August 19, 2021


What is CashCrate?

CashCrate, a GPT website, allows people to make money in many ways. GPT stands for Get Paid To. The online rewards program gives users points for sharing their thoughts and opinions via survey-taking, task-completions and video-watchings. CashCrate works the same as other GPT sites and allows people to make some money. You can also shop for others and refer them.

Patrick Clochesy: Who's your friend?

CashCrate was founded in 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). CashCrate's General Manager was Patrick Clochesy, who served as CashCrate's General Manager from November 2008 through March 2019. After Cashcrate, he was appointed Director of Technology at Powercode.

His approval rating is currently 82%.

CashCrate Llc is it a fraud?

CashCrate is 100% legit. CashCrate is a legitimate site and is not fraudulent. It is a legitimate and legal survey and reward site. It is not a quick way to make a lot of money.

The basic idea of the company is to help you achieve your goals. According to some, it is more efficient than other companies with similar business models.

You should always have multiple plans of actions. It is a smart idea to combine referral and survey programs. This will optimize your time and increase earnings. Members can advertise on their social media pages. This is a fact that CashCrate does not offer a way to make fast money or have enough money to live on. Do not believe the claims made by CashCrate. This company can help you earn extra income and other money-making opportunities. Let's hope this message is clear.

CashCrates LLC was closed?

Official figures show that Cash Crate's GPT Program was closed on April 1. Their website was converted into a list of ways to make money online.

Many members who failed to reach the minimum payout levels set by part CashCrate's GPT site were not able to redeem their balances and receive a final payment. These balances weren't paid or remitted final payments. This caused much fury among the members. The entire program was called a fraud by these angry individuals.

CashCrate's current website is designed to collect referral fees. Their website does not contain any disclosures or privacy policies. Many people do not recommend CashCrate.

CashCrate: How does it make money?

CashCrate Llc reviews reveal that you can make as much as or as little as you want. The amount of effort you put into the program will affect how much you make. A member will make more money if he/she accepts more surveys and offers.

Numerous reviews have confirmed this: Don't believe you can make a lot of money signing up for CashCrate or by simply taking surveys. Many people fall for the promises and illusions. One review found that the commissions you receive are significantly lower than what you would expect.

CashCrate: How do you make money?

Cash Crate offers many options for making cash. Let's take a look at each option in more detail.


1. Surveys. Surveys are extremely popular. Many survey sites offer surveys, which is one of the most popular ways to make cash with CashCrate. The surveys are easy to complete. CashCrate doesn't offer the surveys but may provide them for other companies.

Get Special Offers

2. Offerings are the best way to make money. You can choose to accept either a paid or free offer. Let's begin with the free offers. To find the best deals, visit their website. These offers might be available by other companies once you have signed up. The site will allow you to choose the offers that interest you. Paid offers are also available. These offers require that you pay with your own money. These offers will usually help you make more. This would require you to spend money from your pocket. A complete offer takes only five minutes. It takes less than five minutes to complete an offer and you could earn as much as $2 an hour.


3. Shopping. Shopping is another way to make money. Shopping doesn't make you rich or make you money. You get what you pay for: online shopping on certain ecommerce sites can help you save money.


4. Referrals. This is a great way for you to make extra cash. Their referral program has two levels. Each level pays. The first level or first tier earns you 20%. You get 10% for the second level or the second Tier. Bonuses are also available.

Video Games, Bonuses, and Other Entertainment

5. Bonuses, videos and games. Online games can earn you bonuses. No kidding. You can only watch videos to get paid. You can also earn cash by playing on certain websites. These bonus services are available through third-party providers. You can also make money accepting bonuses. Another way to earn points is through online tournaments. It sounds amazing.


6. Contests. Are you interested in participating in a contest? Participating in a contest can help you make some money. You read that correctly. If you only want to participate in one contest, you don't need to sign up for them all. Each month there are contests, daily contests, and many other contests. Keep an eye out. If you're lucky, you can win big.

