August 27, 2021

5 Best Rank and Rent SEO Courses – Make Money with Local Lead Gen

The Five Best SEO Courses to Rent & Rank - Make Money with Local Lead Generation

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Perhaps you have heard about the possibility of creating a local website to promote your business.

I've reviewed many rank-and-rent courses in SEO. However, it is not unusual for people to charge outrageous rates for this information.

I reviewed a variety of rank and rental SEO courses. It was possible to identify a few courses which could help you create the rank-and rent business model.

How did the Rank and Rent SEO Business Model work?

Because I have gone into more detail in my tutorial on How To Do Rank And Rent SEO, and my e-course, I will be merely summarizing the business model here.

The following can be summarized:

  1. 1
    Choose a niche within your local area and create a short sales funnel
  2. 2
    Create a website
  3. 3
    Get your website to rank (or generate traffic).
  4. 4
    You can negotiate rental agreements with local business in return for leads generated through your website. They would pay a monthly charge.
  5. 5
    Deliver leads

I have a tutorial that goes into more depth here.

Many people have asked me questions about my business model after I posted these tutorials. These questions will be answered by me creating a course and possibly hosting live events. If you leave a comment below, let me know that you are interested. I will also share the best rank-and rent SEO courses I have found.

How did I find the best SEO courses to rent and rank?

I needed to make it on my top ranking and rent courses in SEO.

Transparency in pricing- I don't enjoy putting people in a situation where they feel pressured into buying without the right information.

Third party evaluations are very positive- I do research on companies I recommend to customers, and I verify third-party reviews. It's one thing for someone to ask for reviews and post them on your website. It's another thing for someone to be so passionate about the service that they want a review. It is nice to read reviews about companies as well as reviews written by other people.

Good customer support- It's normal to have concerns or questions. You may be building your first website, ranking in search engines, starting a business, or renting a site. It is important to speak to someone if you have any concerns or questions. Search engine optimization (rent and ranking) is not an isolated endeavor.

I love referring customers and companies that provide great customer service.

And, Helpful Bonuses- This is not a requirement. If the course price was affordable, I would recommend it. The following courses are however recommended by me:

  • Hosting a website
  • Coaching ongoing
  • Training in person
  • A 6-month plan
  • A lead generation website that is ready-made

I would recommend this site if you want to know more about SEO rank and rental.

eMoney Kings is the #1 rank and rent course in SEO

I have learned a lot from each of these course creators. They are open and passionate about helping people succeed. I am sure they will be there to support you every step.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate doesn't offer local lead generation, but they do provide a lot more support and training.

Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to:

  • How to build websites - A website can be built just like the one for sale at Human Proof Designs
  • How to rank web sites
  • How do I access Google Maps
  • Pricing marketing services
  • how to do paid advertising (to stabilize traffic)
  • There are many more things.

Wealthy Affiliate can make money from your skills through the rank-and-rental SEO business model and other avenues.

How much does this cost?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the skills required to start your own local lead generation business. You'll also receive the software required for hosting, market research tools, and ongoing support.

The monthly cost is $49, but you won't need additional tools other than call tracking software and email marketing. You will still need to learn the following:

  • Web hosting (for websites)
  • Domain registrar
  • Other tools, equipment

Additional Recommended Reading:

  • Affiliate Marketing vs. Rank & Rent Local Lead Generation
  • How to rank and rent SEO using Wealthy Affiliate's tools

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the skills and gives you the software

2.  Human Proof Designs

Human Proof Designs designs local lead generation websites. Then they show how to manage them to attract local clients. Local lead generation is their latest addition to the portfolio of websites they have created and sold.

Included in your local lead generation website is:

  • For success, a 6-month plan
  • Training
  • Support ongoing

What's the cost?

There are three packages available for local lead-generation sites that include the implementation plan. They start at $1298

Check out these Done-for You Local Lead Gen Sites

3. Blueprint for Local SEO

Jay, Wealthy Affiliate's local training coach, is a certified trainer in live business training.

First, I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate for local SEO training. Then, if you have any questions, go to the local SEO blueprint.

How much does this cost?

The Local SEO Blueprint costs $400 and Jay offers phone and email support if you have questions.

Local SEO Blueprint

4. Cardone University

Even though this course doesn't cover local lead generation it will teach you how to sell.

Grant Cardone, a well-known trainer in sales, is available for training at Cardone University.

  • Prospecting skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Objection handling
  • This course also teaches how to build wealth so you can use your business for long-term success.

How much does this cost?

Cardone University is $97/month. This includes access to many courses, live training from Grant Cardone, and networking with highly-successful sales professionals.

Cardone University - Improve your sales skills

5. Offline Sharks

I have taken several courses from the offline sharks. It will increase my confidence in prospecting sales.

Local business owners must be able offer a low-risk and high-reward offering. They will stay longer if they can see what you have to say. Local business owners don't know how to generate leads.

What's the cost?

Foot in the Door Course costs $97. You will receive many upsell emails and messages if you don't.

Find out how to get Foot in the Door offers

Soon: Rank and Rent Course

If enough people are interested, I can combine information and resources from different sources into one course to help you on your way.

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These courses will assist you in your journey. Click here to get the Human Proof Designs website.

I would love to help you with the rank and rental model of SEO. I will do everything in my power to assist you.

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