October 13, 2021

Graham Stephan Course

Another making a living online program in this course that allegedly rents out houses and makes you money.

It's possible to jump in on an EXPENSIVE market even if it crashes.

Don't cry to us if your parents make you unhappy or you lose THOUSANDS.

This book claims to show you how to make 6-figures in real estate. However, it is out of reach for many with tight budgets and student loans.

It is false. It's not possible to make a lot of money by buying a property that makes only a few hundred dollars per month with many liabilities and poor tenants.

To make it big online (averaging $1500 per month), check out our #1 recommendation

This review must be honest...

Graham Stephan's course has great information on making money in real-estate and landing big deals...

It's also old!

This article answers many commonly asked questions about Graham Stephan’s course.

But most importantly, I'll show you how I built an internet marketing business that earned me more than $40,000 per monthly.

This system made me swear by Real estate because it uses the exact same skills, but in a more powerful way and is more lucrative!

This is a longer article.

Let's move on to the Graham Stephan stuff!

Graham Stephan: What are you?

Graham, a Los Angeles native, owns a YouTube Channel which helps people reach financial independence through real estate investing.

He also created The Real Estate Agent Academy and The YouTube Creator Academy. Graham is an agent who shares his experiences and the strategies that helped him succeed.

He was first introduced to real-estate at a young age and became an agent shortly after turning 18. He has hosted many open houses and closed numerous deals since then.

He is an avid car enthusiast and would be happy to meet people at car meetings when he's not busy as an agent.

Graham decided to become a full time real estate agent in 2008. Graham sold residential real estate worth more than $125,000,000.

He has many celebrity clients including Suki Waterhouse's Orlando Bloom and Chloe Moretz.

He owns five properties in San Bernardino County in Los Angeles. He lives in Los Angeles.

Stephan has two YouTube channels that are highly monetized. His "Graham Stephan Show", on the other hand, has 214k subscribers as at November 2019.

Graham was only 13 years old when his first sales experience was at a wholesale marine aquarium supply. He was responsible for photographing the inventory, then retouching them with photoshop. He would then upload them to the company's website.

He earned over $100 per day and was paid $35 an hr. This was a good salary for a 13-year-old.

He briefly joined a rock band, but he decided he wanted to become a realtor.

Graham's real estate career was unusual and humorous. Graham thought the photos were not good enough, so he used photoshop for editing.

He offered to assist agents in editing the photos and posting them on Craigslist. He also received commissions from sales.

He kept this trend going for a few years more, and even though it was an unusual beginning (and humbling), he saw his real-estate career take off over the next nine year.

Graham sold real property worth more than $120 million within a matter of years. Graham had to study the trade for over a decade.

Graham believes that starting young is key to success and knowing his goals early.

Graham Stephan's Success Story

Graham started his YouTube Channel in late 2016. He loved sharing his knowledge about finance.

He found out that his YouTube channel could potentially be monetized which can lead to a lot more money.

He worked tirelessly every week to produce high-quality video content. He only earned $26,000 in 2017.

Graham continued making videos because it was something he loved to do. He said that

"The worst thing you can do for YouTube money is to believe you will make it big. I love what I do.

He kept doing this until his YouTube channel started to grow. A year later, he was making $200 per day.

Graham's YouTube success story for 2018 was when he uploaded a video about the J.P. Morgan Reserve Credit Card. It was viewed over 1.2 million times.

He was able generate more than $7,000. Graham said that it was an extraordinary success.

Graham earned $253, 318 in total.

Graham saw the light at the end of the tunnel despite not having a college degree. It is remarkable that he had a high school diploma.

Graham's core niches include:

  • Credit for Building
  • Credit Cards
  • App Reviews
  • Investing
  • Real Estate Deals
  • Tesla/Luxury Cars

What's The YouTube Creator Academy Course?

Graham started YouTube Creator Academy, which costs $397. This course will show you how Graham was able to get 370,000 subscribers in so short a time.

Graham shared all of his strategies for building his YouTube channel, unlike other YouTubers. Graham offers detailed coaching and discussion throughout the course.

Graham states that this platform can be used by anyone, no matter how tech-savvy or skilled in social media.

Graham wasn't there when he started. Graham believes you can too.

But, it's not all about uploading videos. Graham talks about editing, which is equally important when setting up YouTube channels.