Are cash crates real or a fraud?

CashCrate is a legitimate reward system, as we've already stated. It was not a scam. It was a fraud.

CashCrate was established in 2006 and has over two million members. It is hard to find information online about CashCrate despite its existence for so long. Their website is the only source of information.

One CashCrate review revealed that the company operates in line with other companies offering similar rewards programs. Participants get paid to play video games, participate in contests, shop online via cashback portals, and refer friends.

One review indicates that large companies are keen to promote their products online and get customer feedback. This is often done for a fee by Cashcrate. A portion of the company's profits will be used to pay members to take surveys, review promo products and reward customers who shop online.

How can I join Cash Crates?

It's free and there are no joining fees. You can request a payout once you have reached $20 USD. Register now using your valid email address and password to receive $1 instantly To sign up, you must be at least 13 years old.

After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email. Once you've confirmed your account, it will allow you to log in to start earning. Cashcrate is available to everyone around the world. It is beneficial to speak English as most people who use English get the best offers.

CashCrate Reviews

If a rewards program offers many market research surveys, polls or other ways to earn points, you can receive a payout. Participating in the same reward program can result in thousands of points. These bonus offers can be problematic because the companies they work with have complicated cancellation policies. It can be difficult to cancel your trial if you forget.

It is possible that you paid for a service that you didn't need. Customers can sometimes recover payment by complaining to customer service or disputing the issue. This can prove tedious and cumbersome.

One review states that this is a structural issue with Cash Crate. This setup is flawed in its function.

Review of other cash crate options

Some people think joining a company is a waste.

CashCrate has not received a negative review. Other personal finance bloggers also reviewed CashCrate. They found CashCrate a little too complicated and it left a bad taste. CashCrate was not a good option for them as they only accept offers to receive a payout. CashCrate will transfer funds to your account after you have chosen the actions that you want to take.

One review found that there are many loops in offers. Many people sign up for services and then cancel them. This did not apply to cancellation, as mentioned. They called to reverse the charges, which took up much of their time and was not something they wanted to waste. Most financial bloggers do not recommend CashCrate.

CashCrate Review: Is it a scam or a waste of time?

All you have to do to earn in this company is to visit the website and look for opportunities to earn. Referring others, participating in surveys and shopping are all ways to earn. You will need to spend money in order to receive the money. Other ways to make cash are earning points or redeeming them for cash rewards.

But, it seems that redeeming rewards or earning points is more difficult than with companies offering similar programs. You must complete an obstacle course to receive a reward. There are some reviews that suggest it is better to spend your time somewhere else.

CashCrate is different from other websites because it relies on surveys and offers from survey sites as well as other ways to earn points. It can be risky to sign up for offers. Some people may have difficulty exiting offers.

It's a great way of making a quick buck by completing offers. Sign up for sweepstakes to receive free samples, join a mailing list or sign up for sweepstakes. For giving out your personal information, you may only receive 10 cents to 2 dollars. All depends on other factors.

While most offers are free, some offers require you to pay for your trial memberships or to subscribe to magazines. One review found that the offers could be worth more than $10 US dollars. The trial must be canceled at a particular date and you will need to pay upfront. You may be charged more in some cases. This is something you need to know or you could lose your money.

Are you willing to give cashcrate a try?

Cashcrate has been called a scam or fraud by many people. It could be a great way to make a lot of money. Users claim they can make up to a thousand dollars per month. Although it is possible that some users make this much, they are very few.

Some estimates that the company distributed more than $4,000,000 in total to its 7 million members. This amounts to $2 USD per member.

Cashcrate can be a great option for those who are bored or just want to have some fun. If you need regular income to pay your bills, Cashcrate may not be the best option. However, others have had different experiences. It's OK to be curious. Try it for an hour to see if it suits you. It's totally free. You can choose what you want.

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