August 24, 2021

Digital Real Estate

What's Digital Real Estate?

Digital Real Estate is a new way for entrepreneurs to get involved in world real estate investing.

I'm sure you've heard this before.

How do you make $1,000,000 in real estate?

Start with $2 Million

The real estate industry can be very stressful. You need to be able to see everything.

Be the first to buy a property that is for sale

If you're selling property, it is a good idea to keep a list. Prospecting is essential.

But, before we get to that...

I will save you some time and tell you that digital realty model are not the best or fastest way to create passive wealth at home.

If passive income via digital real estate is something you want to pursue,

This is a much better all-around business model.

The industry of real estate is not one that can be used by all.

However, no matter how well you think you can control things, there is no way to be 100% in the end.

Let's suppose I said that you could make a lot of money online by owning a single type of real estate business.

It's called Digital Real Estate.

You can make passive income online in many ways.

If you're a digital savant who enjoys creating blog content and sharing your ideas online, this could be the job you want.

Have you Heard of Digital Real Estate?

This is primarily an online property investing type.

I refer to Website Domains.

Expect to spend around $100,000 on brick and mortar properties. A fraction of the cost for digital property.

The popularity of Digital real estate in the investing world is growing because you can invest on a website which reduces your overhead to almost zero.

Investments in digital real estate are becoming more attractive because they require a minimal upfront investment.

Who wouldn't want to make more money investing less?

What are the upsides?

You can invest in digital real property.

Without a plan, you won't have the ability to invest in digital property.

There are many courses about renting property, but few about digital reality.

You will find the following:

  • SEO
  • CSS
  • Sitemaps in XML
  • Content creation
  • Backlinks
  • Citations

Don't let this discourage. This is just one part of digital realty.

Making a profit can be very rewarding if you're willing to put in the effort. You might see profits margins of at minimum 90%.

Still interested?

You must first understand the workings of the digital reality industry. To maximize your income potential, you will need to identify which digital properties are most important and what pitfalls you must avoid.

This article was written because

We will walk you through all the details of digital reality, so that you understand the basics of making smart digital investments.

Soon you'll have the digital portfolio that you desire.

What Exactly is Digital Realty?

Digital Real Estate can be divided into several different categories.

  • Websites: Shopify stores, affiliate websites, authority blogs
  • Apps: Applications for tablets, smartphones, notebooks, and other devices
  • Domains: Website names that haven't been activated yet
  • Digital Products: Classes, membership courses, eBooks

Digital property is similar to traditional real estate in that you can sell it quickly and make a good profit after the value has appreciated.

Traditional real estate (passive rental income) and digital properties (lead generation and affiliate commissions and ad revenues) can all be used to increase property value.

You can buy an asset, build it value and then sell it later.

What does mean?

A website could be created that targets a specific audience and generate passive income through ad revenue.

A domain name you think will be worth something in the future could be purchased. This is a great option for politicians who are seeking to rise in office. When you catch wind of this, buying a domain like "" is the type of digital real estate investing that can really pay off.

It's amazing to think that digital real estate investing is still relatively new. The first domain name,, was purchased in March 1985.

You were able to register domains for free up to 1995. Network Solutions was forced to charge $100 for a 2-year registration through the Foundation for National Science.

Domains are available for as low as $1 per year. Website building can be as affordable as $1 per monthly.

A domain name should be able to attract a lot of visitors to your website.

Later, we will discuss the details of creating websites and buying domains for digital real estate investment. Let's first look at the many benefits of digital reality.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Real Estate?

This type of investment is great for anyone, even if they are not investors.

These are the top reasons to invest digitally in real property:

  • Cheap To Get Started: Domains can be purchased at $10 per month, and hosting is $5 per month. The domain can be used to create a website or you can keep it until it is sold.
  • Higher Profit Margin: Your margins can be as high as 90% with low start-up expenses
  • Quick Appreciation: Your asset appreciates fast. Websites can grow in value 5x per year.
  • High supply: You can buy as many domains and websites as you want, regardless of where you live.
  • Passive cash flow: Affiliates and linking to other sites can help you make money with your website.
  • You can easily improve your website withA website with a low price and a high quality domain name can make your house more valuable than one that has been renovated by adding content.
  • You are at risk of being sued.It is possible to make $100,000+ by investing in an apartment or house. However, the risk of losing your investment in a property that is $20 or less is lower.
  • Building for the Future: Online real estate will become a significant part of our daily lives. It's smart to invest in property online.

What types of Digital Property Make the Most Profit?

Let's take a look at the top digital real estate options given the benefits we just mentioned.

Digital real estate investments can be made by purchasing domains and building websites.

Each of these business models, if done correctly, can bring in a lot of cash.

Your website can be modified in the same way as any other business. You can make any changes to your website as you would with any other business.

Many websites have high-profit potential, but they are still being built.

Although domains are difficult to find, you'll see great ROI when you partner with the right company.

You will need to make investments in your business if you want to make money. You will need to attract customers to your "store span>

Let's now take a look at the possibilities.

1. Building Websites

Building websites is the most fundamental type of digital real property investment. You can attract other investors and venture capitalists if you have a lot of website traffic.

Diversifying your investments is important for investors. Don't be surprised if your website gets 200,000 visitors per month and makes money, as people will want to partner with you.

Companies are always looking for ways to market to large audiences. This will allow you to grow your company.

Investing in domains, websites, and content could yield as high as 80-90% return.

Large corporations can buy websites that are already "ready to go" and make a profit, rather than creating new websites.

When they see a website that has good content and makes money, they will be tempted grab their wallets.

It doesn’t matter what type of website it may be...

It could be about trucks, cars, baby clothes, or home decorating blogs. It will attract any investor in digital real estate as long as it's profitable or can make a profit.

