Build Assets Today

What is it?

Imagine owning an apartment complex with 10 units that you can rent out for $1k per month. Now forget about going millions of dollars into debt, tenants, toilets and trash; management companies and termites; cutthroat competition in the market- all those things go away when you invest in digital RE!

Can you be more specific?

We make itty-bitty websites. Rank them in Google, then feed the leads to hungry businesses, and in return, they gives us a few hundred to a thousand bucks per month depending on the niche of business you want your website for—there’s 1000’s niches! Rent these websites out at an affordable rate and everyone's happy; especially you who don't need to worry about product or inventory because they're not needed by customers renting from us. We've got some recession-proof properties that allow businesses with tight budgets keep their doors open without cutting corners during tough times so they can serve more clients long term and continue proving value as trusted advisors along the way!
Is this legit?

Well, have you ever heard of (or used) any of the following websites?

Angies List





I think of all these companies I know. Uber, Airbnb, and Alibaba are the most prominent examples for me. They do their business on a much bigger level than what we're doing in our small town shops but they both sell services or products as well; so it's not just about connecting people like us here locally to other customers that don't live nearby.

I guess you could say this is similar because those three huge corporations also connect people - only at a large-scale scale where more money can be made.

Who’s it for?

Anyone, anywhere can do this if they have WiFi. You only need $500 to start. You will need a positive attitude, the willingness and ability to learn, and be patient.

Don’t most businesses already have a website?

Most people do. But nobody can find it. So it's useless. Our websites are at the top of Google, and they give people a real result to click on. They want more emails, calls, and walk-ins so that’s what our websites give them.

If it’s so easy, why wouldn’t they just do it themselves?

Easy is different than simple. Some people do this. They join us and use our training, software, systems, and outsourcing options. They apply it to their own business. You can too if you want to be in a brick and mortar store and are up for the challenge. But most people just don't have time or interest in "all this internet stuff." And since every dollar they pay us makes them two, three, six times that much back? Well, we don't really "cost" them anything. We're the bill that pays their bills.

How do you land clients?

Three words: results in advance. Pick a niche and city. Build a website. Get it ranked. You can get leads by giving people samples for free, just like the Costco lady who gives out samples for free money. If they say no, that’s ok! Hit up another company in that city with your free sample offer and keep going until you get someone to say yes! You can do this through text messages or phone calls, email or social media - anything is possible. It is not necessary to meet people in person, or even leave the house. You can do this from any city. If you don't want to do this part of it, we'll close deals for you for a small fee. Even if you're an introvert and "suck at sales," we can still help you with that!

What happens when an existing client wants to stop paying?

It is like traditional real estate. You find a new tenant and keep going. How? Go to the other company, make a new deal, forward them all the emails and calls, and keep collecting checks. Understand? Once you have built out your property, no reason it won't pay you every month for years to come. It could be for your whole life!

Won’t it get saturated if you tell everyone?

No. There are many other businesses in your area that do the same thing as you. For example, there is Tow Truck Odessa, Texas and Tow Truck College Station, Texas and Tow Truck San Angelo, Texas. So there are many people who might be interested in your type of business. Even if you have a niche business like tow trucks for example, there might be other companies nearby that offer the same service but use different words to describe it such as tow truck Midland, TX or tow truck Pearland TX instead of just tow truck College Station TX for example. This means that when people search for “tow trucks” they will see all of these businesses on their search results pages because they have used different words to describe their services.

What if I’m not very “techie?”

We made an issue a non-issue by creating our own website builder. We are making templates for the hottest niches that you can clone with one click. Just tweak the text and pictures and you're good to go. We can also get you a phone number for any city that will record every call your website gets and organize it into a nice spreadsheet so you can give it to your clients at the end of the month. It will forward each call to the business owner and tell them that it is from you before patching through. You can automate your business. It will charge people for each phone call. This will make it easier and you will not have to do it every day.

How long does it take to make money?

You can build one of these websites in a few hours. You will do citations and links, which we can help you with inside the group. Then you wait for Google to rank your site. This might take a while because you are competing with only 20 other tow truck sites that serve Odessa, Texas. And they don't know how to rank their sites like you do! So it is surprising how quickly your page will be on the first page of Google's search results.
For more competitive niches, and/or in larger cities, it can take a couple months before people start finding your website. You need to give out free samples for a few days. Close a client. (Or have us do it.) Set up the site, forget about it - go do another one! So that's two to nine weeks (or so) depending on the project! Not bad for an asset that should make you at least $600 per month for the next however many years! And remember - you're not working on it that whole time. You could be building out other rental properties while you wait on Google.

How much money can I make?

Here is the truth, and it is not what you want to hear. It will depend on at least the following variables: your mindset, attention to detail, focus, work ethic, consistency and overall grit. But since we don’t know you yet we cannot say for sure how much money you will make. We can provide some resources for you so that you can calculate what is possible for your situation. Watch the videos to see what would be realistic in your situation.

What could go wrong?

It is not easy to run a business. If you don't do the work, they can't happen. One thing that you have to watch out for is going after the wrong niche. You need to figure out if there are enough people in that city who want your service and if it is too small then even though you will still get some clients, it might be hard because there won't be many people who want your service.

Which city is best for a business? A big city might be good, but it takes a long time to rank. If you live in a small town, you can rank faster.

For your business type, think about the competition. It is easier to sell dentures than commercial window cleaning.

The conversion rate is also important. Which do you think would be easier: calling tow trucks or calling doctors? Ticket price and margins are also important too. For example, would you rather make $40 from one phone call or $4,000 from one phone call? Inside this book we will discuss all of these things more in depth with examples so that you can make the best decision for your business! Inside, we’ll steer you in the right direction.

So what all do I get if I join?

We have a lot of video training where you can go at your own pace. Sometimes you might need to ask questions or barter with other people in the group. And there are live weekly calls that we do. Plus, there are recordings of all previous calls. And interviews and case studies too! You can get lifetime updates for our services as well - they never end! We also have a website builder that is easy to use, and we have numbers for nearly every area code you could need when calling someone. We will even help close the deal if you want us to!

What does it cost and is there a guarantee?

Put $500 down. That’s it. “Rent” from your first site will cover the rest of what you need for everything else like your domain, hosting, tracking number, software and tools which is about $50 per month. If your first deal is for $800 per month then $750 of that is pure profit. And yes if you are not happy at any time for any reason we will refund your money back to you ($500).

What makes you guys different?

The majority of coaching programs we have reviewed are upwards of $6,000. Their marketing is full of hype and ridiculous income claims. And they don't work or never did. Maybe it does a little bit, but you will have to deal with any number of other problems: products, inventory, shipping, customers and hard-selling. Plus they offer no guarantee for their program or no software or solutions to make your life easier. They just have a lot of videos that are not updated. It can be hard to keep up with everything that changes so fast online.

Unfortunately, the person who was teaching it might have quit doing what they teach people. (No longer practicing what they preach because they’ve gotten used to making money with little to no work). Or, they never did it in the first place and just wanted to sell you more stuff you don't need. That is not how we do things at our company. We try to make sure that all of our videos are current and helpful, and our main revenue comes from practicing what we teach!

How do I sign up?

If you want to get a call, click below. If you have the right expectations (and if you're a good person), we will ask for money and for you to enroll on the call. But if you don't want to buy, it's fine. We promise not to use bad tactics or bully people into buying something they don’t want. Pick a time and day that works for you.

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