp Agent Services: The Main Reasons

InCorp, which is a registered agent service provider may be able to help you. They offer volume discounts as well as affordable pricing.

The National Registered Agent Services of are available in all 50 US states as well as DC and the USVII.

InCorp gives you access to their Entity Management System features for free.

The InCorp tool can be used to monitor compliance events, view documents, and store them from anywhere. You can also track forwarded mail and pay invoices.

Friendly, competent staff can also provide bilingual support for Spanish-speaking customers.

InCorp Agent Services: The Main Reasons You Should Not Use

A package that only includes the minimum amount of money would not be attractive to potential customers.

They are a great choice for registered agent services, which are an add-on to their Standard Formation package.

Customers' feedback does not always compare favorably with other providers.

LegalZoom Offers Many Upsells Is InCorp a good option?

InCorp only offers one package for LLC formation. They have not considered upsells to me.

LegalZoom provides upsell options to clients, unlike its competitors.


InCorp's affordable pricing is what makes it so popular. It starts at $99 per annum.

Volume discounts are possible by paying ahead for additional service years.

They are well-respected and have many registered agent customers. InCorp is a unique tool to prevent corporate identity theft. Their customers love this feature.

InCorp remains a popular registered agency service provider. But, there have been mixed reviews from customers.

Is InCorp Legit?

InCorp has been a favorite service provider for registered agents. Their registered agent services are comparable to top-rated service providers.

InCorp offers volume discounts, low rates, and a strong track record.

But, their service when setting up your business entity was not as good as theirs.

Northwest Registered agent would be my first choice if asked. InCorp.

Could that be your answer?

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