It doesn’t matter if websites’ content is irrelevant. Investors in digital real estate will quickly pick up websites whose topic aligns with theirs.

2. Buying Domains

Domain flipping and buying domains is still a relatively new concept.

It can be hard to find lucrative domains for websites to invest in. It is however easy enough to find profitable domains that investors consider the best.

Domain investors are also called "Domain Investors" and "Domainers". Domain investing is hard work.

It's important to remember that domains you buy today might not be available for sale in the future. Depending on when they come, you can make a small or large profit.

Let's take a look at two examples of domain investment and one that focuses on investing in websites.

Example 1: Flipping a Domain

One of my best friends was an entrepreneur. He wanted to open his own business. However, the domain was already owned by someone else.

He shared his story with me about how he purchased the domain and made a website that only displayed ads. The guy then waited for his friend to buy it.

Well, he did.

Up to $5,000 You can!

Although the domain cost only $20, the entrepreneur paid $5,000 for it. He signed a check.

Example 2: Flipping a Domain

Let's take a look at

QuinStreat, a Digital Marketing company, purchased in 2010 for approximately $50 million. This was the highest price ever paid for any domain name. was also purchased by them for $16 million and $35 million, respectively.

Imagine that you were offered $100 million to buy these domains.

Plan ahead to buy domains. This will help you make huge profits. Wait for the right company that will purchase them.

The company might not be there yet, so it could take a while.

Example 3: Flipping a Website

Let's say you want to build a website in order to increase and monetize site traffic.

You may have used an advertising platform such as Media Vine? Google Ads Or YouTube. You can easily assume that each reader could bring you $.03 per day.

Your profit margins could reach almost 90% if you created all of your content and all of the links by yourself and had an overhead cost of $200/mo to host, research tools and web design.

It's a good way to live.

This is a common story that teens tell.

What if 10 websites like this brought in $3,000 per months? All ads included?

Digital Real Estate FAQs

However, I do not want to make the assumption that digital real estate investments are a guarantee. This industry is not without its horror stories, just as any other.

The field of digital real estate investing is still relatively new and has few proven methods. This could lead to you losing your money.

However, if you look at the entire industry, there are some things we have found to be true.

Let's take a look at some in the FAQs.

Is digital real estate investing just another way to get rich quick?

Hell No!

Success in digital real estate depends on how hard you work.

It's easy to see that what you do with your domain name and website will make a difference in determining if it is a success.

Authority sites can also be created since many domain names have been purchased.

It will take you about 18 months to see the results.

Is it possible to buy domains using a trademark?


Internet businesses spend a lot to ensure that their trademarks remain protected. You could get in trouble if you buy a domain that has a trademark.

It's possible to sue for trademark infringement even if your name isn't trademarked.

A unique domain can be used as your business name.

Is it easy to turn a domain into millions?

It is possible, but unlikely.

In the 1990s, this was possible. It is now more difficult to get the "good" domain names, as technology allows them to be bought by industry insiders right after expiration.

Domain names are rarely sold for millions of dollars anymore.

Can I Set And Forget My Domains Until Someone Makes Me An Offer?

I strongly discourage this.

Although the process of buying and parking domains is simple, domains can easily expire if you don't keep track.

Every one to two years, it is a good idea to inspect your domain.

How long does it take to make a profit on your website?

This is an extremely difficult question.

It takes time and effort to get investors to notice a website. Good content, strong SEO and affiliate advertising can help you get the attention you desire.

Saving your life's savings doesn't have to be expensive.

You can create beautiful websites for as little as $1,000 using tools like Photopea or Canva.

This issue is all about new websites.

Traffic to your website takes time.

Digital real estate should be treated as physical property. More effort will result in greater profits.

New websites should be built within 18 months. To speed up the process, you could use software or plugins or hire a VA.

Can I sell my house as soon as I receive an offer?

It's up to you.

However, I can tell you that it is not wise to sell your domain or website too soon.

Patience is the key to this.

It is possible to make more money if you invest more in domain names and build a value-based website.

Getting Started In Digital Real Estate

There are many benefits to digital real estate, not the least being that it is affordable. You can invest a small amount of money in a property, and make it a profitable business by hard work and determination.

However, this doesn't mean you won't encounter some difficulties along your digital real estate journey. To avoid falling into the traps later, make sure you have a solid strategy.

It's not unusual to work for 12-18 months before making any money.

eMoney Kings is the #1 Recommendation for Making Money with Digital Real Estate

These models are not scalable. To make any profit, you need to reach people on a national scale.

What would you do if you could go local?

Local Lead Generation will allow you to receive service requests from multiple sites at any hour of the day. These people will pay a lot to have what you have to give them.

The host of a YouTube video that I watched said that it was not about making lots on one website but making a few dollars from many websites.

You can think of it as ....

What if you could generate a steady income by renting out 10 units to tenants for $750-1,000 per month?

Passive income ranges from $7,500 to $10,000 each month.

What would you do if 100 units Were Yours?

You don't have to spend $Millions building homes and apartment blocks. Instead, you can only spend a few hundred dollars creating websites.

These websites are then ranked in search engines for specific home-based services customers want.

Next, make sure to advertise your business opportunity to local business owners who are looking for customers. You will be paid for this information.



Your Digital Real Estate Investment Empire has just been built. It could earn you up to 4-5 figures per monthly in passive income, without spending a penny on advertising.

You'll be competing against thousands, if not millions, of digital real estate sellers selling the SAME product to the SAME clients.

Local lead generation is a great way for you to decrease competition and increase profits by 85-90%.

You likely have many questions. How to create Digital Real Estate assets and start building YOUR digital empire!

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