December 22, 2021


IncFile was established in 2004. IncFile has helped more than 250,000 business owners form LLCs.

IncFile is one of the most popular online services for starting a business or forming an LLC. IncFile has been just as popular as LegalZoom in recent years.

This IncFile LLC review will discuss all of the key components and features that their LLC service offers.

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What's Incfile Com?

Incfile provides online legal services that allow for the filing and submission of documents related to company formation or registration.

These IncFile services can be used for forming a business entity.

Registered Agent Service. Every LLC or company doing business in any state should have a registered representative.

A Registered Agent, also called a resident agent or agent for services, is able to save you the headaches of document filing.

Annual Corporate or LLC Report. InFile can help with your annual reports.

To do business outside of your state, you will need a foreign qualification. file offers consultations to answer all questions about the legal requirements and process for completing paperwork.

Bookkeeping and Company Accounting Services. Incfile offers complete bookkeeping and company accounting services for a very reasonable monthly rate.

This package contains unlimited business tax consultations and a mobile-friendly accounting program. It also includes quarterly bookkeeping, federal and state tax returns filing, and quarterly bookkeeping.

How you can file your Certificate of Good Standing.

Your company must comply with certain conditions based on its location.

  • Stay in touch with the secretary to discuss annual and biennial payments for renewing or filing the company
  • Filing biennial or annual reports
  • All applicable franchise taxes and company fees must be paid to the state regulators

IncFile charges $49 plus any applicable state fees to process all your paperwork.

Federal Employer Identification Number, or Tax ID Number. An EIN is also known as a Tax ID Number for corporations or a Federal Tax ID Number.

IncFile is $79 and will help you avoid the hassle of applying for your Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Business License Research Pack. IncFile costs $99, and will help you in the following:

  • Determine the requirements for permits and licenses to conduct business at the local, state, and federal levels.
  • The appropriate license and permit applications will be provided to you.
  • You should also provide any other pertinent information such as a list of supporting documents, filing instructions, and fees.

File a Fictitious Business Name or DBA.

Fake business names should be filed with the Secretary of State in your state.

You will need to register fake identities in every state if the organization has multiple locations.

IncFile handles all of this for you at $99.

What Pricing Options does IncFile Offer for its LLC Formation Packages?

IncFile provides three options for LLC formation: the Silver Package, and the Gold Package.

Each package includes unique and distinct features to file LLC documents.

These LLC packages are available at IncFile pricing options

Silver Package = $0 + State File Fee

Preparation and filing of your Articles of Organization

Search for Company Name: In file verifies that your business name is in the database. This ensures that your company is not using it.

One-year free registration: Register your agent for one year. You will need to pay $119 annually if you want to continue this service.

Register agent services enable you to accept documents on behalf of yourself and ensure that they are forwarded to you. This protects your privacy and ensures that you don't miss any deliveries.

Unlimited Phone and Email Support: In the file, customer support includes unlimited phone and email support.

If you have any concerns or questions, you can call their support team between 10 and 7 PM ET on weekdays.

Order Tracking: In file offers an order status tracking tool that lets you monitor the status of your order.

Tax Consultation: This package offers a free 30-minute consultation with a tax professional.

Lifetime Company Notifications: You will be notified via email during the LLC processing. These notifications will remind you of important dates, such as when annual reports are due and when business licenses are due.

Online Access: After your documents have been returned by IncFile to your state of formation, you can view and download them on your online dashboard.

Gold Package: $149 + State Filing Fee

The Silver Package is included in the Gold Package. Also, the following are included:

Employer identification number (EIN): This 9-digit number acts as an SSS number for your company.

An EIN is a key to many things. You can get your EIN from the IRS.

IncFile can do the job for you so that your attention can be devoted to more important things.

Custom Operating Agreement: IncFile LLC customers who are Gold Package customers can have IncFile LLC draft and complete their operating agreement.

