September 7, 2021

American Debt Enders Review 2022

We don’t want to go into debt by taking out student loans or credit cards.

It happens.

No matter the reason, it can make your life difficult.

It is sometimes difficult to navigate between websites and read reviews. American Debt Enders is one of those companies.

A free program to help with your debt management.

American Debt Enders assists people in finding the best solutions to their medical bills, business and unsecured debts.

American debt enders rating speaks volumes about their company.

Debt Consolidation & Debt Settlement Programs

Their website will reveal that they offer various debt relief, credit management and debt settlement options, without additional fees.

However, this does not mean you will not have to pay for the solutions they provide.

American Debt Enders is an affiliate of other credit counseling, debt relief, and credit card debt programs.

While they don't charge a fee for their service, they do make a profit through their affiliates when customers use their services.

Contact American Debt Enders

Here are their contact details:

Website address:


Phone: 855-259-9684

Address: American Debt Enders 265 Sunrise Hwy Suite 1#250 Rockville Centre NY 11570

Pros & Cons Of American Debt Enders

There are many great features in a company. This is the same for this debt relief company.


  • It is possible to be approved for $2000 of unsecured debt with this unique program.
  • American Debt Enders' website is transparent.
  • Peak Legal Advocates offers a free consultation to American Debt Enders. This allows you to contact a licensed lawyer in your state.
  • Licensured attorneys handle your debt cases.


  • Grace Unlimted LLC and American Debt Enders are not both accredited by the BBB or AFCC.
  • American Debt Enders' services are not guaranteed.
  • The American Debt Enders website can be difficult to navigate, making it difficult to find the answers to your questions.

Pricing for American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders offers credit consultation services at no cost. You won't have to pay for credit counselors, but you will be referred by debt settlement programs or debt management program affiliates.

American Debt Enders charges a contingency fees model. This is based on the percentage of debt that was incurred at the time of enrollment. They may also be based on how much debt the firm negotiates to reduce.

American Debt Enders charges fees of up to 35% on enrolled debt, depending on the amount.

Prices and costs for debt relief services may vary from one client to the next. For a precise quote, it's best that you contact American Debt Enders.


What do American Debt Enders do for you?

American Debt Enders offers debt relief services to help with unsecured debts. These services include personal loans and credit card debt.

Are American Debt Enders Guaranteed?

American Debt Enders offers a guarantee of money back. It is against the law to charge upfront fees to settle debts.

What is the minimum amount of debt Americans must have to end their current debt?

The minimum amount of unsecured debt should not exceed $5,000. Credit counseling or a debt consolidation loan are options for people with less than $5,000.

Are American Debt Enders Recognized?

Yes and no. There is a two-tiered system of debt relief trade associations.

American Debt Enders doesn't offer direct services but can help you find the right affiliates to handle your case.

How to Never Again Get into Debt?

Although I am not a debt expert, I know these are simple steps that can help you build your own business so you don't go into debt again. It's not good if you are in debt like most people.

This is a feeling that you'll never forget. It can be difficult to feel in control, and it can be hard for people to get out from under debt.

To avoid this from happening again, you must make sure that there is an income stream.

How does a digital real-estate business help you stay out of debt?

There is no guarantee that your company will be successful. Starting a new business can be costly.

A company that has a track record for success will not only make more money but also decrease the risk of losing it.

BAM is a digital program that allows you to build lead-generating websites. It will guide you through every step from creating a site to being listed in search engines, and then selling the leads you create.

This program helps people like you to start a business, and get rid their credit cards.

One student generated leads that led to local businesses and brought in $40K within eight months.

What is Lead Generation Websites?

Websites serve one purpose: To get visitors to submit their information. This is called a lead.

Businesses can't make money without leads.

Many businesses don’t have the time or know how generate leads.

Here you will find your way.

Your website will bring you leads 24 hours a day so that you can make money even when you're asleep.

It is easy. It's easy.

Josh will walk you through the steps to making six figures with his "Digital Real Estate Empire".

You don't have to worry about getting into more debt. You have the opportunity to start your business.

It's so simple!

You can learn more about how you can build your own digital real estate business collecting leads for local businesses, click here.

You Can Take Control Of Your Finances And Grow Your Business Starting Today?

We will show you the steps, which programs to use and how to automate them all.

There are two choices. You can either live paycheck to paycheck. You can also record testimonials, such as these below.

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