December 7, 2021

FreeTaxUSA Review

Are You a bargain hunter who is looking to lower tax filing costs? If you're looking for the best tax software products,

The tax program is not free, but it is more expensive than CreditKarma's totally free tax software. It is simple to use and anyone can use it, even those with the most complex tax returns.

While it may not be as intuitive as TurboTax and H&R Block it could be the right tool.

Learn why complex tax filers, particularly those who are competent in tax returns, should consider FreeTaxUSA. See how FreeTaxUSA compares to the best tax shows.

Who is FreeTaxUSA?

low-cost software to prepare federal and state tax returns.

TaxHawk, Inc runs the business.

This is an original member of the IRS Free File Alliance. The IRS has received many federal tax returns from this organization.

Every year, tax analysts update the applications to reflect the most recent changes in federal and state tax codes.

Once the application is updated, it is subjected to an exact assessment and is approved by each state and the IRS.

Our pricing policy is transparent and there are no hidden charges

There are only two versions of FreeTaxUSA Deluxe and FreeTaxUSA

These versions can have up to five versions or more, which is unusual among tax prep software companies. FreeTaxUSA doesn't offer any of these features.

Who runs FreeTaxUSA?

TaxHawk, Inc. is the owner of FreeTaxUSA, an internet tax preparation site.

FreeTaxUSA was created in 2001 by CPAs, software developers, and other tax professionals. Today, it is one of the most visited tax websites online.

How much does FreeTaxUSA cost?

It is possible to get confused when you go to the main page. FreeTaxUSA seems to offer three plans: basic, premium, and advanced.

This website does not imply that your tax situation should require complicated, advanced, or simple. Your federal return shipping is still free.

It mirrors other tax prep websites.

Are you a homeowner? It's free.

Are you self-employed? It's free.

Are You a Landlord? In other words, you can see the picture.

Federal tax returns can be obtained for free, regardless of the company name

Additional $14.99 State Tax Return

The Deluxe Edition will cost $6.99. This upgrade allows you to access a few extra features like priority customer support or audit assistance.

Deluxe might be worth looking into if you have a complex tax situation or are submitting your taxes online for the first time.

How FreeTaxUSA Compares with Other Tax Software?

Many internet users have left complaints about FreeTaxUSA's high price, citing that it must pay state taxes.

If you need to file multiple tax forms, you'll most likely spend less now with FreeTaxUSA than with any other major tax preparation company.

TaxAct and TurboTax offer plans that include federal and state return shipping.

You can file under the no-cost plans. There is no reason not to invest in cash with FreeTaxUSA.

TurboTax, TaxAct, and TaxAct offer more advanced user interfaces. This means you'll spend less and have a better experience, especially if your tax return is free.

Credit Karma Tax provides free federal and state returns shipping in most tax situations.

This does not address some issues that could pose a problem for many people.

Is FreeTaxUSA legal?

FreeTaxUSA is an IRS-approved electronic filing provider. It has over 43 million tax returns.

What are the FreeTaxUSA Benefits?

I'd like to share the main advantages of FreeTaxUSA in preparing and filing income tax returns.

FreeTaxUSA addresses complex tax situations

There are many tax preparation programs. To be able to deal with self-employment (Schedule 1), rental real estate (Schedule 2), capital gains transactions (Schedule D span>).

FreeTaxUSA can assist those who have the Deluxe and free editions.

You can access the same types with FreeTaxUSA as those of other main tax program players.

This enhanced version offers more assistance than other forms. Most likely, you will receive all tax forms from this version.

Get Free Support

I have reviewed FreeTaxUSA and can confirm that they offer very limited priority customer service.

Search for help topics on our Customer Support page or use our customer service email feature.

You can get free help by phone or in the Q & A database if you buy the Deluxe Edition.

Reliability Guaranteed

FreeTaxUSA is an online tax preparation program that guarantees accuracy in tax calculations.

They will be penalized and charged interest if they discover an error in their software.