An operating contract is a document that describes the business structure. It also contains rules about how your business will function every day.

Expedited Shipping: In file will offer express shipping if your LLC purchases the Gold Package. Tracking numbers and hard copies of documents can be sent to you within three business days.

Bank Resolution: You can open a bank account for your company if you have a bank resolution.

Business Formation Kit: The kit includes a transfer ledger as well as a kit bearing your company name.

S Corporation Form Preparation: If you wish to be taxed the same as an S Corporation, IncFile will prepare and file the documents for you.

Platinum Package = $299 + State Filing Fee

The Platinum Package comes with the Gold Package, and the following:

Speedy File Filing: Infile LLC can expedite the filing of your documents if your state offers such services.

Upgrade the Platinum Package to enjoy the ease of use of this feature.

Sample document library: IncFile LLC allows you to access their document collection, which includes many common legal contract templates.

Business Website and Domain Name: We can help you set up your website and domain.

SnapWeb charges $20 per month for hosting. SnapWeb offers a free domain when you upgrade to an annual subscription.

Who is Incfile?

Nicholas Siha founded IncFile LLC. IncFile LLC was created in 2004 to provide online legal services to entrepreneurs who want to start an LLC.

IncFile, a Houston-based company, has received many positive reviews from customers.

Is Incfile a reliable company?

IncFile is a trusted company with many satisfied clients. There are a few complaints.

Better Business Bureau (BBB), rated in IncFile A+ with nearly 5-star customer ratings.

Based on customer satisfaction, IncFile was rated as the best LLC service provider by the Better Business Bureau.

Does Incfile Work Well with LLC Services?

After extensive research, we found that Incfile is the best choice for forming LLCs.

IncFile provides premium value for money. IncFile has received many outstanding reviews

Is Incfile really a free program?

It's a resounding, "Yes!" "

IncFile is a free service that allows you to create an LLC.

The base package costs $49. They've simplified their system over the past 15-years to offer a free program to allow you to form LLCs.

The Silver Package includes lifetime company alerts and a state fee. It also offers today's complimentary service. You also get registered agent service, next-business-day processing, and registered agent services.

Where Can I Find Incfile?

IncFile's headquarters is located in Houston, Texas.

IncFile has assisted over 250,000 entrepreneurs to create their LLCs. They offer excellent customer support.

Do you Have a Policy for Refunds?

Cancellations by IncFile are $30 Cancellation Fees of IncFile is $30     

What is the State Fee for LLC?

State fees can be filed through either an agency or the Secretary of State in some states.

The state fees for an LLC range from $40 to $500. Make sure your LLC name is accessible before you file your documents.

How Fast does IncFile Process LLC Formations?

The state of your formation will affect the processing time. They generally send your documents within one day, although processing times can vary depending on the state of formation.

You can upgrade to expedited service if you need a quick turnaround. This greatly reduces the processing time in some states.

What Payment Methods are Available for IncFile?

IncFile doesn't accept non-U.S. credit/debit cards like Wire Transfers and Paypal. Enter a US postal address into the online.

What's the Purpose of a Registered Representative for an LLC?

The goal of a registered agent is to have a physical address in the jurisdiction. This is where entities can be reached during business hours for legal service.

Is Incfile an Agent?

Yes. IncFile offers a free registered agent service to all businesses. Take their Silver Package ($0 Business creation) and you will get the service for a year.

You will need to renew the service every year for $119.

Is LLC a Good Option for Small Business Owners?

This is a great option for small business owners as it provides a reasonable level of liability protection without having too many regulations.

How does IncFile Stack up to other LLC Services?

IncFile has been rated the best service for LLC formation. ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agent are also good options.

IncFile doesn't offer free registered agent services but these two do.

IncFile is still a top-three company in the industry, even though it has been ranked so. IncFile isn't inferior to ZenBusiness and Northwest, however.

Let's dig deeper!