He stresses the importance of consistency in style, tone and frequency of uploading. Your brand must be present on your channel.

What's The Real Estate Agent Academy?

Graham founded The Real Estate Agent Academy. It is worth $497. Graham will teach you how to become a 6-figure-income-earning real estate agent and get leads from sellers. Anyone can access this program without any prior experience or connections.

He will talk about areas that are not usually discussed such as tax planning. He also will talk about how to get leads which is an important aspect of any business.

This bold claim is not to be taken lightly. Graham has a proven track record in this field.

The Real Estate Agent Academy can be broken down into eight parts:

Part 1 - Why are you a realtor?

Part 2: Getting your license

Part 3 - How to Join a Real Estate Brokerage?

Part 4 - How to Start Your Career

Part 5: Getting Leads & Business

Part 6 - Working with Sellers

Part 7 - Working with Buyers

Part 8 - Working with Lease Clients

9: Final Thoughts & Tax Planning

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

Do you have a policy for refunds?

All courses have a 30-day refund policy.

Graham Stephan: How Rich?

Graham Stephan's networth was estimated at $6.5 Million according to one video posted in July 2020.

Graham has a checking account worth $20,000 to $30,000 that he keeps.

What's Graham Stephan's Real Estate Investment?

Graham started out making $500,000 per annum as a real estate agent. Graham said he is more excited about the possibility to earn $1 per day as YouTuber.

How Many Estates Does Graham Stephan Own?

Graham has five rental properties.

He can be found at car meets, at Malibu Canyons, or driving on weekends.

Graham Stephan uses which real estate brokerage?

Graham's real estate brokerage, The Oppenheim Group sells luxury realty throughout L.A. Graham hasn't sold as many properties as he did in past years

Is Graham Stephan Legit?

It's a resounding, "Yes!" It is a resounding "Yes!"

Graham is reliable and trustworthy.

As a real-estate agent, you can count on him to help you build a career. His name is well-known and highly trusted.

Graham is an expert on real estate investing. Graham is a mentor you can trust.

You can rest assured that you will get a premium price on the services that you buy. There might be some long-term advantages to this.

There are many options for building a business.

Graham Stephan's course offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to become a real-estate investor.

I don't get paid to review programs. I think real estate investing can be a great business model, but you could end up spending too much.

Are there better ways to earn passive income?

It is possible to make passive income online. However, there is an easier and more efficient way, especially for those just starting out. This is called lead generation.

Lead generation has been the most rewarding business model I have ever tried.

This is essentially real property but digital, and it has a much higher profit margin than traditional real estate. We're talking about 90%

Graham Stephan Course Review: Does it Work?

Graham Stephan began his career in real estate as an agent. Graham Stephan is an authority in these fields.

This is your obvious answer.

Can a YouTube channel be a steady source of income? Graham believes it is possible.

It is possible to build a profitable and successful business without investing in real property.

This was my #1 choice!

It's not the Graham Stephan Real Estate Course. It provides real proof of success from people who are only there for a few days.

eMoney Kings is the Best Way to Make Money Online by 2022

Scalability is the problem with these models. Reach millions of people across the country.

What would you do if you could go local?

Lead generation allows you to get service requests from many websites at any hour of the day. These people will pay a lot to get what you have to give them.

The host of a YouTube video that I watched said that it was not about making lots on one website but making a few dollars on many websites.

Consider it...

What if you could generate a steady income by renting out 10 units to tenants for $750-1,000 per year?

Passive income ranges from $7,500 to $10,000 per monthly.

What would you do if 100 units were yours?

You don't have to spend $Millions building homes and apartment complexes. Instead, you can just spend a few hundred dollars creating websites.

These websites are then ranked in search engines to show the relevant home-based services customers are searching for.

Next, make sure to advertise your business opportunity for local business owners who are looking for customers. You will be paid for this information.



Just built a Digital Real Estate Investment Empire that could earn you up to 4-5 figures per monthly in passive income.

You'll be competing against thousands, if not millions, of digital real estate sellers selling the SAME product to the SAME clients.

Local Lead Generating is a great way for you to lower competition and increase your profits up to 85-90%.

I could continue but I'm sure you have questions about how do you build digital real estate assets to help you build your digital empire?

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