December 23, 2021

Fortune Builders Scam 2021

Fortune Builders Reviews:

Fortune Builders is a top real-estate investing school in San Diego. It offers a foolproof information system, tools, training sessions, and support to help investors succeed.

Let's see if this is real!

Fortune Builders will also be evaluated to see if it is the right course of action for real estate investing.

Discuss whether investing in real property is the right venture for you.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fortune Builders, real estate investing and real estate investing.

What's most important is that you will see my system for building an internet marketing business of over $40,000 per month, mostly passive income.

This system leverages many of the same skills but in a more lucrative and powerful way. This system made me swear off real estate investing.

Who founded Fortune Builders?

It was established in San Diego, California, by real estate moguls Merill Sopielnikow, Esajian, and Sopielnikow. It was quickly ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America.

Their journey began in 2004 when they co-founded CT Homes, LLC. Based on their timeline, they were able to flip their first property the following year.

JD joined this group in 2005. He helped them to complete 100 property transfers before 2005 ended.

Then Merill has been a successful person in the real estate industry.

His books, "The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible" and "E-Myth Real Estate Investor", are both Amazon bestsellers.

Paul Esajian holds a University of California Economics Degree. He is Chief Financial Officer of three multimillion-dollar businesses, Fortune Builders and CT Homes.

Merill is also the author of The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible which Wiley Publishing published.

JD Esajian, current president of CT Homes, LLC, supervises all deals and rehabs. He is associated with the Fortune Builders' charitable efforts.

Konrad Sopielnikow is a Yale University alumnus who is responsible for the science and innovation used by CT Homes & Fortune Builders. He has extensive knowledge in technology and business systems that allowed him to grow the company's online presence.

Fortune Builders provides a complete checklist. More than 25! Experts, coaches with specific experience.

What are Fortune Builders?

Fortune Builders shows aspiring real-estate investors the proven methods to make a good profit.

I don’t know about you, but I think seasoned coaches are more valuable than people who rely on only their textbook knowledge. One of the best things about Fortune Builders is the positive feedback.

Fortune Builders' Training Courses

The company offers Mastery Coaching, Property Investing Events, and materials for real estate investing classes.

You will need to fill in a form on their website to reserve a time for an interview. After the interview, they will help you navigate your real estate journey.

Based on the recommendation of your instructor, the course fee may range from $35,000 to $40,000

Mastery Coaching offers all-inclusive support and mentoring, as well as weekly coaching sessions and program materials. You also have access to boot camps and other events.

Real estate functions are offered by Acquisitions and Wholesaling Bootcamp, Rehabbing Bootcamp, and Acquisitions Bootcamp. Additional information is available at the REO & Shortsale Bootcamp as well as the 3-Day Real Estate Workshop. This workshop is only for registered students.

These include course materials or what they call the "blueprints", that are vital for investors to make the most of their investment. You have four options:

  • Marketing for deals (priced @ $1,197.00
  • Maximizing Profits and Rehabilitating Profits (priced @ $1.197.00
  • Wholesale for Quick Cash (priced at $1.197.00
  • Tax liens (priced @ 397.00) and tax deeds

What is Fortune Builders?

One problem I see is the difficulty I have in finding information on Fortune Builders' website regarding the types of training they offer. I did some outside research and shared what I found.

3-Day Workshop

The cost of the 3-Day Workshop will depend on where the participant is located and who the teacher is teaching. This is why there are so many variations.


They are not able to provide the education you need.

Online Course

Online courses can be taken from anywhere, so there's no need to travel. The payment for each program is different. However, many lessons are better suited for beginners and those just starting out.

Mastery Program

This is what they call the gem. The program guides you through each step of your business operation. However, it is expensive.

What is The Fortune Builders Course Cost?

The course cost depends on the location you choose, the course level, and the type of course. There is also no information graphics about the plans. You can expect a high price.

My research shows that many students paid $200 to $300 for the 3-Day Workshop. However, online courses are also available and can be priced accordingly.

The courses were of good quality, but not outstanding.

When the price is unknown, you will notice a shift in your senses of smell.

Is Fortune Builders A Scam?

Fortune Builders is not a scam. They offer information and education functions including a 3-Day Real Estate Investors workshop.

There is nothing malicious about the hidden rates.

You'll soon see that I won't recommend you join. Actually, I will do the exact opposite.

This website is for people who already have a business and are familiar with real estate. Fortune Builders classes will help them improve their skills and give them great tips for maximizing earnings.

If you don't have any experience in real estate, I advise that you avoid paying large fees for programs that are intentionally hidden from site visitors. If you don't know what it will cost to start, how can you expect a return?

Real property is too costly as it is. To get the decent cash flow you will need to invest $50,000.

This is how I increased my personal income to over $40,000 annually using this business model. This business model uses the same skills but generates more cash flow.

Fortune Builders: Can you make money?

Yes. Fortune Builders are a great way to make money. However, it can be expensive.

Real estate investing is a great way to make money. However, you must put in the effort to become a successful investor.

I was able to skyrocket my online business to $40,000+ per month thanks to the program. You will learn the same skills as me in real estate investing but how to make them more lucrative.

Is Fortune Builders Legit?

Yes. Fortune Builders is legal.

You can start a profitable and successful real estate investment company. There are many other ways to build your business, besides real estate investing.

This is my #1 Choice!

It's not like Fortune Builders. It is actually proof of real success by people who were there only a few days ago.

There are many options for building a business.

You don't have to be a real estate investor to make a career of it There are better options than Fortune Builders.

I don't get paid to review programs. I think real estate investing can be a great business model, but you may be leaving too many dollars on the table.

eMoney Kings are the #1 Recommendation for Making Money online in 2021

Fortune Builders' inability to scale is the problem. To make good money with real estate, you need multiple houses.

Who can afford to start such a venture?

What would you do if you could go local?

Local lead generation allows you to receive service requests from multiple locations every hour of the working day. These people will pay a lot to have what you have to give them.

The host of a YouTube video that I watched said that it was not about making lots on one website but making a few dollars on many websites.

You can think of it as...

What if you could generate a steady income by renting out 10 units to tenants for $750-1,000 per month?

Passive income ranges from $7,500 to $10,000 per month.

What would you do if 100 units were yours?

You don't have to spend $Millions of building homes and apartment blocks. Instead, you can only spend a few hundred dollars creating websites.

These websites are then ranked in search engines to show the relevant home-based services customers are searching for.

Next, make sure to offer your lead generation service to local business owners who are looking for customers. You will be paid for this information.



Just built a Digital Real Estate Investment Empire that could earn you up to 4-5 figures per month in passive income.

You'll be competing against thousands, if not millions, of digital real estate sellers selling the SAME product to the SAME clients.

Once the training program has been completed, you will be able to access a Facebook Group we believe is better than the Fortune Builders Group.

Fortune Builders could make you 5-10X more than $250 per property.

Local Lead Generating is a great way for you to lower competition and increase your profits up to 85-90%.

I could continue but you have any questions about How do I create Digital Real Estate assets that will help me build my digital empire?

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