September 12, 2021

Base CRM

Base CRM Review

Small businesses need to be able to keep up with their customers in a more efficient way. This is possible thanks to customer relations management software.

We will be reviewing Base CRM in order to determine if it's the best customer relationship management tool.

Let's talk about whether Base CRM is right to you.

Finally, I will answer some of your most common questions about Base CRM and customer relationship management in general.

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Base CRM Review: Features of Base CRM

Base CRM's primary functions are:

  • Automatically tracks and sorts email
  • Access to all your information 24/7 from any device, tablet or cell phone.
  • All possibilities are visible in your pipeline
  • Tracking and capture of leads
  • Recording calls with customers
  • This will help you reach your sales goals and achieve quotas
  • Get insights to help you grow your company
  • Automatic updating of your contacts
  • Quick development of sales forecasts and reports
  • Controls that are easy to use
  • Personalized to meet your specific needs
  • Quick call function
  • Locate prospects and customers in your local area
  • Integrates with various social media platforms and other services
  • Customer data analysis
  • Google Apps integration via Sleek
  • Complementary core sales tools
  • An unifying and powerful sales contact card
  • Syncing exchanges
  • Simple customer management
  • Swift can record conversations with customers using call records, emails messages and notes.
  • Quick access to information and filtering/sorting

Base CRM Reviews

Base CRM costs $45 per user per month. It's easy to create an interface that isn't intimidating for new CRM users.

However, the price of this software is rising as you expand your business and add features.

These and other flaws in customization make it difficult for it to be kept behind Zoho CRM or Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional.

Although Base CRM's higher price may scare you, the company has other capabilities that could prove to be worth the investment.

The device includes deal tracking and lead management.

Base CRM is a great choice for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and small- to midsize companies. Base CRM can be used by up to 500 salespeople.

What's Base CRM?

Base CRM provides you with the right tools for selling. Base CRM improves your sales team's output and allows you to grow your business.

Base CRM can help you develop a stronger relationship with clients.

Personalize your product sales process. Use Base CRM to help you find leads.

You can also designate the best sales reps to your leads. Get a complete overview of your business process to increase sales performance.

The app can also easily be downloaded to a mobile device.

Base CRM Pricing

Base CRM has three pricing options for base CRM and a 14-day free trial. All methods require at least three users.

  • The Starter Plan (45 USD per customer per month) includes a personal sales pipeline, tracking, reporting and reporting as well as a mobile CRM.
  • The Professional Plan ($95/month), provides sales pipeline, channel projectioning, general performance analysis for sales teams, job automation, staff paper storage and job automation.
  • The Enterprise plan ($145 per consumer per month) gives sales pipeline, sales forecasting intelligence, sales lead plus deal scoring, multiple sales pipelines, along roles-based permissions.

Connect and Snap can be added to an account.

To enroll in the trial, click the Start Free Trial button located at the top of the page. This will allow you to access all Enterprise plan features.

After creating a password, providing your name and company email address and submitting your username, you are able to start using the program.

The free trial does not require a charge card number. You can see the remaining time on your trial at the top of your dashboard panel.

Request a live demonstration by filling in the web form. A link will be provided to a prerecorded webinar of 30 minutes. This helped me to understand the basics.


  • Interfaces that are simple
  • Try it for 14 days free.
  • Training webinars for free
  • Mobile apps with full-featured capabilities
  • Innovative predictive analytics reporting.


  • The ability to customize is limited.
  • Higher tiers offer exclusive access to deeper automation, intelligence analytics, reporting, permissions, and other features.
  • Costs have risen by a significant amount.

Overview Of Base CRM Benefits

How can Base improve the productivity of your sales team? Base has the ability to perform as a frontrunner. This is due to many of the benefits that it offers.

Let's take an in-depth look at the impact of Base on business productivity.


Profitable Lead Collection and Scoring

Base's sales managers understand the frustration of using multiple methods to promote and control products. That is why they have integrated all your functionality into one platform. It can be your CRM and sales process in one CRM software.

You can also link it with your email providers, cell phone dialers, scoring and reporting packages, and many other things.

High Quality Sales Performance

Base Sales Managers can significantly increase the efficiency of your sales team by offering a full-featured set core sales tools.

It also comes with a sales tracking system that allows you to quickly track sales opportunities and customize sales stages according to your needs. Sales deals can be saved and classified in Sales Pipeline.

These can be personalized and you can include records and collaborators. Another option is to import your CSV data files and map the areas using Base CRM fields in order to find a match.

This will happen instantly. You can add as many records or fields manually as you wish.

Simple and intuitive interface

This method has a distinct advantage: sales teams won't have any trouble navigating its user-friendly dashboard. Base is easy to use, and you don't need any programming skills or knowledge.

It is easy to use and the functions are simple, so even those with little knowledge will be able to increase their income. This is also true for linking to third-party apps or services and importing/exporting data.

Accurate Forecasts and Predictable Revenue Goals

Base CRM makes it easy to set revenue goals and achieve sales goals for you and your sales team. Base CRM eliminates any confusion or misinterpretation of the tasks and objectives that are assigned to you or your team.

This particular program's collaborative nature and many integrations ensure that information flows seamlessly between it and other programs. Documents are often shared in the appropriate manner.

Base CRM will allow you to view communication, shop talks and voice calls based on the information that you have provided.

Customer Management at Work and on the Go

Base CRM allows you to work with clients anywhere you are, regardless of where you are, and on any products you use - even while on your smartphone.

It will monitor all information, including telephone calls and exchanges between customers and you. All emails to buyers can be instantly synchronized and sorted, allowing for easier recall and better client relationships.

No matter where they are located or what device they use, representatives will have access to their data.

Visual Reporting in Real-Time

Base CRM offers a variety of visually appealing and precise reporting templates that will add joy to otherwise monotonous sales calculations.

You have world-class reporting available to you, and you are unlikely to need to set up tasks yourself to succeed.

All the Integrations You Need

Base CRM excels in integration. It can be connected to many third-party apps or business methods. It can be managed by your sales team in collaboration with your favorite social media networks.

It gathers contact information from customers via Twitter, Google, Facebook. It then hooks it up to nearly any email service provider. This makes it an integral part of your software ecosystem if you use Zapier, Harvest, or Xero.

Amazing Customer Support

You should consider whether the product offers the support and assistance needed to solve any problems that may arise in the future when you are considering purchasing software programs.

Base CRM is a secure option for support.

Sales managers and their team are available by phone or email to answer any questions you may have and help with any problems.

To get the best advice, you can call a sales representative before creating and clarifying your online company's exact requirements.

A dedicated and experienced team

Base CRM is not a new player in the CRM and sales market. Their extensive client list is proof of this.

There are many names for the device, including Cisco, Wells Fargo and Micro Documentaries. The output is excellent, with only excellent words.

Base took the initiative to implement their customers' ideas and learned from the best in order to improve its product and make it stronger.

Prices You Can Afford

Base CRM's flexible pricing model is what makes it ideal for small and large companies. Base CRM offers affordable bundles for startups (25 USD/month) as well as fully-featured sales kits for enterprise-level people (125 USD/month).

For those who are curious, a 14-day free trial is available to test the functions.

Systems Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop
  • Customer Types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise
  • Types and levels of assistance

  • Telefon
  • Online
  • Base CRM Integrations

    These Base CRM Integrations are currently available from the seller

    • Facebook
    • Quoteroller
    • Harvest
    • Dropbox
    • Xero
    • MailChimp
    • Outlook
    • Google Drive
    • Zapier
    • Yes
    • Google
    • Google Chrome

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