December 23, 2021

Act! CRM

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Many small businesses find it difficult to maintain customer relationships. Act! Software tools can be a great solution. CRM can be a great tool.

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Act! CRM to see if it's the best customer relationship management tool.

We'll discuss whether Act! Salesforce is the right tool for your business.

I will also answer your most frequently asked questions about Act! CRM in general.

However, the most important thing is that I will share my exact process to grow my internet marketing business to over $40,000 per month mostly passively.

Get involved! Review CRM

CRM software is an excellent choice to track current and potential customers. CRM software makes it easy to make notes about how to reach them.

Act! Act! Premium Cloud.

Act! Act! Premium may be capable of accomplishing the task but it lacks the customizability and in-depth features offered by Editors Choice

You may be familiar with Act! Sage is the original creator of Act! Sage's software received many positive reviews over the years. However, Swiftpage is no longer running it. It's not as easy to use for small businesses. Let me explain.

Join the action! Prices

Act! Act! is similar to Sugar CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can purchase Act! as a cloud service, or as software you can run on your own servers. Premium Cloud is $35 per month.

Act! Act! doesn't require any installation. Premium is the local edition. Cloud Essentials ($10/month) is the third version.

It was quite surprising that you would have to subscribe to software you use on your own server. The subscription does cover third-party software updates and integrations, as well as additional features for Act! Premium.

All versions limit email marketing efforts to 500 contacts

Act! Premium, Act! Premium Cloud, Act! Cloud Essentials all support mobile device access.

Get involved! Get a 30-Day Online Trial

Act! Act! There were some restrictions.

Take, for example...

Outlook integration was not available. I was unable to print or upload files. You cannot also download any information you entered during the trial. TestDrive is used for creating the interactive demo.

You can access the demo for one month. The trial is only for one month.

I was able to request an online trial. There were many management actions I didn’t see.

The hosted edition could have been a better option. I was given a sample of the cloud model by product support. It is unlikely that an average user, company, or business will buy it.

It must be considered a regular offer.

I should point out that the dummy account was slow during my testing. Premium will most likely be interested in this training.

Sign up now to get involved You can subscribe monthly or annually. You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, you will not be eligible for a refund for meals not used.

Act! Act! can be canceled at any time. Act!

Premium is an outdated program. Premium has a look and feel that is very similar to Windows XP.

The navigation bar at the left shows the menus for Marketplace and Emarketing and Opportunities. Contacts, History List, and Task Lists. Opportunities. Calendars. History Lists. Calendars. Companies. Groups. Reports.

Click on the icons to open an administrator page. At the top of the selection bar, you will see File, Emarketing Tools, and Reports.

The navigation bar also includes a search area. You can use the contact management buttons to navigate forwards and backward through files, create new files and schedule meetings for employees, call business contacts and even create jobs.

This search box is not intended to replace a regular search. There are many ways to get your information.

A confusing interface can make it difficult to do work.

Product Features

  • Calendar/Reminder System
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Quotes/Proposals
  • Segmentation
  • Task Management
  • Social media integration


  • Phone calls can be made using a phone system integration
  • You have the option to choose between a server or cloud version.
  • Email marketing and advertising tools integrated into
  • Email campaigns


  • Dated browser interface
  • Confusion among menu options
  • The trial is not fully functional but it's a demo.
  • It may be necessary to train you in order to use it properly.

Users, Contacts, Lead Management

Act won't be your only employee. Premium requires administrators to create users.

Click on Contacts at the top of the selection bar to integrate email. Next, click on Synchronize Google Contacts. This will open the Google Integration Preferences dialog. It allows you to invest your Google Apps bank information.

View the email date you sent to someone, just like Nutshell. Premium offers separate lists for calls in the past.

Zoho CRM doesn't have Act! Premium does not allow you to alter the layout of these screens.

When you create a contact record, an additional window will appear. You will see tabs that display all your notes and information about contact groups, companies, and relationships. It also contains a record of all things you did with the communication.

Showcases of conferences, jobs, and calls in contact management can be used to show how you interact with communication. Premium connects with LinkedIn and Facebook to give information about your touch.

While I can see the date and time of my last email, I cannot view the actual contents of the email. I don't know where to find it in Nutshell and

This was an issue that persisted throughout the review. It is difficult to find options within the application. To get started, you should expect to receive technical or customer support assistance.

I clicked the button at the top to make a new opening. Details are split into tabs and then placed back in the bottom pane.

I could not find any pre-defined activities that would connect with leads or opportunities.

Act! Act! Integrated email marketing tools allow you to track strategies, see how they perform, and limit your number of relationships to 500.

Many CRM services and software offer third-party integrations for email marketing.

Reporting and Third-Party Integration

Act! Act! The premium cloud offers a wide variety of accounts, including client history, pipeline reporting, basic accounting, and client history.

You can also consider the gross margins of users, lost chances, and a list of upcoming birthdays that you want to connect.

I was disappointed in the app Marketplace's lack of variety and the type of apps available.

I'm not sure that social networking integration can be as effective as I thought. I think it is important for businesses to promote their brand on social media.

Customer support can be reached by phone. An online knowledge base link is also available.

Act!'s knowledge base posts can be difficult to navigate. Sage Act Premium is superior to Premium. Pro 2012 and older versions.

You must delete all current information Customer support was friendly and seemed to be knowledgeable

Get involved! Take Action!

Act! Act! You can view and manage all your relationships and organize events. You can also send targeted emails to your contacts (email campaign) Act! Premium is comparable with its competitors. Pricing is lower than the rest. The software is not easy enough to use, so you may need training.

Act! Act!

Sugar CRM is easier to use if the software is installed on your own server. Version 1.0 is still available. It offers some of the same features as the older versions.


Get involved! Take action! Premium feels more like a contact manager for customer relationship management (CRM) than a contact manager.

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