Inspection Assistance

To have an Irs audit performed on your tax return, you can use the Deluxe version of FreeTaxUSA's Audit Assist.

This also gives you access to the Audit Center which can be very useful during inspections.

The scope of the Audit Assist device is much smaller than that of the more expensive providers. FreeTaxUSA says Audit Assist does not cover state returns.

Although you'll still have to complete the task, they can help you answer the Irs and determine which documents to gather. The pros will help you decide what the next steps should be.

These specialists give you access to the FreeTaxUSA Audit Center and can connect you with experts who can answer any questions.

The Audit Center offers information on how to respond and what to do if you receive Irs letters.

Additional tax planning software provides more audit representation, but at a higher price.

A representative may be needed if you have to go through inspections. You will have a lot more peace of mind.

FreeTaxUSA offers what I would consider restricted audit protection through their feature Assisted by Audit.

This assistance can only be obtained if you buy the Deluxe Edition.


FreeTaxUSA respects your privacy on their website.

They also perform security and privacy verifications using SecurityMetrics, Norton, and Trust.

Online Backup Account and Rollover

FreeTaxUSA supports your completed returns online even though it's a free edition.

The cost-free edition of the software will instantly transfer your information from the previous tax year to the current one if you have been using it for more than 20 years.

It is possible to import tax information from other services even if you haven't filed with FreeTaxUSA for the past year.

This season, the software program introduced a new element that allows you to import tax returns from previous years as a PDF.

I was looking through the program for the year and tried the PDF import option. It was easy to use and uploaded my personal information as well as that of my former employer

This will save you time and effort.

Low State Returns

To file your state tax returns, you will need to pay an additional fee.

Express return shipping costs are quite affordable with FreeTaxUSA. However, they will still cost you $14.99. This calculation is based on the information in your federal tax returns and any additional information you have provided for the year.

Web interface and ease

FreeTaxUSA's interface is easier than most other programs. It has tabs for various areas, and a tracker to estimate your refund.

FreeTaxUSA will not allow you to bounce in front of the meditation process, unlike other programs.

You will need to move away. You can still move to a previous section to add or modify information.

I can't choose anything but "Personal" until the area is complete.

If you want to file all of your taxes at once, it is no problem. Maybe you are like me and decide to keep each tax for as long as possible.

This would be much easier to do with FreeTaxUSA.

This would allow you to cover certain tax areas.

Get Free Tax USA Benefits

FreeTaxUSA is not able to support all tax situations. This information was taken directly from their website.

  • Form 2555.
  • Nonresident alien comes back (Form 1040NR)
  • Preparers and customers who aren't from the Country when they file their taxes
  • At-risk limits (Form 6198)
  • Archer MSAs Form 8853
  • Gain or loss for a company or revenue-generating property.
  • Donations for high-value property exceeding $5,000 include equipment, collectibles, and real estate.

I give the company a lot of recognition for its value.

Limited Customer Support

The software program includes a free model. To get help via email, you can use the online discussion forum.

You can use the webchat support if you have the Deluxe edition.

To Amend

While the additional services offered by FreeTaxUSA don't cost much, they will be more expensive. To correct an error in your tax return, you'll have to pay more.

You'll have to pay $14.99 for unlimited amendments if you choose the Free version.

Claims under the Deluxe model are subject to unlimited revisions

FreeTaxUSA Pros And Cons


  • Free Federal/Cheap State Returns
  • Audit Assist is Available
  • Easy and quick software


  • There are only a few tax scenarios
  • Limited customer service options

FreeTaxUSA - Is it really free?

A software program's title must be free. If it's not,

Federal Tax Filing With FreeTaxUSA Is Completely Free in Every Situation

Anyone can apply for an HSA.

FreeTaxUSA can be used by anyone who files a personal return for the IRS.

Express submission is the "gotcha". Filing costs $ 12.95 per State, go back

While this is a cost-effective option, the only ones who get absolutely free filing are those who have zero income tax in America.

