December 28, 2021

Copper CRM

Copper CRM Reviews

Small businesses need to be able to keep up with their customers in a more efficient way. This is possible thanks to customer relationship management software.

We will be reviewing Copper CRM to see if it's the best customer relationship management tool.

Let's talk about whether Copper CRM is right for your business.

I'll answer your most frequently asked questions about Base CRM and customer relations management in general.

However, the most important thing is that I will share my exact process to grow my internet marketing business to over $40,000 per month mostly passively.

Review Copper CRM: The Perfect G Suite CR

Tired of looking for simple CRM software to integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace and other Google apps?

Copper CRM Software focuses on automation, Workspace integration, and simplicity.

According to our research, Copper CRM is the best choice for customers who value a CRM and are Google-driven.

Compare Copper CRM with The Best CRM Software

Chrome This CRM is not compatible with any other solutions in the industry.

This program is perfect for companies that heavily rely on Google Workspace and Google Calendar.

This CRM is the best for your business.

We combine this deep dive with our extensive knowledge of nearly every CRM on the market to provide the best solutions for all aspects.

Copper CRM: The Good And The Bad

Copper CRM, a great CRM software solution for Google-heavy companies. The biggest drawbacks of Copper CRM are its ineffectiveness and lack of features beyond Google Workspace.

The Good- Copper CRM

Google Workspace compatibility - The industry problem Copper CRM is concerned with integrating existing software systems like Google Workspace.

Copper CRM is compatible with Workspace. It's the only sales automation tool Google endorses.

This app was designed to look like other Google Apps.

It syncs to Google Workspace apps like Google Contacts and Google Calendar, and can also be accessed directly from Gmail.

Automation - Copper CRM software focuses on the value-to-time ratio. It provides workflow and task automation for customers who have subscribed to the premium plans.

It also aims at eliminating manual data entry. Silver will suggest email contacts to users who use their Gmail account. Chrome will populate communication entries automatically by using email signatures and company websites. Core operations that automate core operations.

Copper uses PieSync Integration to update contacts and edits. They are immediately updated in Google Contacts.

Copper CRM is very simple. The sidebar lets users search for potential opportunities, projects, and tracked emails. Consumers can also reach this team if they have any questions.

Each contact profile can be broken down into three tabs: Activity and Details. Subscribers can also use the Related tab for creating events and activities.

You can also download the Copper CRM mobile app for mobile use.

Lead Management: Copper CRM Software is a powerful tool for managing leads.

Copper CRM can be used to act as a personal assistant by searching emails for suggestions. Users have the option to add or remove the lead.

To assign tasks to leads automatically, Lead Management Triggers are available. Once a lead has been converted, these connections will shift to the sales pipeline.

Copper CRM can customize its reporting features. Drag and drop components onto the guides to create the accounts that you need.

Copper Reports allows you to have both visibility and flexibility. You can generate customer relations reports for any topic.

Copper syncs with Google Sheets. This allows you to enter any information you might have.

Quick on boarding - Change to Copper or opening a new account takes just days.

The team will provide support and guidance to personnel who can help businesses move quickly.

Security - Security is often confused with software when selecting a CRM tool. Copper believes this is a mistake.

Copper CRM implements industry - Standard information resilience and backup management systems.

Copper has a strict access policy to protect user information. All synced emails are private so that only account administrators and account owners can access them.

It will also manage important events by implementing a comprehensive event management policy and information confidentiality.

Industries - Copper CRM is a good choice for many industries.

THE BAD - Copper CRM

Copper CRM is lacking features: This could prove to be the biggest problem with Copper.

Inflexibility beyond Google Workspace: Copper CRM Software is not designed for companies that use Google integration.

Copper CRM Review: Prices & Options

Copper CRM Pricing

Copper CRM offers 3 plans.

There is a choice of three pricing options: Basic or Professional. All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

Basic plans are 25 dollars per month and $29 per monthly, respectively. There is a limit to three users on the Basic bundle.

The Professional plan can be used for SMB growth. It costs 59 dollars per user per month.

The Business Plan is the third pricing option. It costs $119 per user per month.

Copper rates for higher tiers of HubSpot are very competitive.

These plans come with a 14-day trial.

It seems that the standard strategy's limit of three users is unnecessary. Many other CRM tools do not have a limit on user usage.

Copper CRM Basic

The Basic Method of Copper CRM will be the lowest tier. This is ideal for small teams and new users.

This package is great for low-level usage, but it lacks many of the key features.

Google Workspace integrations can be found on the Basic plan. This is extremely useful.

Basic users have the option to add a Chrome extension that will integrate the CRM with Google Contacts or Gmail.

This allows for collaboration between teams and project management.

The Basic plan doesn't include bulk emailing and workflow automation.

Basic bundles are affordable, and most basic bundles are inexpensive. Features are also limited.

Be aware of the user limit. You will need to upgrade if multiple users want to use the same username.

Copper CRM Professional

Copper CRM Pro is the perfect program to grow your team or SMB.

The Professional approach removes the limitation of three users. It can accommodate any number of clients it needs.

Contact limit of 15,000. This limit is generous when compared with other CRM tools.

HubSpot's $800 monthly mid-tier bundle includes a limit on 2,000 contacts. Additional connections will be more expensive after 2,000.

HubSpot may be the best choice for many, but copper is certainly better in this element.

Every Google Workspace integration includes the Professional Copper program.

Create unlimited email templates and send them directly.

This program lets you use different currencies and has more flexibility than the basic.

Copper's Professional package contains the majority of the features.

Copper CRM Business

Copper CRM Business Strategy works best for larger companies.

The number of connections that this program can make is unlimited. This program has more thought than many of its rivals.

HubSpot's highest tier bundle allows only 10,000 contacts. Owners have the option to spend more once they reach 10,000 contacts.

Copper CRM's business program gives users access to all that Copper has to offer.

This strategy contains the Professional strategy's features as well as email sequence, custom embedded integration options, and aim tracking.

While this program is flexible, it does not offer exceptional customer service.

Copper support staff are available to all plan owners. This differs from other CRM tools.

Salesflare offers the top-tier option that provides owners with personal instruction as well as their own account manager.

CRM Business is a great strategy. The Professional approach has most of Copper's benefits. It also boasts a remarkable contact limit.

The Professional feature is recommended for businesses with less than 10,000 contacts.

Summary Of User Ratings And Reviews

Based on the above information, a SelectHub Market Analyst created the following pros/cons.


  • G Suite Integration & Gmail Integration: This feature allows you to easily manage and access your contact information.
  • It's easy to use: 91% of users have mentioned it.
  • Tracking Client Interactions
  • Customization
  • Project Management: This function allows you to track who is focused on which task and eliminate redundant work when each person identifies it.


  • Technical Glitch: All who referred to this aspect stated that they had issues with the font color when adding notes and that they were forced to sign in repeatedly because of connection errors.
  • Reports: As 70% of product reviewers pointed out, it would be wonderful to have daily reports that track the progress of your products.
  • Email Tracking: This function must be improved. As 75% of the email track reviews state, it is impossible to merge messages or send graphics to messages.

Review Conclusion

Copper is a platform that integrates seamlessly with G Suite.

It tracks client interactions, talks with workers, automates core operations and manages leads.

The system is simple to set up and customize.

However, it isn't perfect and users have complained regarding its email tracking system and reporting.

This software is great for small businesses that use G Suite programs and need a CRM that integrates with them.

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