IncFile vs LegalZoom

IncFile is clear for me. LegalZoom will not work with IncFile.

These examples will help you to choose the right LLC for your business.

If you are:

Want the best price?

IncFile costs less than LegalZoom's basic rate but offers many useful features LegalZoom does not charge extra for, such as registered agent service.

IncFile has also received positive reviews from customers if this is something you find important.

Choose LegalZoom If You Are:

The goal is to prioritize brand and experience.

LegalZoom might be a better option for you.

IncFile Vs ZenBusiness

No matter what service you choose, IncFile or ZenBusiness will make sure your LLC formation goes smoothly.

ZenBusiness is here

We want to give you the best value for your LLC services. ZenBusiness offers an affordable package that starts at $39 and includes all of the necessary features.

If you are:

Searching for the best price for LLC formation? file does not charge any fee to upgrade to the Silver Package. We have received very positive feedback from our customers.

IncFile Vs Northwest Agent

Northwest Agent is another popular option for LLC services. IncFile has a few benefits over Northwest.

IncFile offers free LLC creation, which is significantly cheaper than Northwest's $225 rate. However, Northwest does get good feedback.

These are some scenarios to help you make a decision.

Why Choose Northwest?

Why Choose IncFile?

Do you believe in getting the lowest rate possible for forming LLCs? Maybe you value customer feedback.

InFile: Should You Start an LLC?

This section gives you an overview of all the scenarios IncFile offers.

How do I form an LLC using IncFile?

If your budget is tight and you still need professional assistance, IncFile might be right for you. Entrepreneurs and small business owners should consider IncFile.

IncFile - When not to form an LLC?

We would not recommend IncFile if you have a complicated situation or require extensive assistance.

ZenBusiness can be a great choice if you're looking for an LLC that offers a complete and comprehensive array of services.

The Pros and Cons Of IncFile

Pros Of IncFile:

  • IncFile offers the lowest price for LLC formation services, at $0 (plus state fees). This is amazing considering that LegalZoom costs $99 plus state fees.
  • IncFile has over 15 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses.
  • IncFile provides a full year's worth of registered agent services to each LLC package.
  • IncFile LLC Services provides you with lifetime company alerts. This will remind you to prepare and file important documents, such as annual reports and permits/business licenses.
  • IncFile LLC has a lot of positive reviews. There are currently about 15,000 reviews for IncFile LLC.
  • IncFile provides unlimited telephone and email support to customers.

Cons of IncFile:

  • IncFile's customer support in the past was not as good as it is now. Northwest provides a faster response time and more detailed replies.
  • Upsells may be a problem and could lead to you paying more.
  • Business. They won’t tell you what type of business to start.

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Which Package Should I Select if I Use IncFile?

We recommend either the Silver Package or the Gold Package.

It all depends upon your needs. The Silver Package is smart and an outstanding choice if you're looking for the basics with one-year registered agent services.

If you need additional features such as an operating agreement, or an EIN, we recommend the Gold Package.

IncFile Can Do Much More Than Just LLC Formation

IncFile provides support services, in addition to LLC formation.

  • Company changes such as dissolutions, amendments, names for doing business as (DBA), or foreign qualifications
  • Assistance with compliance, such as annual reports and registered agent service, business license, certificates of good standing, trademark services, and certificate/good standing.
  • IRS filings such as EIN acquisitions and S Corporation tax elections

Can IncFile Provide Excellent Customer Support?

They provide excellent customer service. Many customers have left positive feedback.

They may take longer to respond during peak hours.

Are you a Member of an Affiliate Program with IncFile?

Yes, IncFile has an affiliate program. You can earn as much as $100 per customer that you convert.

Is Incfile Legit?

They're legitimate. In file has been helping small-business owners since 2004, and currently assists over 250,000.

They are well-known for their ability to receive a lot of feedback from customers. The package also includes IncFile's ease of use throughout the entire process.

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