Is FreeTaxUSA simple to navigate?

The navigation system of FreeTaxUSA combines self-guided navigation and guided navigation.

It's important to know where information can be entered.

Some bubbles might have additional information that can be used by their owners to assist them in entering the information.

FreeTaxUSA is a useful and effective application for price. Its positive side.

This page contains links and information on how to enter each topic/form that I have created.

Many people find the credits and deductions section to be extremely useful.

The "Summary", FreeTaxUSA's most important Navigation attribute, is the best. The summary section lists all the information that you have entered into the application.

Knowledge Articles

FreeTaxUSA provides related knowledge posts via the best Issues link at the top of the display screen.

To find similar articles, you can search the application.

Most posts were well-written.

The library's knowledge and depth are remarkable, despite the fact that it is free to submit through FreeTaxUSA.

How was the FreeTaxUSA user experience?

Customers and users alike were pleased with the service.

Which TurboTax is better?

by R

TurboTax USA and FreeTaxUSA offer audit assistance. This allows you to receive advice on how to answer the IRS.

FreeTaxUSA doesn't provide the Audit Assist option for Deluxe models. TurboTax provides a more powerful version via its third-party service MAX

Is FreeTaxUSA Approved By IRS To File Federal Tax Returns?

FreeTaxUSA, an IRS Free File Alliance member, is an authorized IRS e–file provider.

FreeTaxUSA - Is it really free?

The Free Edition contains all the functions of FreeTaxUSA and more. All major tax forms are supported by FreeTaxUSA Free.

How long does it take to receive a refund from FreeTaxUSA or a tax return?

If your information is incorrect or you have chosen direct deposit, your refund will be processed within 3 to 4 business days. If your tax return was sent by mail, it will normally take six weeks.

How can I contact FreeTaxUSA?

Email Priority Customer Service

The best method to contact FreeTaxUSA is actually by emailing customer support right at

Who is eligible to use FreeTaxUSA?

You can file your return using the FreeTaxUSA form for Form 1040 if you are either a U.S citizen or resident immigrant.

FreeTaxUSA Offers Business Taxes

FreeTaxUSA offers support for all tax forms for businesses, as well as expenses. If you're eligible, this includes unlimited access to the internet planning tool and no-cost electronic filing.

FreeTaxUSA supports crypto-investment

FreeTaxUSA can be used to help computer users who wish to invest in crypto. However, it is not an easy process.

Owners must use Coinbase to find price conversions between USD/cryptocurrency when they bought the item.

It can be difficult, especially for crypto traders with large capital.

TurboTax software lets you import crypto transactions and can help to find a higher value.

Can I Get My Missing Stimulus Check Tax Credit?

If you didn't get a stimulus check this season, or you feel underpaid, FreeTaxUSA makes declaring your Recovery Rebate Credit easy. This retroactively grants filers money in the form of tax credits.

Who should use FreeTaxUSA 2020?

FreeTaxUSA remains a bargain hunter’s high-tax software option.

Although it isn't free, it's a valuable function that can be used to generate multiple income streams.

Importing forms that are more complicated than H & R Block and TaxSlayer is impossible. It is however much cheaper than other options.


These are the most frequently asked questions about FreeTaxUSA.

Is FreeTaxUSA Legitimate?

Yes. Yes! It is a well-known tax software planning company that has been in business since 2001.

Does FreeTaxUSA really offer a free service?

All types of federal tax returns are free. However, they charge $12.95 for expedited return shipping and other upsells.

Does FreeTaxUSA offer any type of support?

Their Deluxe strategy gives you priority assistance with your tax return.

Does TurboTax make FreeTaxUSA less effective than TurboTaxUSA?

It all depends. TurboTax is more expensive than FreeTaxUSA. TurboTax is more expensive but offers free files.

The Bottom Line

The online tax preparation software program by FreeTaxUSA is reliable. It is also affordable. This program doesn't support tax situations.

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